BodY PartS FlyinG: It’s a BeautifuL ThinG

JERUSALEM — Death by carrying out a suicide operation is one of the most glorious ways to die and is rewarded with eternal paradise and 72 dark-eyed virgins, according to a religious instruction broadcast last week on Pa–lestinian Authority President Mah–moud Ab–bas’ state-run television.

Pale–stinian television: Suicide is most glorious death of all

The lesson, delivered by a P-A religious cleric, instructed Pale–stinians to strive for a violent death in which the martyred corpse has “no head, no legs, his body completely burned . . . intestines outside, fingers . . . gone.”

Ah. the most glorious ways to die …eh?

wretch gag cough duh

Let’s see.
Definitions of “glory”:

-a state of high honor; “he valued glory above life itself”

-brilliant radiant beauty; “the glory of the sunrise”

-aura: an indication of radiant light drawn around the head of a saint
-rejoice proudly

-Glory (from the Latin gloria, “fame, renown”) is used to denote the manifestation of God’s presence in the Judeo-Christian religious tradition.

“body completely burned . . . intestines outside… glorious way to die.”? bombaniu-uddy.gif

While it is certainly true that many civilizations have sought to imbue dying with meaning, we here in America (and the rest of the civilized world..) tend to honor those who demonstrate courage and a virtuous state of emotional accompaniment when faced with death.

Blowing oneself up in a “violent death in which the martyred corpse has “no head, no legs, his body completely burned . . . intestines outside, fingers . . . gone.” ….Hmmm. Quite the image isn’t it?

But, the honor comes from taking as many innocent civilians as you can with that the element we are missing?

Oh, that and the $20,000 that the Ar-ab governments pay their families upon their deaths.

I reckon their lives are so pathetically useless, it doesn’t take much propoganda to convince them of this posture:
“I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.” Corazon Aquino

The religion of perpetual “outrage” shows its true colors yet again.

Yea. More proof that human evolution can work in reverse.

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21 Responses to “BodY PartS FlyinG: It’s a BeautifuL ThinG”

  1. patty says:

    Eeeewwwweeee. I am glad I don’t serve that god. I can’t understand that mind set. Moms and Dads are surpossed to take care of thier kids and cherish them. Not kill them then be praised.

  2. Debbie says:

    Remember Rosie O’Donnel said that terrorists are no different that we are, they are moms and dads too. Only difference we try to raise our kids to respect life, not take it.

  3. GM Roper says:

    I think we ought to help them go via say, a 105 mm howitzer or perhaps at the behest of a 20mm cannon on say the nose of an A-10 Wart Hog? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  4. KKaRRLmM says:

    Practice makes perfect…to be the best HOMOCIDE bomber you can be, i believe they should take a practice run first…perhaps at home in front of the family so they can give thunderous approval..or even laugh their heads off!!!!!

  5. nuke gingrich says:

    martyred corpse has “no head, no legs, his body completely burned

    -Mrs. Achmed, can Abdul come out to play?
    –Mohammad, you know little Abdul has no arms or legs.
    -I know, but we wanted to use him for 3rd base.

    I know, Ewwwwwwww.
    ty for the ping.

  6. Angel says:

    lol nuke..and ty y’all for the comments! :)

  7. Don says:

    Sadly, I believe America (case in point – recent elections) has drifted off, back to sleep, comfortably snoozing just like we were on September 10th. Even in the midst of war, the bravery of our troupes, and the indisputable proof of terrorist hatred occurring around the globe we rest comfortably.

    We will have another 9/11…

    because we will not unite, we will not awaken, we will not stay righteously concerned until we suffer, once again, the undeniable truth of Islamic hatred and we crawl out from beneath the wreckage of another terrorist attack.

    We’re glad we don’t serve “that god.” We’re unhappy with Islam and the Religion of Islam. We pen post after endless post about the doctrine and atrocity of this religion of hate, we count the cost each day as young men and women die in a dust laden, empty, third world crap hole. We sleep quietly and comfortably, we call out to God for protection, we stay home on election day, we condemn hatred for Israel, we fight for Muslim rights to worship, and teach within our schools. We remove God from everything.

    We’d better do more because…

    we are loosing.

  8. Right Truth says:

    It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany, what will we do?…

    Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is always running off at the mouth, sometimes to the point that I just yawn and move along in my reading. However, today we need to pay attention to his comments, like “Today, they have finally…

  9. Defiant_Infidel says:

    Excerpts from an e-mail I just sent to a friend…

    -Al Masri in Iraq and Im-a-dinner-jacket in Iran congratulate and extoll the wisdom of the “reasonable” Dems being placed in power.

    -Hillary rekindles the call for universal health care.

    -Mother Murtha and Durbin the Turban jockey for their anticipated power positions.

    -Pelosi and the gang all call for pull-out in Iraq. (How’d you like to be one of those thousands that will be slaughtered when the whole place collapses into bloody turmoil after we go? Anyone and everyone who even remotely had anything to do with democracy and the US will be publicly murdered for all remaining to see how things work… this ought to make our withdrawal from Vietnam and the bloodfest that followed look like a kindergarten primer.)

    -Multiple Dem screams for higher taxes (*POOF* …there goes that bustling economy)

    -Ditto for higher minimum wage (*POOF* …higher cost of goods and services and more unemployment)

    -S. Korea refusing to join us in sanctions against N. Korea.

    -Iran’s public announcement that we have no balls for pre-emptively attacking them now that the Dems lead. Israel’s agreement with that and their resolve now that if it is to be done, they will have to do it alone.

    -Iran’s hand extended to join forces with Al Qaeda, publicly now instead of behind the scenes.

    -Dem howling for more gun control, expansion of the Brady Bill and resumption of the so-called “assault weapons” band (which will mean anything semi-automatic).

    The libs wanted “change”? Well, they and all of us are going to get it and it will take many years to kill the weed population that they are all going to sow. Nice knee jerk reaction libs, so-called moderates and stay at home Repubs…. This is going to be a stain we will carry for a long, long time.

  10. Wake up America says:

    Lets Get Ready to Rummmmmmbbble…

    So…. she has left her party with two options… either she gets her way in her first decision as house speaker and puts a crook in the position, OR she loses her first battle with her own party, which is more than just a possibility. Nice start huh…..

  11. Tim says:

    What’s interesting to me is that our pro choice libs and these Islamic fascists seem to have the same regard for children.

  12. Angel says:

    Wow what beautiful comments..I feel the pain..but we must forge on young soldiers…the Pen can be mighter than the ole Sword eh? :)

  13. daniel says:

    That is hilarious! (camp kill yourself)
    Love your wit Angel (Alskling)


  14. Kevin says:

    Why do they pay $20,000 to families when the jihadi dies, but won’t give $20,000 to the Israelis when they kill the same jihadi?

    It just doesn’t seem fair.

  15. Gayle says:

    Angel, they are truly insane. But we know that. Unfortunately America is going to have to suffer something much worse than 9/ll for the American people to wake up. That’s horrifying, but I think it’s true. The MSM doesn’t put enough stress on the horrifying practices of these people, and many Americans do not have access to the internet, wouldn’t know how to use it if they did, and neither do they have satelite tv. As for the liberals in this country who do know the facts, they have no excuse. Shame on them!

  16. Al-Ozarka says:

    “-Mrs. Achmed, can Abdul come out to play?
    –Mohammad, you know little Abdul has no arms or legs.
    -I know, but we wanted to use him for 3rd base.”


    I don’t know if they play baseball over there…Abdul wouldn’t be much use in providing wickets for Cricket, would he?

    Angel…fine post!

  17. Angel says:

    Thanks again y’ least your’e laughin not cryin huh?.. ;)

  18. FreeCyprus says:

    To me a glorious death is sacrificing my life ONLY…so that those around me can survive.

    Killing oneself in order to murder as many innocent people as possible is NOT a glorious death, IMHO…and there’s a special place in hell reserved for all of those cowards.

  19. Lady Jane says:

    Well, suicide means killing oneself, not killing others, which is homicide, so I guess all these Muslims are completely confused! They all ought to go out to the wilderness and do the deed there.

  20. Brooke says:

    These people wouldn’t know honor, true sacrifice or martyrdom if it hit them in the face! :mad:

  21. Abdullah Ali says:

    I dont serve that god either. Their god is a gun…