Happy Chrisnakah?..or is it Chanamas


O gosh do ya hear the naysayers already..

Kvetching (ask yer Jewish friend..heh) and whining…I haven’t even gobbled down the last of my candy corn Halloween candy, haven’t finished mah leftover stuffing from Thanksgiving, thanksgivingey.gif and already the stores are booming Rudolph and Frosty tunes. Oiy.


What is it about all the beauty of the season that some people just can’t stomach eh.
To much stuffin thanksgivingk2.gif and candy corn mebbe.

Well, just in case you don’t celebrate Christmas..(gasp…yup not everyone does)..can you not wish someone a MerryChristmas anyway?


Let’s follow the logic shall we.
Next time your’e havin a really bad day…don’t even think about telling someone elso to “have a nice day”!..After all, yours was inescapably ruined right?

But, I digress.

Anyone rememba what happened last year at this time?

Just when it seemed that the much-ballyhooed “War on Christmas” had run its course, the battle seems to have opened up a new front: Hanukkah.

…on December 12, the Tennessee chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to Governor Phil Bredesen urging him to remove a Hanukkah menorah from the state capitol in Nashville.

(What?..You don’t rememba that?..shame shame)
And Now, the War on Hanukkah
It isn’t even the first time the ACLU has challenged a Hanukkah display. In the late 1980s, the organization challenged a menorah erected outside the Pittsburgh city-county building.

The case ultimately reached the Supreme Court, which affirmed the constitutionality of the display.

Ok. Ok. Ok.
So maybe its not a full fledged War on Chanukah with all the trimmings (heh) xmas-ani-uddy.gif

Can we at least call it a “skirmish”, mini-battle, scuffle, tussle,what?

Whether they’re gunning for Christmas or Chanukah….friends….
Just remember…

Christmas and Chanukah both convery hope in times of deep despair. It’s about miracles my sweet friends.
Angel says:
It’s all about the miracles.

Others celebratin nice n loud:

15 Responses to “Happy Chrisnakah?..or is it Chanamas”

  1. elmers brother says:

    I think we oughta do what nanc suggested and not make it a federal holiday. We Christians can reclaim Christmas as the holiday it was meant to be.

  2. D. Ox says:

    Great post, I hope you’ll cross-post it at COWOWOC. You’ll like the latest post at War on Christmas, “Xmas in Niatrib”


    Welcome aboard!

  3. Angel says:

    Thanks D.OX!..I’ll post soon as I can! ;)

  4. GUNZ says:

    I’m so glad that not much, if any, of that goes on on around here in my neck of the woods. I used to think I would like to move out of the sticks; but that was before the ACLU wing nuts and the screws loose liberal left really started their offensive against ALL that we consider moral and traditional.

    I’m staying put. Too many defiant redneck types I call friends around here that would make their very brief stay a living hell. ;)

    “Merry CHRISTmas.”

  5. michael says:

    Man, I am so tired of people conflating Hanuka and Chrismas simply because the dates usually coincide. The two holidays have nothing to do with each other.

    Hanuka is a fun holiday, put pretty minor in the Jewish religious cycle. Christmas, on the other hand, is essential to Christian theology.

    And why does gov’t bother with either of them? Isn’t there separation of church and state in the States?

    Jeez, the things that people go on about…

  6. KKarLLmMM says:

    Hey why the all the discourse…the best part of both, are the gifts…keep em coming…8days,10 days etc…i can not get enough..
    HAPPY GIFTsDAY to all…..and a happy new year!!!!!

  7. Rightwing Guy says:

    Keith Ellison Disrepects American Traditions…

    How far do you think it is permissible for the government to accommodate specific religious observances in a liberal state and does that than go for every religious group that will in the future gain power….

  8. Gayle says:

    Good morning, Angel. I don’t understand anyone having a problem with either religion; it boggles my poor little mind. Blessings, gal! :)

  9. kerwin says:

    “Christmas, on the other hand, is essential to Christian theology.” Michael

    Hardly as there are Christians who do not celebrate Christmas for religious reasons. I am curious why you believe that Christmas is so essential as all I believe it is for is to remind Christians that God so loved the world that he gave His only Son. I am not quite sure why non Christians celebrate it. I assume it is because of the idea of giving.

    “Isn’t there separation of church and state in the States?” Michael

    That is correct the government is not supposed to regulate religious exercises and the government is not to show bias toward or against a religious organization. Religious organizations on the other hand can mix politics and religion. Secularism on the other hand is hostility toward religion.

  10. hnav says:

    how about a new celebration?

    Happy WHT !

    or is it ?

    Merry WHT !

  11. Old Soldier says:

    Angel, Christmas is Christmas no matter what the ACLU or secularists may say or desire. Those who celebrate Chanukah do not object to Christmas and vice versa, because they do not feel threatened by the other’s ‘religion.’ Those who object to any ‘religious’ holidays are soulless imbeciles who are insecure in their secularism. Too bad they cannot be at ‘peace’ with their beliefs (or lack thereof).

  12. American Crusader says:

    The left weenies are trying to make a claim that their is no war on Christmas and I’m sure that they will make the same claim about Hanukkah. They say the whole thing is being made up by right-wing Rethuglians to push an agenda.
    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who enjoys candy corn.
    I’m not that big on sweets but without candy corn it just isn’t Holloween.
    Christmas needs eggnog and Easter isn’t Easter without peeps.

  13. Brooke says:

    Get out your Festivus poles… ‘Cause that’ll be ll the ACLU will let us have.

  14. bernie says:

    As you know I am an Atheist Jew who loves and celebrates Christmas. What’s not to love? Great songs and music and carolers, lovely traditions, decorating trees, picking out gifts for our loved ones, sending cards to distant friends that they are in our thoughts, snowmen on our front yard, tinsel hanging from branches, sitting with your family in front of a crackling fireplace, presents being opened, turkey in the oven, family and friends at your home, children riding in horse-drawn sleigh, windows festooned with bright lights, Santa and his reindeer, Rudolf, Christmas cartoons in the morning and Christmas movies on Christmas eve, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, my wife and I crying when Tiny Tim wishes “God bless us, everyone!” at the end of a Christmas Carol. There is nothing at all wrong with enjoying the Christmas Spirit.

    You have to be a miserable, lonely, uncivilized boor not to love Christmas. Some people never understood the story of Scrooge.

    Let me at this time wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and for those who are not Atheists, God Bless You All.

  15. Planck's Constant says:

    The Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives…

    The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented to get man to the beer. These were the catalyst for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups: Liberals and …..