Nanc and Murth. Nice ImagE eh


“House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement of Rep. John Murtha for majority leader, the No. 2 position in the Democratic leaderhsip, has roiled her caucus…

John Murtha and Congress’s “culture of corruption.”

…one Democratic member told me. “It’s not just the Abscam scandal of the 1980s that he barely dodged, he’s a disaster waiting to happen because of his current behavior,”

…”Ms. Pelosi”s endorsement of Rep. Murtha, one of the most unethical members of Congress, show that she may have prioritized ethics reform merely to win votes with no real commitment to changing the culture of corruption.”

Take the Abscam probe, in which Mr. Murtha was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the late-1970s FBI sting operation in which agents posed as Saudi sheiks and offered members of Congress bribes for help in securing asylum in the U.S. and getting money out of Saudi Arabia. In the end, a U.S. senator and six representatives accepted the cash and were convicted of bribery or lesser charges.”

Well, alas Hoyer beats Murtha, 149-86. Hmmmmm.

Sooooooooooo…what was Nanc thinkin anyway?

Pretty good outta the startin gate eh?

But friends, don’t break out the champagne just yet.
The Dhimmimcrats will still push for troop withdrawal, not to mention insisting on rescinding the tax cuts, and of course amnesty for all the illegal criminals who have snuck in to our country.

But lest we forget Nanc has promised the “most ethical congress in history.”
Most ethical.
Now that’s funny. facege10.jpg

Dontcha just love these pathetic card carrying members of the anti-war, anti-America and Israel brigade, and environmentalist, radical tree huggers.
Can you say “ethics”?

Then again Nanc can always invite Murth the Marine hater to chair the Armed Services Appropiations Committee.

Wouldn’t that just light our Troops candle eh.


Well, it’s just another day watching politicians making a burlesque of their high office. Yawn. cate29.gif

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21 Responses to “Nanc and Murth. Nice ImagE eh”

  1. kerwin says:

    From what I hear Murtha is pro life and that is a big benefit when you are speaking of a Democrat. I would rather get rid of the pro choice to murder members as I would have corruption than genocide.

  2. Wake up America says:

    Pelosi LOSES…

    Preceeding this vote, Pelosi was selected as speaker of the house. Then she immediately puts her prestige as speaker on the line by officially nominating John Murtha as house majority leader, up against Steny Hoyer. And LOSES….

  3. Night Rider says:

    All’s I know is I can’t stand Nancy Pelosi’s Laugh, reminds me of that skeleton on Tales From the Crypt.

  4. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    Murtha’s just another example of the Benedict Arnold model, sans the high rank.

  5. InRussetShadows says:

    “Most ethical Congress in history”. Hmm. Didn’t Bill Clinton promise to run the “most ethical administration in history”? Look how that turned out. Pelioisi will go the same way, because the Democrats have no ability to deliver on ethics.

  6. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the this sad or funny or both? :)

  7. Tim says:

    The Dems are already imploding. Its laughable and fun to watch. They can’t even get along with each other let alone Republicans.

  8. patty says:

    My favorite story was J. Kerry being sent to the corner.



  9. Nazareth says:

    Funnily enough it’s sad Angel: Poor old Murtha was reduced to a sulking fit behind the big Nanc as she introduced the other fella for leader. Broke my heart to see the old fella’s lip quivering like that …. no wait, not it didn’t, I was thinking about another story when I lost my dog on holloween night- His name was Steve somethign or other- can’t recall, I think he was a chocolate lab, buth then again mighta been a Shepperd, or maybe a poodle- can’t remember that either, I think he was lame, but don’t fully recall- but he came back the next day- Funny how soem memories never leave you- carry on

  10. KAArLmM says:

    Fear not fellow Elephant followers only two more years and we get the capitol back…we will let the demoroncrats play with it for a short period, but remember GWB will still be in charge…do i hear the word VETO…
    and i don’t mean vito corleone..who i would not mind in control either….”I WILL MAKE THEM AN OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE”…

  11. radar says:

    Wait until she nominates Alcee Hastings for the Intelligence post. He was a federal judge impeached for bribery in a drug case! Yep, Drug Money Hastings and Abscam Murtha fit right in with Abramoff pal Harry Reid at the forefront of “ethical” Democrats…

  12. Tim says:

    Yes radar, but remember it is the GOP that is the “culture of corruption”, though most of this “corruption” by the GOP is yet to be proven in any way, whereas these Dems sink themselves into holes of depravity that almost every Biblical proverb would be applicable too.

  13. daniel says:

    I can’t stand these people. I don’t mean harm on these types, but I hope they go down!

  14. Angel says:

    Thanks again y’alls for the support and great feedbacks! :)

  15. Abdullah Ali says:

    Ugh. I’m originally from Pelosi’s district. Terrible, terrible thought that she’s 3rd in line for president.

  16. cube says:

    It won’t take long for Pelosi’s ineptitude to shine through her tightly-wrapped shell. Her incompetence only gives women everywhere a bad name.

    BTW NightRider is right. Pelosi does laugh like the Cryptkeeper!

  17. Brooke says:

    Yikes, Angel, is that pic for real?

    It won’t take long for Americans to see that they’ve gone out of the frying pan and into the fire with this Congress!

  18. kerwin says:

    Considering that a propaganda firm advocating the assassination of Bush and then Cheney’s health there is a fair chance Pelosi will end up President before 2008. Won’t that be fun :-(

  19. N.B. Goldstein says:

    Nice image, indeed. She looks like she’s being pinched – quite hard.

    And not like she’s just said: “Pinch me, I must be dreaming”. *Pinch!*

    It’s like someone who’s saying “SHUT UP! They’re going to catch on to us, Nancy!” *Pinch*.

    Great post, Angel.

  20. Mensa Barbie Welcomes You says:

    Democrats and…

    America stands for freedom & opportunity…(While a Democrat Majority (House) kills a bill to normalize trade with Vietnam?! ) Right in time for the APEC Vietnam 2006 summit? Please Act. | Womanhonorthyself takes a look at other issues:…

  21. hnav says:

    giggle giggle…