BewarE the PregnanT Muzzlim


That’s not a pregnant belly – that’s a bomb.
The NYPD is warning business owners to be on the lookout for female jiha–dists who can hide explosives by faking pregnancy or sweet-talk their way past security officers.

“The threat posed by women is real, and it can’t be overlooked,”.. an NYPD intelligence specialist, said at a security conference yesterday.

Jih–ad’s femmes fatales Women terrorists real threat, sez NYPD

The warning was not in response to a threat against any specific targets in the city, but a general caveat for private security in light of the radicalization of women in other parts of the world.

“What this means is that we don’t have the luxury of ignoring 50% of our population in assessing whether someone is a threat…”

Experts said yesterday that female terrorists achieve martyr status among radicals. Wafa Idris, widely considered the first female Pales–tinian suicide bomber, killed one person and injured more than 150 in an attack in Jerusalem in 2002. She has a Pales–tinian summer camp named in her honor.

A summer camp named after a suicide bomber. What are these people? bombani-skool.gif

Once upon a time women were encircled with respect, high regard, even admiration. They were assisted in carrying heavy objects, offered seats when limited seating was available, had hats tipped in respect, and were permitted to pass first.
Since time immemorial women were social activists and reformers, oftentimes taking care of those wounded in battle, and their families as well.

Women, worldwide, were known to nurse, and watch over orphaned or poor children.

Respect for women was anchored in and founded upon her position as the woman in the family and the “mother”. pregnantrs-thumb.jpg

Women were recognized and celebrated as transmitters of religious and moral truths.

And as “archaic” as that may sound to most post modern feminists, look at womens’ state of affairs now.

Yet as complex as views on women’s worth or roles are……..
The Muzlims have introduced a new low.

They are outrageously mysogynistic and yet their mantra is readily digested and regurgitated by the party faithful in the name of multi-culti something or other.

Muzlim terrorists don’t give a flying fig about their “womenfolk”. If they get blown to bits for the “cause”….well then………
the ahem… “casualties” can be used as delightful propaganda tools that can be exploited to demonize America and the almighty Joooooooos even more. (if that’s even possible)


And because of the PC machine……we must now fear pregnant women?


Sure….Try to educate these Muzlim women that they are being used in the most vile possible way known to humankind.
You might as well punch thin air.



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30 Responses to “BewarE the PregnanT Muzzlim”

  1. Stout Republican says:

    Muzlim terrorists don’t give a flying fig about their “womenfolk”.

    They don’t give a fig about their women, or a turnip about their children. So many of these people are just pawns in a larger game…it’s really a joke. How can a culture thrive so much if it doesn’t hold life sacred…I just don’t get it.

  2. Tim says:

    I wonder how many Christians Rosie O Donnel has come across that were practicing this?

  3. KKaRRL MMm says:

    Wait a minute Mr. postman….pregnant moozzyy…Madana will adopt the baby or bomb!!!!

  4. Old Soldier says:

    Any “religion” that loves death more than life is merely one of Satan’s sects mascarading as a religion. Tell me Satan’s fingerprints aren’t all over Islam’s founding pedophile. Motherhood is indoctrinated into the Muslim’s explosive tactics book; what’s next, apple pie?

    Radical Muslims exploit our freedoms to our detriment. They are painting themselves into a box that even the secularists will cease to tolerate one day.

  5. Don says:

    We keep expecting terrorists to live life in some similarity with the rest of the free world. This is dangerous. They are not like us, they do not think as we do. Our core values are as much a mystery to them as their hatred for us is to us. They do not, they will not, they can not act or think as we do.

    They are a sexless plague. Locust feeding on humanity.

    They are the seed of Ismael

    and, they are winning.

  6. daniel says:

    Yet another way to disgrace females.
    When they blow themselves up, what are their rewards? 16 male virgins?

    Amazing how the muzzies believe these lies.
    Then again it’s the human nature inclined towards sin and evil .


  7. Wake up America says:

    Spoon Fed Hatred, Morning, Noon and Night…

    This is what the Islamic children in countries like Iran are spoon fed, morning, noon and night on their television. Actual clips. One example is of a little girl screaming as she is being prepped for surgery so that her eyes could be stolen by the “….

  8. Anna says:

    If they cannot convert you, they will kill you and yet there are still people who believe they can just “live together with them in peace” kumbyah…can’t we all just get along?!

  9. Cop The Truth says:

    Muslim Imams detained…

    From BREITBART:Six Muslim imams were removed from a US Airways flight at Minneapolis- St. Paul International Airport on Monday and questioned by police for several hours before being released, a leader of the group said. The six were among passengers…

  10. Debbie says:

    Angel, I’m emailing you an image you need to add to this post.

  11. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the insights..and ty Debbie..I will check it out! :)

  12. Nazareth says:

    I smell a ‘racial profiling’ case being launched by the ACLU as we speak. There is a case going on right now by 7 illegal imigrants who have stated that their name is ‘John Doe’ and they are getting a trail- they claim they were ‘unfairly targetted’ because they are hispanic- Nope! Bzzzzt. They were ‘targetted because they are illegal immigrants BUT in our politically correct nation- these illegal immigrants iwll get to exploit our judicial system, fiel a court, purjure themselves by falsly stating bogus names for hte court records, and probably win their case, thus binding the hands of law enforcement officials preventing them from pursuing illegal Mexicans and other ethnic groups in this country. Pretty soon, criminal people of ethnicity (Nope- not saying all ethnics are criminals) will be able to hold up banks, steal cars etc with impunity claiming they were ‘unfairly targetted’ when police searched for the perpetrators. May God have mercy on our souls. Amen. The End. and Goodbye freedoms and judicial fairness.

  13. Brooke says:

    How sad that the Mooozlims can take something as beautiful and life-affirming as a pregnant mother, and turn it into such a black insturment of evil. :cry: :evil:

  14. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    I have a good test: Make them eat pickles and chocolate ice cream. If they can stomach that, they’re pregnant. :p

  15. VerityINK says:

    Hi–great post; I saw it over at Brooke’s. Don’t know how I’ve missed you thus far. I’m over here at:

    I’ve linked you on my sidebar–hope you don’t mind!

  16. Angel says:

    Thanks thanks alls and welcome Verity! :)
    lol Martin..good one!

  17. kerwin says:

    Satan Himself appeared as an angel of light.

  18. daniel says:

    verity, that link is incomplete,
    So true kerwin.

  19. bernie says:

    So when you hear a pregnant Muslim woman say, “If I eat one more thing, I’ll explode!” run for the hills.

  20. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    There Are Many Kofi’s At The UN…

  21. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    American Human Shields In Gaza…

  22. VerityINK says:

    A summer camp named after a female suicide bomber? I guess we should no longer be surprised at ANYTHING those people do. I try SO hard to be fair to them; in college I tutored several muslim people… There are places my mind just cannot go; I cannot understand the way they think…

  23. Feynman & Coulter's Love Child says:

    The trick is to ask the woman what she’s planning on naming her baby. If she hesitates at all, or gives you a fake name, then she’s a terrorist: SHOOT HER!

    (A fake name for them, of course, is anything OTHER THAN “Mohammed”. The name of one assmunch deserves to be spread around!)

  24. VerityINK says:

    Did you see where the family of the female suicide bomber said they were ‘oh so proud of her’? Those 2 women killed 22 people over the weekend!

  25. VerityINK says:

    Good morning! I see you have the same support Israel avatar up that I do–I swiped mine (Well, I wrote ‘em and asked) off of PowerLine I think…

  26. VerityINK says:

    Hi, Angel! Hey, when are you gonna put up a new pic? Let’s roll!

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  30. Nick Alberts says:

    You’re saying that women fighting for a cause THEY, (not I; making sure to emphasize that) believe in is wrong. Couldn’t that be as easily applied to villify women in our Armed Forces (who do participate in combat in restricted ways)?

    I’m not saying that believing that both are wrong is bad; what i’m saying is aren’t they the same thing.