Doozie of the Day: Javad Zarif

UNITED NATIONS… Iran, whose president has vowed to wipe Israel off the map, complained to the United Nations on Wednesday that the Jewish state was repeatedly threatening to bomb it.

Iran complains to UN over repeated Israeli threats

The threats were “matters of extreme gravity” and the U.N. Security Council should condemn them and demand that Israel “cease and desist immediately from the threat of the use of force against members of the United Nations,” Iranian U.N. Ambassador Javad Zarif said.

Today’s Doozies:
Lines that ought to be jokes..but are dead serious.

Angel’s first prize goes to:

Iranian U.N. Ambassador Javad Zarif

Javad who?…Who knew I-ran had an ambie at the U.N…Go figure. brutus3p1.gif

He um…”complained” to the United Nations that the Jewish state was repeatedly threatening to bomb them and errrrrrrrr….the U.N. Security Council should condemn them and demand that Israel “cease and desist immediately from the threat of the use of force against members of the United Nations.

OMG. Does it get any funnier than that.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Mommy, Israel’s bothering me.
I had it first!…Mommy, make Israel go stand in the corner. Whaaaaaaa!

Yes, your mullahcracy. We’ll get right on it. laughani.gif

Israel will be put in her place and yet again bow down to the oilgod Iran, who threatens to blow her off the planet hourly k?

Iranian paper: Great war to wipe out Israel coming
Editorials in Iranian newspapers claim ’50 percent of Israel already destroyed,’ say ‘Israel must collapse’

Iranian newspapers… have urged Mus-lims around the world to prepare for a ‘great war’ to destroy the State of Israel.

Oh geez. Let us review again for the ole thugs at the U.N. alright?
Once upon a time Jordan booted out the ole PLO into south Lebanon.
Egypt has even imprisoned over 40,000 members of the ever so peaceful (cough cough) Muzzlim Brotherhood.
Saudi Arabia has censured and condemned the Hezbullies.

But accordin the the ole UN, Israel must still suffer assaults on its people without response. Hmmmmmmm. jewbear1.jpg
Oh, and what have we here.

UN Secretary-General Kofi “the Joo hater” Annan, who failed to protect all of the poor in Iraq from the “oil for food” money scam, but managed to protect his own son’s involvement eh? moneyrich115.gif

The very same rabid anti-semite who refused to send in 10,000 combat ready troops into South Lebanon to control Hezbullies even though it was required by Resolution 1559.

The black who failed his own race in Rwanda by refusing to give UN peacekeeping commander Canadian Gen. Rome’o Dallaire the necessary power and authority to stop the genocide in Rwanda despite the fact that it was mandated according to Resolution 1441.

So, tell us Kofi, the black and Joo hater..what’s up with the “resolutions” and the fancy numbering system that goes along with it? matha3.gif

Oh, and one more thing Kofe…. Hezbullabulla invaded Israel.
They killed eight soldiers.
They kidnapped two others to use as blackmail for the release of Hezbully and Ham-ass thugs and goons who were imprisoned in Israel for murder and terror.

Any news on our sweet Israeli soldiers STILL in captivity?


Yea. I didn’t think so.

Oh, if ya need the name and fancy number …it was Res 1701. Does that help ya any?

And now……..the Ambie of I-rannnnnnn, Java whatshisname runs under your skirt and whines that Israel is throwin sticks and stones and threatening to move out of the way of your fist when you try to sucker punch her………..

Gee. Let’s hope for another “disproportionate” response from Israel huh.
After all, these are nothing but mere threats from Iran to “wipe her off the face of the map”….right?

Hey Java..why dontcha join your friend Koffee in the garbage dump of incompetence with the other idjits and oxygen thieves over at the U.N. huh. Shalom.

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17 Responses to “Doozie of the Day: Javad Zarif”

  1. KAArLmM says:

    Angel…this post is one of your best…i can not add anything to this masterpiece…
    I guess cauz Israel won’t let me!!!!

  2. McCain says:

    Yep, Angel has it as usual.

  3. David says:

    Yep. The Jews have had it in for the Muslim world ever since Moses drowned Pharoah… oops. No Muslims then. Well, same idea, right?

    Logic isn’t a Muslim strong suit. “Believe three impossible things before breakfast… as training for the rest of the day celebrating the wonderful freedom of religion, emmancipation of women and other joys of Muslim society.”

    What’s a little whining bto Papa Kofi about the terrible Joooos threatening to defend themselves compared with all the other inanities of Muslim thought?

    Great piece of ridicule, Angel. Rididule, sneers, and outright, bald-faced insults are all the Muslim world has earned (in sades, for nearly a millennium and a half). Respect? I’ll hold that out for those who more richly deserve it, like skid row bums, hookers and even politicians *spit*.

  4. Debbie says:

    What? Is that guy Zarif retarded? Just another example of the fine folks at the United Nations

  5. benning says:

    Funny how all of that works, eh? We’ve still heard nothing about the whereabouts of the kidnapped Israeli soldiers. Daily the threats against Israel pour from Iran. And they want Israel to stop making threats. Heheheheeeee!

    I wonder what will come out of the U.N. in response. This should be cute!

  6. Middle America says:

    Another good post. I am reading up on Biblical prophecy, specifically Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39. These Iranian, muslim continued threats are likened to the prophecy. Soon Russia will become a key player with the Arabs.

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  8. Right Truth says:


    Whether you are a religious person or not, religion affects everyone on the globe today. You can reject religion for yourself, but the different religious beliefs will still touch your life. It is very important to understand the difference in…

  9. Gayle says:

    Hi, Angel! I wonder what happened to the remainder of Right Truth’s comment.

    Yep, you nailed it again, gal! This is truly, truly the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of ever! (I think. Could be I’m wrong. There’s so much ridiculous stuff going on now that it’s hard to tell.) What a world, hunh? Sheesh!

  10. cube says:

    *sigh* sometimes it is just too much to take.

  11. hnav says:

    “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Mommy, Israel’s bothering me.”




  12. Brooke says:


    So, the country who says Israel should be wiped off the map, who denies the Holocaust and holds cartoon contests to mock it, and who held a conference entitled, “Imagine a world without Zionism” doesn’t like Israel threatening to DEFEND THEMSELVES against a clear and present danger?

    I could just scream.

  13. Mr. Tastic says:

    Annan is no more than a tree-hugging, Islamofascist sympathizer. He constantly ignores the facts and rather verbally-assault the decisions of the United States.

    We need to get the F#$! out of the UN.

  14. jay says:


    When Kofi retires from the UN at years end, I think he should volunteer to be a human shield in Gaza. In that post, he would make evreyone happy.

  15. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    The Democrats: Neville Chamberlain Incarnate…

  16. kerwin says:

    Now that is an example of hypocrisy unlike the Rev. Ted Haggard situation as he did not say he was right to give in to his homosexual desires while Iran preaches it is right to threaten Israel though Israel is not right to threaten it.

  17. daniel says:

    Your’e very cute with your wit and little animation guys.
    It’s pretty sad about the Israel soldiers, I bet they are dead.

    Great that Annan coffee will be leaving the UN, I think a S. Korean may take the post.