At least TerroristS are HappY

The Republican Party defeat in the US mid-term elections and the resignation of Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld are greeted with delight in the Middle East media.

Mid-East media hail Bush defeat

Oh. Wouldya lookie here.
The very same crowd that celebrated in the streets upon hearing about Sept 11.

Goshers. Who’da thunk. muzlim-ha-mas-small11.jpg

Thugs and dictators drink up…it’s on the “House”! house-of-representatives-small2.jpg

Too bad so many got seduced by Euro-style leftism and barbarism.
Perhaps the Dems have a fetish for burnt, over-turned vehicles. Go know. fireani-dy.gif

I bet Yallah Ya Nass-rallah called and congratulated Nancy personally.

Ironic how on the heels of Veterans day, the Dhimmi-s vote in the anti-military, anti-war crowd.

But fear not, Pelosi is already “talking” to the insurgents…….yea I said “talking”!…telling them to be “good little insurgents and put their weapons down..” peaceani8.gif

Don’t you fret Dhimmicrats, when all else fails…….the ole Ji-had has your back.

By the way, what does it say when your sworn enemies rejoice at your alleged victory?

Your party wins. Terrorists rejoice.
You do the Math.


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27 Responses to “At least TerroristS are HappY”

  1. InRussetShadows says:

    The left politicos will just blithely ignore this as if it never happened. Their motto is “If you can’t deny it, spin it; if you can’t spin it, ignore it.” The nutroots, however, will complain that Bushco has bought off Hamas, Iran, and Al-Qaeda. For them, the whole world has its origin and direction from Bush; never mind that they never accused Clinton of running entire countries or perverting the weather!

  2. American Crusader says:

    The American public has made the mistake in believing that those who report the news are doing so objectively. Most people don’t have the time to look past the evening news. What they see in their daily lives doesn’t necessarily cast doubt on the 30 minutes they spent watching the news. If they have even done that.
    For these people, it will take another 911 (or much worse) for them to realize WE ARE AT WAR and these people want us dead.
    When that happens, they will see the Nancy Pelosi’s of this world have misled them. I would have thought 911 was sufficient but I was wrong.
    I just hope my wife isn’t at work in New York City when the next terrorist attack happens.

  3. Don says:

    Angel, I ripped this from my blog…hope you don’t mind me posting it here.

    To Those So Called Republicans Who Didn’t Vote
    Those of you, those so called Republican’s of you, those of you so called Republicans who for one lame reason or another didn’t bother to get out and vote yesterday, can thank yourselves for the losses in the House and Senate. Great job guys, thanks for your support. Maybe your mind couldn’t wrap itself around the importance of the issues we face today. Maybe you think loosing the House and the Senate isn’t important, or, maybe you think voting is something “other people” do on election day while you sit and watch “Dancing With the Stars.” Now, because of your lack of civic responsibility all of us can “dance with Pelosi.”

    OH, one last bit of information. When you didn’t bother to vote you in fact, voted Democrat.

    Thanks for nothing.

  4. Planck's Constant says:

    13 Reasons Republicans Lost…

    It was easy to see why Republicans lost this year. As voters went to the booths Tuesday they were faced with the following 13 horrible facts:…

  5. bernie says:

    One 9/11 doesn’t seem to be enough. Reminds me of a mule that needs to get whipped a number of times before it realizes you want it to move out of the way of an oncoming train. What morons!

  6. Wake up America says:

    Casting the First Stone Should Not Be Done by Peo…

    The list goes on and on and on. This was an impromptu post brought about by a man who obviously didn’t know that by bringing up Republican scandals might just reveal far worse from his own side of the aisle….

  7. Robert says:

    Thanks for stopping by my place. I read here often, just don’t post much sometimes.

    It has already started, the self obtained “mandate” for social issues. The first hundred hours include stemcell, minimum wage hikes, heath care without a single mention of their plan for the war in Iraq.

    We have two years to prepare to take back the hill. This next two years isn’t a crisis, depsite the liberal agendas that will infuriate us. I am afraid that the President will give in to the demos and make too many compromises. What WILL be a crisis is if we don’twin back the hill AND lose the White House.

    We have to start NOW, and keep blogging away! Gingrich in 2008!

  8. Tim says:

    I agree: Newt all the way. Or maybe Santorum, now that he’s not in office. Nationally he would do very well.

  9. hnav says:

    Truly sad indeed…

    Terrorists win?

    Did Cindy win too?

    Sorry Tim…

    I don’t feel Newt is an attractive candidate for National Election.

    Why didn’t Newt do anything about illegal immigration in the 1990s anyhow?

    Newt and Santorum are wonderful, but destined to bring us more loss.

    Newt is tainted goods, and Mr. Santorum just lacks the charisma kick. Both lack Executive Officer experience and one should look at successful Governors.

    And if anyone tells me about conviction, I have it, but I also know so many who allowed their conviction to sink the GOP last Tuesday.

    In the face of the GWOT, they opted to focus on candidates not being perfect in Conservative terms, empowering the Pelosi Democrats.

    If a fine candidate like Mr. Romney gets nominated for the GOP Candidate for President, I hope all will join in supporting him over the Clinton alternative.

    thank you…

  10. M a r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    Here’s the problem though: libs never got it when the Soviets celebrated (in fact helped to orchestrate*) dem victories throughout the Cold War. Liberals simply saw this as the “those poor, oppressed souls finally getting the chance to negotiate with someone who understands them”. “Understand” works as the verb here, I think. Anyway, I wouldn’t expect the liberal dems to piece it all together into anything approaching reality any time soon.

    *From numerous documents and sources now in the purview of the public revealing KGB involvement in the promotion of liberal democrat candidates and policies in the US during the Cold War.

  11. Ebyjo says:

    Ya know, the dummycrats are so dumb…they didn’t even notice that terrorists rejoiced…LOL

    Yea, good for the terrorists. The dummycrats are only interested in taxing the hell out of us!

  12. Blogbat says:

    Republican Defeat & Other Consequences of Political Autism…

    When the “daddy” party runs off with the secretary     It looks as if the Democrat victory is now complete. Not surprisingly, dems owe this takeover of the senate to a pedophile. Well, perhaps the spidery Jim Webb……

  13. Brooke says:

    I hope to God that terrorists don’t start blowing things up right and left, but I doubt that they’ll stop.

  14. Little Miss Chatterbox says:

    Thats the thing liberals say we are being extremist to point out about the terrorists being happy if the Dems win but it is blatantly true!!!!!!!! Sigh…..

  15. David says:

    The dems learned their Sharia lessons long ago:” The enemy of my enemy is my ally.” They counted on and played up the increased terrorist activity (and resultant body count) in Iraq (as their allies, the terrorists, intended), used their own deceptions to detract from the record of the past six years (Bernie pointed that out well enough), and adroitly used the aid and comfort of their other ally, the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind, to avoid actually saying anything substantive about their own plans…

    Of course, they have yet to realize that the “friendship” of Muslims is all a “holy deception” and that the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind is set on destroying us all (Mwahahaha!)…

  16. KKARlmM says:

    so much talk it makes me dizzy, that i had to turn off my caps LOCK. remember fellow republican conversatives, the demoleftys only get two years to mess it up…then we put in a repub prezzy and retake the house in 08′.. GWB is still in charge and in GOD i trust, so enjoy the show.

  17. Gayle says:

    Thanks for the link, Angel. Yep, Islamofascists rejoice! Everything that can be said has already been said here, so I need add nothing to it, except you are a true patriot hon, and I’m glad I’m your friend. :)

  18. Mike's America says:

    hnav: I don’t agree that Newt is damaged beyond repair. Like Nixon, he seesm to have repaired his public image. I do however wonder if perhaps he is not TOO smart for most voters who just couldn’t be bothered to strain their brains enough to understand what he is talking about.

    And speaking of what happened to Newt in the 90′s. It’s a shame we don’t play hardball the way the Dems do. If there is one person who deserves a good tar and feathering the next two years it’s Nazi Pelosi who can’t even say she hopes Americans win the war.

  19. Angel says:

    Wow..thank y’all so much for the inputs here……..only 2 years to clean up our act eh?..well what are we waitin for then? :)

  20. GUNZ says:

    Hey Angel. Well I could rant and rant, but you know my feelings on it. I saw you viewed the video I made. That sums it up in my humble opinion…

    With those idiots having power it makes us powerless. They know it, thus the celebrations.

    I apologize for the absence; I’m good to go now and appreciate the kind words you left on the video post.

    You nailed it IMO with what you had to say about. Semper Fi.

  21. wordsmith says:

    That’s just depressing and frustrating that those who are our enemies in the mid-east and elsewhere around the world, will perceive this as a rejection by Americans of the political party that goes after and kills terrorists.

  22. Tim says:

    Liberals think OBL wanted us over there. They are so blind. We just gave them what they wanted.

  23. Robert says:

    Mike, I often wonder about Newt’s intelligence. Most people these days can’t listen and appreciate a rational approach. If it can’t fit in a 30 second commercial, it is lost.

    I don’t think Newt is too damaged. The negative things are old news, and if there were anything else to damage him they wouldn’t have saved it.

    Immigration in the 1990s? Anything prior to 9/11 was a different universe. Illegal immigration used to be a subject for jokes, now it is an issue of cultural survival and national security. Santorum couldn’t win in PA, he won’t be candidate in ’08. I want Gingrich, and if not, perhaps Romney. We need to decide, and quickly.

  24. Flopping Aces » Blog Archive » The Media at War says:

    [...] Hat tip: Woman Know Thyself for the BBC link [...]

  25. InRussetShadows says:

    They’ve won this round. The next one is ours. I plan on painting the election day floors red with their electoral blood. :>

  26. DL says:

    Those who voted, choose what they wanted and voted for it and they’ll have to live with it.Let’s not blame anyone but the voters. This is about the secular government being the new God and bringing all things to all people.

    All we have to do is support the party that promises us the most and vote that way. Never mind God, family, responsibility, Defense of our nation etc. Just give us the freedom to do anything we want without guilt or discomfort. If we have needs the Government will provide them. The terrorists will just go away if we believe hard enough in the new God -the secular welfare state that never fights wars.

  27. Always On Watch says:

    Yet, those who voted in the Dems don’t see a problem with having cast their ballots. ARRRRGGGHHHH!