Heat Wave in NYC!



Still hot hot hot in NYC.




Any ideas on how to cool down the body and the ole mind?

Definitely Not this!:

A computer hacker took control of more than a dozen church Web sites hosted by a Perrysburg designer this week, replacing their regular content with an appeal that Christians convert to Islam.

Church Web sites hacked to push conversion to Islam


Sweet Friends..
Anyone with some refreshing ideas..
instead of readin’ daily creeping Shaariah?


or Debt floors or ceilings for that matter…………ugh.


or..the latest golf score of Hussein O’Golfer…..ugh.


or what foods Michelle “not My Belle” has banned today…….


Man, I need a break.

Can you say iced coffee?


Better yet…how bout a Hot fudge sundae…


Or maybe findin a pool I can just dangle my painted Toesies in..


Anyone got one?umbrellla


and remember………….WE WILL NOT SUBMIT.


22 Responses to “Heat Wave in NYC!”

  1. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    a break from all this would be great-
    we in CA are having a ‘mild’ summer’-very few 100* days–
    sorry Angel- that you are in an heat wave–
    have an iced coffee and think of me w/ my double shot espresso on the rocks!

  2. bob says:

    Hey! What is it with you’se guys? It is not that hot. You just don’t remember because you have been relaxing in air conditioning for years, and hiding from the weather.

    Shucks, when I lived in Houston, we were lucky if it was less than 95 degrees and 95% humidity. That’s the kind of weather that will make you want to stay in the shade. Before air conditioning, only equatorial animals and cockroaches could live on the Texas Gulf Coast. Galveston was larger than Houston. It is a different picture with modern air conditioning.

    Just be glad you have fall and winter coming up, and keep those air conditioners in good running order.

  3. Katie says:

    Here’s a good way to cool off. Make a large batch of sweetened peppermint tea, put it in the fridge for 24 hours. Drink. It will cool you down fast.

  4. RandyG says:

    Hot here too, just the way I like it. I will take my favorite grandson(Parker is four) to the water park and off to Dairy Queen after! Have a great weekend Angel.

  5. Trestin says:

    Crank up the AC and stay cool.

  6. Jenny says:

    I am so thankful for my air conditioning and my pool. Get down here and swim with me, Angel! We’ve got earth-shattering decisions to make and world-changing events to plan!

  7. Quite Rightly says:

    Here’s my idea, Angel: A special post for our dear Angel at Woman Honor Thyself.

  8. Mr. Shife says:

    Hope you get a break from the heat soon. We are hitting 100 tomorrow, and hopefully we will get a break from the debt ceiling talks. Have a good weekend.

  9. Woodsterman says:

    As soon as we all get those great new florescent light bulbs it’ll cool down … Right?

  10. Matt says:

    Stay cool Angel!

  11. Comedy Plus says:

    Preach it honey. You and I think alike on just about everything.

    Have a terrific day and stay cool. :)

  12. KarL M says:

    Stay cool Angel..
    Hot as H#&*…
    i guess it a reminder for what the Izlamos have in store for us…
    Say NO to Izlamos , say YES to air conditioning!!!!!

  13. Sunday Links: Whitesnake Edition » Conservative Hideout 2.0 says:

    [...] Heat Wave in NYC! [...]

  14. Early Light says:

    Don’t use too much A/C, Angel. Remember, someone has to save to make up for all the energy Michelle Obama uses every time she goes on vacation!

  15. Debbie says:

    I think I need a break too Angel. I’m getting disgusted and even nauseated every time I see Obama or Boehner take to the microphone with more pablum.

  16. Bunkerville says:

    Watch out for that carbon footprint! Stay cool….we are half way through the Summer,,,hard to believe.

  17. Leticia says:

    Iced coffee would definitely hit the spot.

  18. Always On Watch says:

    Record heat here in DC too. Even too hot to stay at the swimming pool for very long. :(

    We’ve been guzzling iced tea and smoothies.

  19. Always On Watch says:

    Of course, politicians stay in air conditioning all day.

  20. Timothy says:

    My wife made a chocolate cake in the crock pot yesterday and it’s great. I think I will add some BLUE BELL ice cream to and stay cool that way. :)

  21. MK says:

    When i was there years ago it was bitterly cold, could have used a bit of that heat wave back then.

  22. Maggie@MaggiesNotebook says:

    In Tulsa today we reached 114. Tomorrow we are to break the all-time record and reach 117. Not pleasant but we are comfortable inside and grateful that we don’t have to be doing something outside.