A council has warned staff against using the phrase ‘political correctness’ at work because it might offend people.

A booklet outlining ‘equality’ policy to council workers claims using the term at work can be damaging and even linked it to the Ku K-lux K-lan.

Now council bans the use of ‘political correctness’ at work

‘The term political correctness was coined in 1988 by John O’Sullivan III, who was a member of the Ku Kl-ux Kl-an. He was making an after dinner speech complaining about how Black Americans were being allowed to take the jobs traditionally reserved for the white majority because of a wave of political correctness.

‘Since then the phrase political correctness has almost universally been used to decry changes which aim to prevent offensive behaviour.’

Good Lawd. So now it’s “politically incorrect” to use the term “politically incorrect”?

Ah, yes how we all long for speech that is free from bias and purged from the influence of our, “tainted” cultural past.

Wouldn’t want to offend those modern political sensibilities now would we?
Haven’t you heard? It’s all about the diversity, man.

-Cultures, (whether they are in this country legally or not of course)
-Race, (even if some cry foul and play the race card whenever it’s expedient)
-Gender, (when gender differences are blatantly denied and “gender neutral” zones are imposed on us without our consent)
-Ideology, (even if we are spiritually and philosophically opposed to them)
and of course those ever so charming religions who preach incessant hatred and those living those “alternate” lifestyles. hippie2.gif

Let us not forgot…we are responsible to undo the social evils of centuries of oppression, and we must bear that guilt.
So if a hurricane strikes……’s our fault. Got that? blameani.gif

Make sure you show respect and honor all non-Western cultural traditions.
But support those who burn the flag of this one.

Let’s be honest.
We all know what PC really is.
It is the suppression of conservative opinion. To state that the press and Maintstream Media are inherently liberal would be a masterpiece of understatement.

Traditionalists or conservatives are routinely slammed as being hatemongers, or better yet… ignorant bigots.

But Libs give themselves permission to engage in all the mudslinging they want…provided the mud is being tossed at a conservative.

All PC truly is when you strip it down to its bear bones is the Libs intolerance for conservatism, morality and religious traditionalism.

It presents a veneer of politeness, but essentially bans all opposing views.

If you don’t approve of homosexual marriage, you get accused of hate speech.

If you are pro-life, you are branded as anti-feminist.

If you believe in cutting down or eliminating many social welfare benefits or programs you are no doubt a racist.
If you eat meat, well………we won’t even “go there.” hippo.gif

Perhaps we best go for elective mutism……..after can’t be slammed for something you never uttered eh?



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7 Responses to “Shhhhhhhh….”

  1. KarlM says:

    If you ask me…i will take affirmitive action over political correctness anytime..or am i not allowed to say that!!!!!!!!!!
    i believe my quota is up, so…………………..

  2. McCain says:

    You’ve inspired me to go hunting tomorrow.

  3. Right Truth says:

    Get A Rope! Saddam Guilty!…

    Hang him, hang him high. Saddam Hussein and 6 co-defendants are found guilty. Death sentence for Saddam by hanging. He was accused and found guilty, of ordering the deaths of 148 Shias in 1982 in the village of Dujail, following…

  4. DL says:

    How do you spell censorship?

    P o l i t i c a l c o r r e c t n e s s

  5. Carl says:

    It just makes me want to have t-shirts made with the words “POLITICALLY INCORRECT” in big bold letters on it for people to wear going into their facilities. Even though I haven’t researched it personally, I find their historical context suspect to say the least. Anyone look into it yet to confirm/refute its accuracy?

  6. Lawman says:

    That’s the problem with “political correctness”. Anything can be offensive to someone if they want it to be.

    How about we just all grow up and learn to deal with things we don’t like? Hmmm??

  7. Brooke says:

    OK, can we puh-leeeease get rid of this PC nonsense now? :mad: