TurkeY Laffs

G’mornin sweet friends!

I’m takin a 5, er make that a 10 minute break from my “kitchen duties”..lol..to bring y’all a few Thanksgiving laffs.




And last buh not least: The Village People! ..er Turkeys: Heh.


Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!…now go help out inna kitchen wouldya?..lol thanksgivingani.gif


Happy Holidays to everyone and a shout out to:
TheAmboyTimes, ChurchandState, StiKnstien and PillageIdiotwho has some laughs of his own, RedStateBlue, RightTruth, WakeUpAmerica, CoptheTruthwith a sober reminder, RightWingGuywho wants us to stay the course, thirdworldcountygiving thanks, 123beta, BlueStarChronicles, TheFloridaMasochist, ConservativeCat, and Linknzonaare giving thanks as well., PlancksConstant, TheWorldAccordingtoCarlhas more.

22 Responses to “TurkeY Laffs”

  1. Rightwing Guy says:

    Americans Need To Stay The Course…

    Many in the media and the pundit talk shows talk as if we have already lost the war. That this has been nothing but a huge failure and we would be better off if we packed it up and came home right now and forget what happens in the part of the world……

  2. Rightwing Guy says:

    Have a Great Thanksgiving!

  3. benning says:

    Hope your turkey’s moist and flavorful, your wine tasty and smooth, and your company congenial! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Wake up America says:

    Ramifications of the Job Half Done…

    So true, those same people crying out to leave Iraq now, will be the same idiots that cry the loudest when Iraq is taken by al-Qaeda and used as a base to attack us again, harder and perhaps with nuclear capabilities. They will cry “they didn’t know…

  5. Mike's America says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Angel! It’s a great holiday, and not just because of the food. It’s a reminder of how good we have it in this country and the history that has made us what we are.

    P.S. What is this beef against gravy?

  6. daniel says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  7. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    Thanksgiving In Gaza…

  8. Anna says:

    Have a beautiful day, a tasty dinner and interesting company!

  9. OMMAG says:

    Bookmarked….came here from “Are We Lumberjacks?”


  10. benning says:

    By the way, Toots, you’ve been tagged!

  11. Thanksgiving History Quiz » Right Pundits says:

    [...] See Woman Honor Thyself for Turkey Laffs and way cool animated gifs! [...]

  12. 123beta says:

    Happy Thanksgiving…

    Happy Thanksgiving!…

  13. David says:

    Y’all have a Thanksgiving that’s good for you!

  14. GUNZ says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Angel! LMBO at those pics; the Village Turkey’s? LOL!

  15. wordsmith says:

    Some of my best friends are turkeys. They like to be referred to as progressives, but I call them liberals, anyway.

  16. A Lady's Ruminations says:

    Some Thanksgiving Links…

    Some Thanksgiving Links…

  17. Debbie says:

    I’m stuffed Angel. Roll me to the computer, heh

  18. Right Truth says:

    Lebanese walk all over Syria and Iran…

    As I enjoyed the peace and quiet of my home with beautiful weather here in Tennessee on Thanksgiving Day, I watched the freedom-loving people in Lebanon, again, take to the streets in protest of Iran and Syria. Tens of thousands…

  19. Feynman & Coulter's Love Child says:

    Sadly, I still have Thanksgiving leftovers handy…

  20. Angel says:

    Thanks alls!…
    Ah..the day after………..
    dont weigh yourselves today ..I already made that mistake!..lol :)

  21. Brooke says:

    In the gravy! ROTFLOL!:lol: :lol:

  22. hnav says:

    oh my oh my…

    in the gravy and in the oven…


    so cute…