Norway Terrorism


DID Anders Behring Breivik even commit this atrocity…
Did he act alone?…
For whom may he have been working…………..

Have you noticed how many seem so relieved by the bomber/shooter’s alleged identity?

Playin the See!… I TOLJA IT WASN’T A MUZLIM game.wasnt-me

But somethin doesn’t add up in RiverCity guyz n dollz.

Did he target a mosque?
Did he murder an imam?
Did he go on a rampage slaughtering Muzlims?




So who exactly deemed this anti Muzlim………..

Lawyer: Norway suspect wanted anti-Muslim crusade

Muzlims in Norway, as everywhere where they have been insanely welcomed… refuse to assimilate into their host culture, to learn the language of the land, and certainly do not adopt, or at the very least- respect or conform to the basic values of the country which took them in.

In fact they patently reject the fundamental rights and ideals of Western culture.

Where shall we begin?

-the riots against the Danes in response to the ahem..MuuhaMAD cartoons.

-the forced cancellation of Christmas celebrations in public schools and parties at government-run organizations in order not to “offend” Muzlim employees.

Should we go on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnn regarding “gestures of accommodation”?

-installing “foot baths” at airports on the taxpayers dime.


-Salespeople not having to handle “filthy pork” or alcohol.”

-You are no longer allowed to say God, Jesus, or the Pledge of allegiance in some schools.christian-anis

-Taxi drivers refusing to transport blind guide dogs……… forbidden1

-Being forced to hire women wearing headscarves even in beauty parlors.hi-jab3

-Suffering endless lawsuits demanding they can dress how they choose or pray where and when they choose despite the demands of the employment.

-Changing rules for Muzlim students who are exempted from co-ed class trips.

-Mandating “women-only” swimming hours in spas or public swimming pools.

-Shrieking “Izlamophobia” if you dare screen them on an airline.

Ah yes………..When in doubt: APPEASE.

OSLO, Norway (AP) — The man blamed for attacks on Norway’s government headquarters and a youth retreat that left at least 93 dead said he was motivated by a desire to bring about a revolution in Norwegian society, his lawyer said Sunday.


But one thing we do know.
There was no love lost for Jews or Israel at the “youth camp” he targeted:

Taken (Reuters) during the foreign minister’s visit shows one youth holding up a sign saying “boycott Israel” in Norwegian:

The day before Anders Behring Breivik opened fire on youths at a Labor Party camp, organizers welcomed the country’s foreign minister.

Now, the foreign minister’s message from that day has been revealed: it was an anti-Israel speech in which he came out in strong support of a Palestinian state.

That message was something being supported by the camp’s attendees, who were part of the ruling Labor Party’s socialist youth movement called AUF.

Report: Norway FM Called for Palestinian State At Youth Camp the Day Before Deadly Rampage

That’s right.
Because no matter where death, destruction and havoc is wreaked on this planet………..

(the poor lil victims, who didn’t even get a hair on their heads touched…….cryani-uddy…….)

and as we ALL know…IT’S ALWAYS THE JOOS FAULT.jew

A manifesto published online, allegedly posted the day of the attack –ranted against Muslim immigration to Europe and vowed revenge on “indigenous Europeans” who he accused of betraying their heritage.


It added that they would be punished for their “treasonous acts.”

YET NO Muzlims WERE.

Norway mourns victims of anti-Islam attacker

But we keep reading about the anti Izlam attacker, who conveniently targeted everyone BUT Muzlims.

Perhaps A.B.B. took some lessons from the successes of jeehadees, whom he actually praises.

After all….after the heinous massacre of 9/11, did Izlam even get remotely denounced or run off the face of the earth?

Quite the contrary. Appeasement syndrome became so intense, floodgates of Muzlim immigration took place all over the USA and Europe as well.

We blamed ourselves, our precious Nation and even the victims — daily.

We threw open our arms and hearts to a freedom loathing, Jew hating, Western infidel killing, misogynistic hate-think system that is getting more powerful by the minute.

The biggest tragedy, outside of the loss of innocent life?
That Muzlim immigration will continue unchecked in America, Europe, and world-wide……….ushering in the very clash of civilizations that A.B.B. foreshadowed.


And if this truly was a personal quest to stop Izlamic expansionism..How prayell was that achieved by bombing his countrymen and killing unarmed kids, even if they may have been Jew haters?

Yet all of this remains unspoken.
Indeed. Political Correctness did in fact, kill the Norwegians.

Serious pieces of the puzzle missing Sweet friends.
Mark my words.


May the Good Lord comfort the families of this horror.

Images courtest ABC, Getty, AP.

22 Responses to “Norway Terrorism”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    My first thought was Islam when this happened. I don’t think we know all the facts either.

    Why is a country that’s so liberal and tolerant hate the Jews? Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

    May those is great pain find some comfort.

    Keep up the great work Angel. Hugs. :)

  2. Comedy Plus says:

    Oh wait…our liberals here don’t like the Jews either. I’m seeing a connection here. :)

  3. Subvet says:

    Yeah, something just doesn’t add up here. But just like the flap over B.O.’s birth certificate, it won’t matter that the pieces of this puzzle don’t fit. Now the persecution of Jews & Christians will be more open in Western nations, up till this point the governments (especially ours) who hated their citizens would justify actions taken against conservatives by citing Timothy McVeigh. This guy beats him out in spades.

    Never mind that Norway isn’t the USA, we’ll be told increased surveillance of traditionally oriented Jews & Christians is justified in the name of being proactive rather than reactive.

    We’re a nation where the Dept. of Homeland Security sent out a memo to all police departments warning of possible “right wing terrorists”. A nation where Muslims with explosives in their BVD’s go onboard a plane with no problem, but let a cancer victim with a cholostomy bag try getting on and just stand by for the intrusive search. A nation where recent videos from the DHS warn of sighting terrorist activity and all examples given involve conservative Caucasian middle class whites. The list goes on and on.

    Now the oppressive nannystaters have their poster boy for crawling up the butts of political & religious conservatives. What was that about not letting a crisis go to waste?

    The persecution begins in earnest. Watch your backs.

  4. Frank says:

    Angel, great post. Good sleuthing! I never realized that Norwegian FM called for “Palestinian” State At youth camp the day before! Excellent point about how this really does tie in with their moslem appeasement!

  5. Christopher-Conservative Perspective says:

    Excellent post Angel! I do believe the PC crowd had their messages too close together in this being it was staged right after the DHS video warning came out against white people as the terrorist’s.

    This is the new narrative; It’s not moslem’s, look in the mirror,,it’s you!

  6. Woodsterman says:

    It’s a crazy world when no one is aloud to call a “%$#%%^” a “^%%$#%^” for fear of offending someone. I have a message to all everywhere … assimilate or leave!

  7. Trestin says:

    A lot of things about this don’t add up.

  8. Always On Watch says:

    I’m still doing research on Brevik.

    That said, I believe he wanted to ignite a revolution across Eurabia and, thereby, awaken Europeans to the threat living among them. He saw Islam and Moslem immigrants as robbing Norway of its cultural and ethnic identity.

    He willfully and deliberately chose political targets. And, yes, that youth camp was also a political target.

    Let me be clear: I condemn Breivik’s actions and methods.

    At the same time, I must say that he appears to have reached the breaking point of frustrations as political avenues were closed to him.

    So, what happens when people feel a total disconnect with their government? If they can, they lead a revolution. That’s how a see Breivik — trying to lead a revolution.

    The end result will not be a revolution, however. The end result will be condemnation of “Islamophobes” and “counter-jihadists.” Already, the New York Times has condemned Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller as somehow responsible for Breivik’s deeds.

    Another part of the end result: a clamping down on the Internet for “hate speech,” defined, of course, as any criticism of Islam.

  9. Always On Watch says:

    Is there a piece of the puzzle missing? I think so.

    That missing piece won’t surface very soon — if at all. And if it does surface, people will already have moved on and will not allow their conclusions to be changed.

    That said, I don’t believe that Breivik was a “plant.” I do believe that he was hopped up on steroids.

  10. Katie says:

    I’m sorry but I have no pity, no sorrow for the victims in this case. Not ever since the Fogel incident and the people of Norway, in an overwhelming majority, expressed glee for the murders.

    The chickens have come home to roost. Today it’s an anti-Muslim terrorist, tomorrow it will be the Muslims.

  11. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    as I stated w/in my post on this:

    I’ll wait and see-when the full truth comes out-if it does–
    Remember – the Hasan-Ft. Hood murders by a muslim -US trained Col.-were ‘covered up’ for a long time—


  12. amanofwonder says:

    What a convoluted mess the media made of this tradgedy. Sometimes I think the “free press” needs a gag order placed on them until they really have the straight scoop, but then mosta my reactions tend to be knee jerk at times, so maybe I should gag on what media rushes into just to be the first on the scene. There appears to quite possibly be a lot of unfolding information hitting the presses by the hour so I will wait and see.

    One troubling detail I came across was the fact several countries instituted heightened security for mosques and muslim communities across Europe and Britian. WHAT THE HEY!!!! muslims weren’t the target group over in Norway!

    The radical islamists started mosta this backlash and there is little if any outcry from the “normal peace loving” everyday muslims denouncing the atrocities that are perpetrated on non-muslims. Why do the muslim sympathizers rush in to protect and defend a bunch people that want to rid the world of all but them and then turn a blind eye to the persecution of Jews, Christians and other non-muslim religions in arabic countries? No heightened security there, so why do the muslims deserve more rights than non-muslims?

    The world is fast making no rational sense to me.

  13. Bob Mack says:

    The MSM meme never changes. In 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald, communist, member of the Fair Play For Cuba committee, defector to the Soviet Union was categorized as a lone nut. 2011, and Breivik, a lone nut, is portrayed as a right-wing fundamentalist Christian. As I wrote on AOW’s blog, the left would accuse Snow White and all 7 of the dwarfs of inciting violence if they thought it would advance the cause of socialism.

  14. Dean says:

    Angel, nice work. The only thing I can think of as motivation for what he did if he was indeed anti-Muslim was that he was lashing out against his government for their laxity in immigration and assimilation.

  15. KId says:

    May Peace be with the Norwegians..

    Exactly right. hated muslims, acted Just like a muslim.

  16. Matt says:

    Very good points Angel. For a guy who really hated the Muslims, he sure managed to avoid killing any.

  17. Leticia says:

    Angel, it is a tragic story, but why a political camp? Something isn’t right about that.

    People are getting tired of accommodating Muslims, and tired of being forced to adapt to their ways instead of the other way around.

  18. KarL M says:

    Any way you turn the camel it still has to do with the Izlamos,
    you twist the goat and tighten the towel it has to do with the Izlamos.
    I guess you hit the Koran on the cover with this one Angel…it may not be the Jews fault this time..but i am sure they will be blamed some how..
    To much Gefilte fish in his diet!!!!!!

  19. 1389AD says:

    I’m still trying to puzzle all of this out.

    Meanwhile, have you seen this? Israel offers help to Norway in spite of the BDS campaign at the youth camp!

  20. Amboy says:

    Insanity drove Anders Behring Breivik to murder.
    Islam drives Muslims to murder.

  21. Laura says:

    So many mindless citizens blindly following the words and the hate of the inverted liberal progressives, the God haters, the destroyers. I pray for them all.

    Those who call themselves “liberal” and “progressive” embrace an inverted reality. A reality they have created….a reality that calls for blood and destruction of all that is good. May God have mercy on them.

  22. Jenny says:

    The lies being told about this situation are as reprehensible as the truth is unsettling.