Political Correctness: Again.


In an effort to stay in Denial bout the insanity all around us…………

Oh wait…mebbe not.confused1

Check dis out:

The Girl Scouts of Colorado are allowing a 7-year-old boy to join a local troop because he is “living life as a girl.”

“We make the distinction that if a child is living life as a girl and the family brings the child to us and says my daughter wants to be a Girl Scout, we welcome her,” Rachelle Trujillo, vice president of communications with Girl Scouts of Colorado told CNSNews.com.

Girl Scouts Allow 7-Year-Old Boy to Join Because He is ‘Living Life as a Girl’


Need I even comment?
Maybe gettin’ a drink would be more productive.

Oh…….and if that aint enough to have you twistin’ in the wind……..wind-ani06

Dig this:

Marines getting more Dhimmitude training:

Marines should never spit or urinate to the west, the direction of Mecca that Mus-lims in Afghanistan face when they pray.

In addition, when sharing a base with Afghan army troops, Marines shouldn’t sleep with their feet pointed west, because that also is considered offensive, he said.

Don’t Insult Izzzzzlam

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Ah yes.


This oughta be filed under:
You can’t make this stuff up.

Be sensitive to Muzlim terrorists above all…because, they are um…sooooooo sensitive to others right?


In line with this……..Instead of lookin for Muzlim terrorists and bombs, the so called ‘security’ staff at airports are harassing law abiding, patriotic citizens and soldiers.

But there’s no terror threat from the Muzlim world anyhoo, right?

Well for those who STILL need a refresher course in reality:

-America was viciously attacked on 9/11 by umm… Izzlamists quoting us from book called the Quruuu’an.

-Muzlims have terrorist cells in over 60 countries.

-So called moderate Muzlims in America are in reality nothing but cowards, who refuse to take any stand even in large numbers at a rally. They are opportunists. but most of all — they are supremacist manipulators.

And America goes out of its way to protect its Muzlim population.

Despite the fact that Izlam proclaims the infidels to be its sworn enemy.
That’s right.
It’s Dar-al-Izlam vs. Dar-al-Haarb, boys and girls.
Them against US.


Muzlims are “offended” by profiling.
Sure….Profiling can stop …as soon as the next bomb that goes off doesn’t have some ahem..”holy” Qur’anic verse attached to it by people democratic governments refuse to expel because of political correctness.


Yet America still listens and caves in to endless Muzlim whining that they’re not being treated “well enough.”
One demand and alleged grievance after another.


Sure. They’e not being treated as the “superior beings” with special priviledges, that they clearly think they deserve.


How much more pandering to imagined sensitivities are free Nations willin to abide?deadend



Or does it ever………………………

Was gonna drown my sorrows in a box of cookies..but Ooops~!……..


Guess it’s no more Girl Scout cookies for me.……..food-cupcake

Or are they now called…”gender neutral cookies”? Sheesh.

21 Responses to “Political Correctness: Again.”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    Well when that little boy causes some awful problem then everyone will be shocked. Good grief.

    As for Muslims? We all know what they are all about. It’s their religion and there is no other religion. Cockroaches the lot of them.

    Have a terrific day sweetie. Big hugs. :)

  2. Adrienne says:

    I was a girl scout back when they were girls. This is so ridiculous. I predict a slow death of the girl scouts. No girls = no scouts. But, Angel – this is exactly what they want. Get rid of all the Godly organizations.

    Did you see this?


  3. Quite Rightly says:

    The new feminism: No matter what, girls can’t let a little boy cry.

  4. bob says:

    The situation is sad. The boy’s parents should know better. However, if the Girl Scout Troop accepts the little boy, they have obviously put some thought into the situation, at least that’s my assumption.

    The kid is obviously gay, and our society does not allow gay kids. We are always surprised when they come out as teenagers. I have no solution.

  5. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    IE: post below-leaving Iraq- and this-
    PC is getting our BEST killed and only we in the Constitutional blog world seem to notice–
    as to the PC here in the actual US- well- what can I say- you have said it all
    thank you for this post and the one below—

  6. Freedombytheway says:

    Why stop with gender? Let’s all pick our own fantasy and live that way! I want to live my life as a princess–everyone obey me and give into my whims. Or maybe I want to live my life as my dog. All I need is to find someone to take care of me and let me lie around all day.
    The world is spinnning counterclockwise these days.

  7. slamdunk says:


    The only reason that I would not sleep facing the west is if someone is sleeping near me in that direction–my foot odor is deadly.

  8. Jenny the Pirate says:

    If I hadn’t read it here, I don’t think I’d believe it. A seven-year-old BOY living life as a GIRL? And his parents tote him off to a Girl Scout Troop and insist he be allowed to JOIN? They all need their heads examined. Oy vey.

  9. Woodsterman says:

    Please pass the girlie-boy cookies.

  10. Subvet says:

    I’ve read about that 7 yr. old. The only parent referenced is his mother and due to both their surnames being different I doubt she’s a widow.

    Maybe this comment will start a flame war but I honestly believe we’re seeing the effects of a single parent home where the nominal adult is completely clueless. The fact that so many other “adults” treat the child’s desires as legitimate indicates how insane we’ve become.

    One to beam up, no intelligent life down here.

  11. Debbie says:

    Just posted on this, I think the new term they are using is “Gender-varient”. Makes you sick doesn’t. I would hate to be a “varient”.

  12. Katie says:

    I will never buy a box of Girl Scout cookies again. End of discussion.

  13. Ricky Vines says:

    Witty & pithy as ever.

    re: “WHERE DOES THE GENUFLECTING END?” never – even when the Muslims are totally in-charge. By then, we’ll be bowing because, we can’t refuse these down trodden minions of the devil.

    Point is, the West has to learn to say, “Hell No muhammed. Go back to hell if you don’t like our ways and if you need time off to worship your demon 6 times a day.”

  14. Trestin says:

    Well so much for the Girl Scouts.

  15. Leticia says:

    Ever since they began to allow lesbians and all that politically correct garbage, I lost all respect for the Girl Scouts, granted, I still love the cookies, but the organization has lost it’s appeal.

    What shame and tragedy.

  16. Kid says:

    I read a story recently where two lesbians who have had or adopted a son who is now 10 or 11 I believe, named Tommy, but who they claim wants to be called ‘Tammy’ are giving the young man hormone pills to delay his puberty as long as possible in case he decides to have his genitalia cut off adn teh wise old age of say 15?

    Imagine what sort of information he has been subjected to them last 11 years.
    Lord have mercy.

    It won’t be long we start reading stories of adopted children now grown and going back and killing their homosexual parents. Those kinds of stories won’t bother me outside of my empathy for the child.

  17. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Kid-you make me smile-because that is that way I think-
    MY BAD!!!?

  18. RandyG says:

    Girls will be girls..And boys will be too! No thin mints this year for me.

  19. DeanO says:

    What? Angel – all I can say is I’m gonna pee towards the West!!! Funny, sad and interesting. One question – who told this boy he was living as a girl?

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  21. KarL M says:

    So there are directions regarding..how/when and where???

    Something tells me my vomit is just not going to follow orders..sue me!!!