Pal-estinian Statehood? Ha.


Check this out:

On the eve of the “Palestinian” (whatever that is…) UN bid for Statehood…
In middle of a state called ISRAEL:

Memorize the Kooran and get a bomb kids!

An Islamist insurgent-run radio station in Somalia says it is awarding guns, bombs and books to three children in a Koran recital contest.
Somali kids win weapons in Koran contest

The station announced Monday that the first prize winner in the contest received a rifle and $700, the second prize winner got a rifle and $500, and the third prize winner received two bombs.sui-cide-belt-muz-ca

All three children also received “religious” books..



This is IzlamoNazism for all the world to see..But do they?

Palestinian statehood?

Fictional Palestine should be completely discredited for all the world to see…(but don’t hold your collective breath with Hussein O in charge.) bombaniu-uddy
“Negotiating with them?”
Right…How bout you “negotiate” with your executioner eh.


Oh yes…Can you please please please use a duller knife.


What freedom lovers those Muzlims are.

Perhaps it’s time to have a look back to what someone prophesied back on Sept 11 of a different decade.

Sept. 11, 1973: (Note the date)
Israel Police minister Shlomo Hillel speaking to the International Police Association about confronting terrorism (including aviation terrorism).

“Surrender to terrorism,” said Hillel “results not only in the decline of the value of law but also degrades every international moral authority, encourages the growth of murder, terrorism and global extortionism, and pushes the world into a state of anarchy and chaos.”



22 Responses to “Pal-estinian Statehood? Ha.”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    I don’t think they will be recognized. Just a feeling. I’m hoping not. What a bunch of savages. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day sweetie. Hugs. :)

  2. RandyG says:

    Give them there own state, in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya…Oh wait, they don’t want them either! Turn Benni loose and destroy them and there will be peace.

  3. The Conservative Lady says:

    That video is a terrific lesson on the history behind all of this mess. I am going to post it on TCL FB with a link to this post.

  4. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Hillel was right on- there is no end if policies of appeasement are used-
    our own Pres Madison knew it – when he ‘finished ‘ the take of the Barbary pirates (ilamists) :
    President Madison-sent the fleet to finish the job that Jefferson had started against the Barbary pirates.

    “It is a settled policy of America that as peace is better than war, war is better than tribute.
    The United States, while they wish for war with no nation, will buy peace with none.
    from my post in 2008-
    When are we EVER going to wake up! again!

  5. Katie says:

    The world doesn’t need another Welfare Basket State. A nation with no economy, no ability to start an economy and dependent on the world (especially the United States) for their income.

  6. Darth Bacon says:

    Obama is an incompetent idiot. He and his group of moronic imbeciles that he calls an administration will get us into more wars in the middle east than Carter..

  7. Brooke says:

    The chief export of a state of Palestine?

    Rockets, funded by liberal idiots and terrorists.

    I truly hope this doesn’t fly!

  8. Bunkerville says:

    Maybe this will be a wake up call to our idiot in chief and his failed policies. At least I can wish.

  9. cube says:

    Appeasement never works with barbarians.

  10. bob says:

    I am afraid that a state of Palestine will be recognized. It is inevitable given the make up of the United Nations.

    We need to concentrate on what is important to us, and, certainly, supporting our friends in Israel is at the top of the list.

  11. bob says:” Here’s an article by Ambassador John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the United Nations on what the Palestinian Authority’s UN effort mean.

  12. DeanO says:

    Angel…I stand amazed; the horror of the pictures and yet the world turns a blind eye. Thanks for sharing

  13. Christopher-Conservative Perspective says:

    Someone was quoted recently as saying this move by the Jordan refugees (palestinians) was a direct result of Obamas policies regarding Israel.

    Whoever said that is spot-on and speaks volumes.

  14. Freedombytheway says:

    For real? They gave weapons (bombs, no less) as prizes? I retire to bedlam.

  15. Ron R says:

    Angel, best I can remember the Israeli won the Six Day War and gained the West Bank. I always thought that the victor set the terms of the peace treaty and the loser had to go along. Have times changed that much!=?

  16. Karl M says:

    Give them Somalia…
    remember the original plan was to give the Jewish people Uganda.
    I guess if they are so desperate for a homeland then any landmass will do..
    So lets see how quick they take something else…
    what about Chad, anyone in that country now?????
    Paved paradise put up a parking lot!!!!

  17. woodsterman says:

    Great video! I learned a lot …

  18. Matt says:

    Great post and video Angel. Keep on fighting the good fight!

  19. Evy Rosebrook says:

    Are they part of Fast and Furious too? I am sure the money has been funneled through us also. Strange wicked world we are living in now.

  20. Ricky Vines says:


  21. Leticia says:

    That one picture with the bleeding little boy and his lunatic, sadistic mother smiling over him holding the knife, is sickening and diabolical.

    I wish they would just disappear altogether.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Angel.

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