Go NavY!

This is dedicated to my friend Daniel, a lover of the Navy and one who exemplifies everything they stand for.

Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter vetoed plans to commission the Makin Island, the Navy’s newest and most powerful warship, in San Francisco in 2008 because of a perception that the city is anti-military.

Navy scuttles plan to commission warship here, citing local politics

…he has been informed that the ship would not be commissioned in San Francisco, as scheduled, but in San Diego.

Myatt said he had been told that the Navy was concerned about San Francisco’s refusal to provide a homeport for the retired battleship Iowa, which would be turned into a museum, and for the city school board’s decision to abolish junior ROTC training in San Francisco high schools.

One of the factors that turned the Pentagon against San Francisco, he said, was widely quoted anti-military remarks made by various city politicians. Some of the remarks got considerable attention, especially ones made by Gerardo Sandoval, a member of the Board of Supervisors, who was quoted on national television as saying national defense should be left to “the cops and the Coast Guard.”

Way to go Libs in San Franfreako. hippiea10.gif

What is a “commisioning ceremony”?

A commissioning ceremony marks the acceptance of a ship as a unit of the operating forces of the United States Navy.

At the moment of breaking the commissioning pennant, the ship will “come alive” and the crew will ceremonially run aboard ship. Thereafter the ship is officially referred to as a United States Ship (USS).

And to all the anti-military Libs in San FranFreako.

Need I remind y’all………
Freedom isn’t free.

Many a foxhole has served as a soldier’s grave.

Many young men with hair cut square, tall and proud, have died on foreign soil while you were sleeping comfortably in your bed.

Many a flag has been draped over coffins of lovers, friends and sons.
Many a life has been shattered so that yours could proceed uninterrupted.

There are many a graveyard at the bottom of the Sea.


So, Libs in San-Francisco……next time you get honored with “comissioning” a U.S. Navy ship…
Perhaps you should re-think your ..ahem…”position” eh?

(With deference to all the true patriots who reside in the beautiful city of San-Francisco.)

Makin Island

Helicopter assault vessel

844 feet long

Displaces 41,100 tons

Carries crew of 1,204 and 1,687 Marines

Nearly the size of World War II


Fastest ship for its size in the Navy


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12 Responses to “Go NavY!”

  1. GUNZ says:

    Go Navy. As a former Jarhead myself I can honestly say I have so much respect. Not that I don’t the others of course, because a ton of respect to those guys as well. We are on the same team.

    But in the case of the Navy, the Marine Corps actually falls under it’s department. And where ever you see Marines you are sure to see Navy folks and vise versa. There are no Marine medics in the Corps as they are supplied through the Navy in the form of Navy Corpsmen. They look like us, eat and sleep Marine Corps with us, bleed, sweat etc with Marines. So as a former Infantryman; my hat is off and a great big OOH-RAH straight from the diaphram…

    Daniel is one of the finest men out there in the blogosphere, and although I probably will never have the HONOR of meeting him in real life; I am confident he makes this country a better place to live in because his kindness and character as got to contagious with everyone he comes in contact with. It’s a true pleasure to call him a friend. I hate his current situation for him. That sucks… He’s a fighter though! :)

  2. Ogre says:

    Good job, Mr. Winter. GOOD job!

    And Semper Fi, GUNZ.

  3. Brooke says:

    I doubt very much that there will be a “next time” after this latest leftard fiasco.

    It’s enough to make the blood boil! :evil:

  4. KKarLLmMM says:

    Waking up every morning in the glorious U.S.of A, is made that much more secure knowing the Army, Navy, Air force, Marines and all the other armed forces are covering my back….and the rest of my body…
    Uncle Sam wants you…and I appreciate you!!!!!

  5. Layla says:

    San Franciso makes me sick! How really sad this whole thing is. It makes my blood boil.

  6. Debbie says:

    Oh my goodness.

  7. WordBearer says:

    Lousy San Fran.

    I think that the whole US should just banish the city to its own devices. Let the neo-libs and hippie have their playground an may it got to pot…literally.

  8. Right Truth says:

    Chavez wins, Bush changes, and spray on condoms…

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez won re-election to another six-year term by a wide margin. Chavez had nearly 6 million votes versus 3.7 million for Rosales with a turnout of 62%. Supporters celebrated in the streets. What are these people thinking?…

  9. daniel says:

    Thanks Angel for the support!
    The Navy brings in millions into the local economy, too bad SF…you loose.
    GO NAVY!
    Thanks gunz for the awesome comments! SF!


  10. kerwin says:

    Give Applause to Secretary of the Navy Donald C. Winter for a clever move.

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  12. Stephan Marn says:

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