Muzlim Lawsuits AheaD

Here friends, a 2 for 1 special.

DETROIT (AP) — A Mu–slim charity raided by federal agents in September has sued a bank, saying it violated the charity’s civil rights by planning to close its accounts.

Raided Mu–slim Charity Sues Bank

Then there’s this little tidbit:

US works to bridge its Mus–lim trust gap

NEW YORK – It was an awkward moment for Martin Ficke, the special agent in charge of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in New York.
He was seated next to a member of the British Parliament for a panel on the “War on Terror and the Clash of Civilizations.” Why, the moderator asked Mr. Ficke, was this prominent British citizen with a diplomatic passport questioned for almost an hour when he landed at the airport.

To the audience, filled with Mu–slim-American students, the answer was obvious. His name is Sha–hid M–alik, a Mu–slim name. “I’ve already talked to him about it privately and apologized,” Ficke said. “It shouldn’t have happened.”

(Writers note: And check out the way they “spin” this story, with lies and omissions…) airplaneani.gif

Last week, six im–ams returning from a conference on religious tolerance were removed in handcuffs from a US Airways flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix after a passenger raised concerns about “suspicious behavior.” Three of them were seen praying in the waiting area and a fourth reportedly asked for a seat-belt extension. DHS’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties has opened an investigation…

“One of the most disturbing things is that [polls show] more than half of the country views Is–lam as a violent or an extreme religion,” says .. a student at Pace University.

No kidding.
People view Izzlam as a violent religion?

What must they be smoking? bombsani.gif

American and Israel, my sweet friends are in the process of committing suicide. They are both permitting the enemy to use our own sense of decency and our freedoms against us.

And don’t kid yourself.
The enemy knows it.

This so called charity has the audacity to challenge the constitutionality of one section of the Patriot Act, which actually permits financial institutions to share information about suspected money laundering or terrorist activity (during a time of War)….and Liberals will support and defend them?

Scratchin mah head….Hmmmm…now why oh why would a charity..cough, cough…composed of innocent Muzlims want to block us from tracking money laundering and terrorism?

Oh wait. Don’t tell me.
It’s the “principal of the matter”.

Next thing ya know, they’ll be asking innocent ole i-mams, with ties to Ha-mass, who are carrying on, acting strangely, requesting extensions for safety belts and storing them under their seats, being defiant to the airline staff………and…saying Alley Akk-bar………to actually leave the aircraft.

Say it isn’t so!

Financial transactions can be used to track the movements of suspected terrorists. We all know this.

Does the F.B.I. not want to follow the leads?..Is that it?

But, fear not my sweet friends…the Libs will come ridin in on their dark horse along with the ACLU, the CA-IR Bears and of course the poor excuses for journalists over at the NY Slimes to defend this charity and to keep telling us about the “Religion of Peace.”

In the mean time, the so called “charity” will have the last laugh ….all the way to the bank. moneyyani.gif

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12 Responses to “Muzlim Lawsuits AheaD”

  1. Layla says:

    This is pretty disgusting, but of late this seems par the course. The FBI I am sure wants to follow it’s leads, but unfortunately our wonderful bureaucracy called politics gets in the way. The norm now is to be PC with terrorists and to hell with what is right and moral – what will keep this country and her citizenry safe.

    It’s all about the bankroll…………..

  2. Wake up America says:

    Would YOU Negotiate with Hitler?…

    While the question of whether we should “talk” with Iran is thrown around the news and the web, we need to ask ourselves if we would have spoken and tried to negotiate with Hitler? Where would that have gotten us? Can a lunatic be reasoned with? Trus…

  3. GUNZ says:

    I wonder what Brigitte Gabriel would have to say about all of this. Probably just what we argue. These freakin’ terrorist appeasing, idiot, living in denile, wacko’s are determined to get awhole bunch of everyday Americans killed again that will pale in comparison to 9/11…

    *Gunz leaves blog disgusted as hell…*

  4. Debbie says:

    There’s a reason for that ‘Muslim trust gap’, their guilty. O.M.Goodness.

    Dhimmitude continues to grow because it is fertilized so well … they are full of crap. ha

    Good article.

  5. siknstein says:

    Coming soon……The Christmas Food pyramid……

    “Never eat at a place called ‘Moms,’ but if the only other place in town has a sign that says ‘Eats,’ go back to Moms.” – W. C. Fields

  6. Right Truth says:

    USA Succumbs to Dhimmitude…

    The Saudi Prince and Fox News from Family Security Matters At the annual meeting of News Corporation, parent of Fox News, chairman Rupert Murdoch confirmed that a call from a Saudi Prince had resulted in a change in how the…

  7. Kevin says:

    Why should muslim charities have to pay for a crime just because someone else noticed?

    (stolen from Arrested Development)

  8. KKarLLmMM says:

    Some times real life comic material like this is even better than Michael Richards on stage.
    Soon the M (moo moo moozie) word will take its place next to the N word and the alphabet will only have 24 letters left…PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  9. Cop The Truth says:

    Don’t trust the MSM when it comes to Iraq…

    Leave it to Los Angeles area law enforcement to get to the truth of what the Associated (with terrorists) Press reports out of Iraq. It seems that an Iraqi police official has been supplying the AP with lots of quotes…

  10. Brooke says:

    Barf. We Americans have been wellt-trained by the Muslims: When we hear disproportionately loud, Arabic praying, or Allahu Akbar, we know something’s going down.

    Hell, if you think about it, it’s a pretty sweet scam if you’re a Muslim: Start acting suspiciously, and when someone turns you in for scaring the hell out of them, sue, sue, sue! :roll:

  11. kerwin says:

    Where does this Muslim charity have standing in the court of law even if the bank did violate it’s “civl rights”. Is there a law involved that is not being mentioned since it would have to be a law that regulated the operations of an organization type that included the bank to give the group legal standing in whatever jurisdiction they applied for a lawsuit in.

    I also regard Islam as a violent religion since twice the percentage of Muslims per population is in jail compared with Blacks and Blacks have the excuse they are poor and their culture have suffered a breakdown in marriage. I am wondering how half of the American population have their heads stuck in the sand.

  12. Angel says:

    Thanks again for the added knowledge..always appreciated so much! ;)