Women and Children: HumaN ShieldS

AFP Photo.
Pa-lestinian Prime Minister Is–mail H-aniya speaks to Pal–estinian ladies following an overnight sit-in.. where Pal-estinians had acted as human shields.

Beit El’s Rabbi Melamed: “Those who protect terrorists are not innocent.” He was referring to last night’s incident in which A-rabs gathered at a terrorist’s home to prevent Israel from bombing it.

‘Innocent Citizens’ Protecting Terrorists? – No Such Thing

The IDF called off a planned aerial strike on the home of a leading terrorist commander in northern Gaza last night, after hundreds of A-rabs gathered around the building, defying Israel to bomb it. Chanting, “Death to America and death to Israel!” in scenes broadcast on Pa–lestinian Authority television, many of the A-rabs said they would be willing to give their lives in the struggle. However, their bravado was, unsurprisingly, not tested, as the IDF called off the strike because of the protest. “The attack plan was canceled because of the people there,” an IDF spokesman said. “We differentiate between innocent people and terrorists.”

“..hundreds of A-rabs gathered around the building, defying Israel to bomb it. Chanting, “Death to America and death to Israel!”

Nice mantra eh?

Ah. Yes.
The “peace loving, humanitarian, “they’re jus like us” A-rab terrorists have tailored the technique of human shields to prevent the Israelis from going after well known terrorists unless, of course, the Israelis would be willing to inflict casualties against unarmed civilians, women and children.

Pause my friends for one moment.
Envision this scenario.
Women and children are being used as “human shields.”

And all of a sudden it’s okay for women to jump on the jih-adi gravy train. Those “pieces of meat” that can not even be seen or heard without permiso from their male family members.
The self same family members who slit their throats if they get raped to save the “honor” of the fam? killrandomani.gif

Less than two weeks ago I reported on Ha-mass using women, who were summoned to a mos-que of all places………. where its terrorists were holed up.

Israelis had to cope with trying to reach and apprehend terrorists who were not only surrounded by unarmed women, but the terrorists themselves were disguised as women in their fancy shmancy bur-kas. mummy465.gif

IDF may use ground forces to combat human shields

Fearing Pal-estinians will create human shields around every terror target in the Gaza Strip, the IDF,….was prepared to launch ground raids into the Pa-lestinian territory to demolish buildings that could not be destroyed in airstrikes. The warning came less than a day after hundreds of Pale-stinians flocked to the home of a known terrorist to prevent its bombing by IAF fighter jets.

Late Saturday night, hundreds of Pa–lestinians, including women and children, surrounded the home.. of the Pop-ular Re-sistance Committees’ (P-RC) Kassam rocket cell – after he received a warning from the IDF late Saturday night giving him 30 minutes to leave his house..”

These, my friends are not innocent human shields.

They are willing participants.
They are maliciously and willfully assisting the very terrorists who themselves are not even entitled to the protections of the Geneva Conventions. And now, we are handcuffed and rendered impotent in order to “protect” them?

There are 3 kinds of radical Muzlim A-rabs:
terrorists, future terrorists, and enablers.
The terrorists see to it that the womenfolk “enable” and that their children grow up to be “just like dear ole dad.”

This behavior belies a disorder of the soul, using their women and children as bait..
These people are nothing less than spiritually insane.

Do they get out of bed each morning and figure out new ways to be loathsome?

What say you dear friends.
How do we deal with this new reality..women and children being employed as “human shields”?

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22 Responses to “Women and Children: HumaN ShieldS”

  1. Tim says:

    I wonder what the feminazis at NOW think of this, seeing as how they oppose the war in Iraq and all. I’m sure Kim Gandy would love how she’d be treated by Al Quada.

  2. Al-Ozarka says:

    Nuke the bastards!

  3. Debbie says:

    It’s a terrible problem and just shows what kind of people they are. Things like this have happened all during history, but NOT by Americans. The answer? I have no idea.

  4. Right Truth says:

    Go Home, Go Big or Go Longer…

    President George W. Bush is waiting for the finished report from the 10-member Iraq Study Group co-chaired by former Republican Secretary of State James Baker and former Democratic Representative Lee Hamilton, but the Pentagon is going ahead with a stu…

  5. Veritas says:

    What type of orgy filled “Heaven” does the Koran promise women who are martyred? Do they get 72 dark eyed virgins, too? Or do they become re-virginized so they can contiunue to be used and abused?

  6. Tim says:

    I’m making a sign that says “I had sex with your virgins.”

  7. hnav says:

    it turns the stomach, but then again, so does their terrorism…

    monstrous mindless misguided

  8. Gayle says:

    LOL Tim!

    Hi Angel. Everything about these people seems to be evil. To use your own children for such horror is unimaginable hatred, and hatred has no place in religion. This isn’t a religion; it’s exactly the same thing as a devil-worshipping cult!

  9. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    Prime Time War Crimes…

  10. jay says:


    Great minds think alike!!

  11. patty says:

    Generally on mondays I try to be sunshine and happiness but these people just make me want to scream. Not that anyone would hear but the cats.
    I would like to tell them death to something, alright.
    Alas I shall just say this to you Angel
    Its Click N Comment
    Have a Blessed Day

  12. Brooke says:

    I fear that in order to “break” them of this atrocious practice, we must go ahead and bomb them, human shields and all. This strategy is only used because the palys know it is effective…

    The “religion of peace” at work again! :evil:

  13. American Crusader says:

    The answer is easy…let them meet their beloved maker. After a few airstrikes, I’m sure volunteers will be less willing to stand as human shields.
    One of your commenters said that these things “have happened throughout history but not by Americans”.
    At the onset of Gulf War I, hundreds of Americans flew to Iraq to act as human shields.

  14. American Crusader says:

    It has been estimated that 200 to 500 people eventually made their way into Iraq before the U.S. invasion in March.[3] [4] The action’s primary organiser, Kenneth O’Keefe, a former U.S. Marine who served in the 1991 Gulf War but who renounced his citizenship afterward, initiated The January 25th convoy just one month earlier, with an article in The Observer titled “Back to Iraq as a Human Shield”.[5]

    Upon reaching Baghdad, a strategy was formed on the assumption that there would not be enough human shields to avert an invasion.[6] This was to involve the voluntary deployment of activists to strategic locations throughout Baghdad, and possibly Basra, in an effort to avert the bombing of those locations. There was much internal debate about which locations were to be chosen.[7] Some volunteers had travelled to Iraq on the assumption that they were deploying to schools, hospitals or archaeological sites. It was eventually agreed that these sites were unsuitable, because schools would be closed, unqualified people were a potential hindrance in hospitals, and archaeological sites—although potential targets—were thought to be of too lower priority in comparison to other potential targets.
    Human shields greeted as they cross the border into Iraq, 15 February, 2003
    Human shields greeted as they cross the border into Iraq, 15 February, 2003

    Eventually volunteers deployed to Al Daura Electrical Plant, Baghdad South Electrical Plant, 7th April Water Treatment Plant, Al Daura Water Treatment Plant, Tejio Food Silo, Al Daura Oil Refinery and Al Mamun Telecommunications Facility. [8] All of these sites were bombed in the 1991 Gulf War.

  15. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the added info and input..NOT an easy situation eh? :)

  16. Night Rider says:

    Do you want to solve the problem or just make it last awhile longer?
    I say level the whole area of Gaza strip, blow up every building and fry anything that tries to escape with napalm.

  17. kerwin says:

    Once again the government ignored an act of treason since those human shields were obviously aiding and abetting an enemy. Their one possibly defense is if the targets they protected were not legitimate military targets.

  18. Kevin says:

    If you say you are going to bomb and you don’t bomb, you embolden them. I pray they rethink the idea and destroy that house and anyone around who is unwilling to leave.

  19. Kevin says:

    I may not have been clear. Human shields are equal to brick walls, and should be treated as such. Tear down that wall!

  20. 123beta says:

    Name The Turkey Contest 2006…

    Here’s a list of your choices:
    * Ben and Franklin
    * Plymouth and Rock
    * Washington and Lincoln
    * Corn and Copia
    * Flyer and Fryer
    * Nancy and Charlie (my ‘write-in’ vote)…

  21. KKaRRL MMm says:

    Something about the word HUMAN and what these animals are doing with their women and children confuses me…
    Did you notice the camels and sheep were kept out of harms way, i guess they are more useful to these terrorist!!!!!

  22. cvmay says:

    Just viewed the movie UNITED 93, and it is an example of the fervent and religious craze that moves these Muslim monsters. There veins are filled with venomous hatred to humankind, as they babble and chant “Allah, Allah”. Where are the peace loving Islamist people, have they lost the voice of reason,,, tune into Honest Reporting and there is a video of the teachings of Islamic hatred that is shown daily in the Middle East sponsored by the one and only friend (HA!) of America, Saudai Arabia. Does the oil that we receive from them lubricate the machinery of hatred???? Friends, you do KNOW THE ANSWER to this question……