CROSS CITY – Dozens of county residents took a few extra minutes on the way home from church Sunday or on the way to work Monday morning to drive past the Dixie County courthouse to see for themselves if what they had heard was true.

It was.
A six-ton block of granite bearing the Ten Commandments had been installed atop the courthouse steps. Inscribed at the base was the admonition to “Love God and keep his commandments.”
Dixie courthouse unveils the Ten Commandments

…A number of lawsuits regarding the display of the Ten Commandments have been filed over the past half century, including some that have made their way to the U.S. Supreme Court. A year ago the nation’s top court ruled that a similar monument could legally remain on the grounds of the Texas Capitol in Austin.


“This was made from American black granite with white variegation that was quarried in Pennsylvania …. “Then it went to Georgia for shaping and polishing before it got to me for engraving. A block of granite that big – 12,000 pounds – costs about $20,000.”

The Ten Commandments at a courthouse.
Imagine that.

There has been a huge metamorphosis in the nature of our National atmosphere in the last several decades.

What kind of Americans, what kind of human beings are we turning out.

What is the measure of our thinkers, the worth of our humanity if not to be found in the Ten Commandments.




What characterizes the overwhelming majority of men and women who run this country.

The quest for unending accolades and power, and secular anti American unilateral decision-making?

Well, Good on you Dixie County Courthouse.

It was once said:
The Democrats don’t care if we all go to Hell, as long as they get to drive.

Thanks Sunshine State for takin the wheel!



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27 Responses to “Hallelujah!”

  1. Layla says:

    Beautiful post hun and so, so true!

    Hey, this is the comment I left for you at my place!-regarding FW and posting!! :)

    Oh Angel, I know you always did. You are a keeper! But I guess I had hope others would follow your example! :)

  2. LomaAlta says:

    Nice post Angel. Hallelujah indeed! Lets hope this is a trend. And thanks for pointing it out to us.

    If you have time, stop by my site and read my opinion of what makes liberals and conservatives the way they are.

  3. GUNZ says:

    The issues with the 10 commandments is bewildering and how some have made issues with it and even had them removed from certain places with the separation of church and state argument…

    Where do these people think the basis of law comes from or originated? Disturbing, and people wonder why the world, and this country for that matter, is in the shape that it’s in.

  4. wordsmith says:

    As a non-Christian, what offends me are groups like the ACLU eradicating the traditions and Judeo-Christian heritage of our great nation; the building blocks of our value system. There is nothing “evil” about the Ten Commandments, and has value to anyone inside or outside of religion. It does no harm except to those fabricating the harm in their own minds. The only ones I feel oppressed by, are the militant atheists.

  5. Feynman & Coulter's Love Child says:

    The rule of law has nothing to do with a courthouse. The granite should be removed on purely sensible reasons.

  6. Always On Watch says:

    Heartening news! I needed this.

  7. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all…yea tis a bit uplifting isnt it?! :)

  8. Brooke says:

    Oh, thank goodness! Some common sense and good news for a change!

  9. Gayle says:

    Great news, Angel. Thank you for finding this! :)

  10. hnav says:

    “The Democrats don’t care if we all go to Hell, as long as they get to drive.”


    let me out of that car…

  11. nuke gingrich says:

    g’mornin Angel.
    That is a great photo of the boy and the pooch at bed-time prayers.
    Might have to borrow it. Heh™
    ty for the linkage. :)

  12. benning says:

    How long before Federal Agents are bringing a crane to remove the monument? Won’t be long, I’ll betcha. Can’t have Americans going around thinking they know what this nation’s history is, now can we? Nope! Gotta keep it Secular, gotta keep it PC.
    “Okay! Back it up here!”
    *beep beep beep*
    “Get that line around this stone.”
    “Haul it away, Boys! No America here.”

  13. cube says:

    Florida does get it right, now & then ;-)

    I hope it stays put, but I suspect that the secular lefties will start a new round of lawsuits soon.

  14. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    The Un Calls On Desmond Tutu…

  15. Carl says:

    It’s inevitable that the ACLU will sue ASAP to have the 10 Commandments removed. And most likely (and sadly) that they will win. But every so often, someone like Henry “Junior” Rodriguez of St. Benard Parish comes along and tells the ACLU where they can stick their lawsuits. What upsets me is that President Bush had the opportunity to correct the decades of liberal revitionists judges being appointed by pushing through conservative judges yet he didn’t. Now with the Dems in charge, it won’t happen. I truly hope that in 2008 conservatism will regain control in both the House and Senate as well as the Presidency. Two years is a long way.

  16. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    Well, let there be light! Also, love the dems-getting-to-drive quote. How painfully true.

  17. kerwin says:

    Nice Post! Someone should tell Chicago.

  18. The Random Yak says:

    Wednesday Christmas-Ish Reading List and OTP…

    As expected and as delivered: your Wednesday Reading List from the Yaks, today with 50% more Christmas!
    1.  New Blog of the Day:  My newest discovery: Jack Army.  Liking this one, and most of you probably will too. 
    2.  Attila has the 2006 White H…

  19. American Crusader says:

    I’m surprised the ACLU isn’t going into a frenzy passing restraining orders and threatening the courthouse with legal action over this.
    If it was a crescent and a star, you wouldn’t hear a peep.

  20. Red_State_Blue says:

    Mind Worms…

    It has been the President’s opponents then – here and abroad – who have been doing the lying, omitting and evading – and have done so continuously and from the beginning of the conflict.
    And American Service men and women, along with Iraqi civilians,…

  21. Angel says:

    Thanks again everyone for the inspiration! :)

  22. KKarLLmmMM says:

    The 10 Commandment problem is a glaring example of what is wrong with society…what is the big deal!!!!
    The deal is… most people A) do not take well to being “commanded” and B) do not take well to being shown they are miserably failing when it comes to the moral/ethic behavior code standards.
    So truth be told, the if the 10 COMMANDMENTS became the 10 SUGGESTIONS, no one would bat an eyelash….

  23. David says:

    Whoa! If this keeps up, we may be on the way back to the “dark ages” of a “standards-based morality”!!! Heaven Marx only knows where that might lead! Why, first thing you know, people might be able to shoot some poor (heavily-armed) home intruder/rapist/burgler/attacker and not be sued if they fail to kill the scumbag, urm goblin, uh, po widdle unerpwiviwedged baby outright, or even *gasp!* demand that laws be applied equally to both citizens and politicians *spit*.

    We simply cannot have society trtend that way if we want to plow America under and make of her another third world country!

    The Ten Commandments must go, if America is to be conqured by [fill in the blank: Muslims, illegal aliens--from wherever--fake liberals seeking its demise, etc.]!

    It’s a sad, sad day when the values upon which the Founders relied are actually, well, you know, displayed in public! People might get ideas…

  24. David says:

    Oops. Angel, would you mind closing the “strike” tag for me, right after “Heaven”. Sloppy tagging by moi. *sigh* Need more coffee.

  25. Angel says:

    lol David…mah pleasure! ;)

  26. LRC says:

    Maybe this kind of thinking and faith makes Dixie County the great place to live that it is !!!

  27. Iluvjeebus says:

    Wow, did you see the Hannity & Colmes segment on this story? They interviewed an atheist and a lawyer: