“Celebrating” the Muzlim holiday of “Ei-d-al-a-dha”

Your daily dose of PC Libtard facism:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Putting animal rights over fashion and its own vibrant shopping scene, West Hollywood’s leaders gave final approval on Tuesday

to a first-in-the-nation ban on the sale of fur clothing within city limits.

Opponents predicted dire consequences for local retailers.

They said nearly half of the 200 apparel stores in town sell at least some fur items, and that merchandise made with animal pelts is estimated to account for up to $2 million in revenues for those businesses.

West Hollywood approves first fur ban in United States

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How bout we Ban Hollywood instead?airheadani

Ban po-rno-graphy? Ha. Nope.

Ban Abortion? Your’e kidding, right?irked

Ban IzlamoNazis and their vile anti-semitism? Na.

Ban illegal immigrants?..Oh wait..that would actually be upholding the Constitution. Never mind.sarcastic

But protest (in the n-ude of course) to ban evil “FUR.”


Maybe the all Mighty Government should ban paper cuz it’s cruel to “trees”.tree51-thumb

Hollywood: The wealthiest people in the Nation. Marxist, hypocritical sheep telling us what we can and can not wear.
ACLU anyone?


Banning footballs and leather cowboy boots must be next.
Oh wait…Leather?…hmmmmmmm.

What will the fruitloops do………..


And oh oh bout silk?…After all those poor little caterpillars…..

Oh gosh. Hold the phone.
I nearly forgot.

Ever see a libtard from Kalifornication protest this:

The feast of E-id-ul-Zuuuuha, where every Muzlim child is forced to hold a dagger and help out in slaughtering a goat.


That’s right.
Slaughtering. IN COLD BLOOD.


Held down with his throat slit.
Any comment West Hollywoodians?

Didn’t think

Well…………Y’all better stock up on meat, eggs and milk. No doubt all that will be “legal” soon ……….is gluten.

Oh wait.
That’s not legal anymore either..or is it?


Apparently in California……….Common sense was banned decades ago.


22 Responses to “Anti-Fur”

  1. Woodsterman says:

    I’m going to be staying in West Hollyweird, next week, for a couple of nights. Would you like me to give them a message for you? It’s too late to change my reservations, but I will tell the front desk why this will be my last time staying in their city.

  2. amanofwonder says:

    What hypocrisy!

    They ban fur but keep hacking up hair balls like Penn, Moore, Sarandon, Affleck, Damon, Speilberg, Streisand and this day is to short to list em all.

    What we need is a good ole fashioned earthquake that bans West Hollywood from the rest of country.

  3. DeanO says:

    Angel – just freaking stupid; I guess it’s kinda like not drilling oil in Alaska because of a ….wait….mouse

    go figure…hey what about leather boots, belts and shoes? Cotton? Hm – 50′s plastic on it’s way back into fashion?

  4. Comedy Plus says:

    California is now Mexifornia. You can go to the mall and not hear a word of English. This state sucks to high heaven. I’ve lived here since 1969. I used to be proud of this state, but not anymore.

    As for Hollyweird? I don’t give a rats behind about those freaky people. Let’s throw Oprah in there too as when she speaks the entire world is supposed to take notice.

    We are all messed up and I don’t even want to start with Muslims. I’ve no use for them whatsoever.

    Have a terrific day sweetie. Big hugs from weird California. ;)

  5. bob says:

    As a dirty old man, I used to like those pictures of the naked PETA girls protesting meat, or something. I didn’t think anybody would take them seriously. Oh, what I didn’t know.

    This is all part of the eco-stupid Marxist movement that wants everybody to be a vegetarian, and live in stone aged huts burning renewable wood for heat, and competing with blue jays and beetles to harvest the food we grow in a pesticide free environment.

    If those idiots try that no-furs stuff in Moscow, they would be laughed out of the country.

    However, I do believe that furs of animals on the protected list be made illegal for sale. I don’t thing mink or rabbit would be on that list.

  6. Tim says:

    Sorry but the picture of Obama in the leather coat made me laugh. It was like Shaft without the muscles or the manliness.

  7. ReinventTheIcon says:

    Fur production is not necessary. Plus it is clearly cruel. And to top it off, there are alternatives that are nearly indistinguishable. Seems like common sense to me unless you think animals are robots who have brains and nervous systems just for fun.

    If it were necessary for survival, then there wouldn’t be an issue. As intelligent humans with the capacity for compassion, we have a choice.

    Yes, I realize that human beings are not mink – but nor are they rocks or logs. To think otherwise is against modern science (but very strongly in line with science of the 1600s). Most animals share upwards of 80% of their DNA with us, so our genetic similarities far outweigh our differences from a scientific perspective. I would argue that it’s much more of an irrational and “emotional” response to deny this fact in favor of insisting that animals are numb objects or somehow deserve to be treated like inanimate resources. Don’t get me wrong – if I lived in the arctic circle outside of civilization, I’d have no problem wearing fur of the animals I’d kill and eat for survival. But most of us do not. And so we must make choices using our brains that can foster the sort of ideal culture we’d like to work towards.

    Does it mean nothing to you how amazing and inspiring and exciting it is that we have reached a place in our culture where many of us can choose not to support or participate in caging and trapping wild animals on the simple principal that it’s not nice and that they probably suffer physically and psychologically? Is this not much more of an intoxicating choice that we can make than choosing to purchase yet one more consumer object (for which there are equally fuzzy alternatives)? Which choice would future generations look more admiringly at? Why fail this incredible opportunity to do the least harm and help set a benevolent tone for our culture?

    Some claim that advocating on behalf of animal is “extremism”. So to you, it’s not extreme to confine and deprive wild animals of their natural behavior; the life they evolved to live over millions of years. But it is extreme to validate animals used for fur, or to speak up on behalf of them and demand laws that protect them?

    What do you think the suit-makers and mattress-stuffers who used the hair of my Jewish relatives from the concentration camps (only 50 years ago) told themselves? How do you think they justified the systematic cutting and felting of the Jews hair for industrial and military use? You can justify just about anything when you systematize it, invalidate those you deem subhuman and use the right PR angle, can’t you?

    Animals don’t have freedom of choice in a cage or a trap (though if the cages were opened, the certainly would “choose” to walk out. They can’t organize and demand better treatment, and many take advantage of that. Their cries and struggling to get away can’t mean “no” or “stop” to a person like you. They must be happy or numb…

    If you want to wear fur ethically and sustainably, go live off the grid in a cold climate and kill it yourself then eat the meat and tan it with brains, urine and feces. There’s not too many sexy ads about that.

  8. Katie says:

    Next they will be banning all meat. No one will be allowed to cook, buy or eat meat.

    Hollywood has gone Looney Tunes.

  9. RandyG says:

    I think I will go throw a pork roast in the oven.

  10. edge of the sandbox says:

    PJMedia had a very excellent editorial on the Myth of the Ethical Vegan. It’s impossible to eat food in which productions animals weren’t killed:

  11. Ron Russell says:

    Ban Fur and the stupid left is just nuts. I eat squirrels and certain birds including chickens. Col. Sanders look out—not only a chicken man, but a symbol of southern slavery—-you’re next you racist bastard for eating our feather friends and chaining our brothers. Just satire, from a right wing extemist and Mississippi redneck good-ole-boy! I eat squirrel, deer, cow, fish, dove, quail, pheasant, lamb, goat, moose, and liberals when I get my hands on them!!!!!!!!!

  12. Quite Rightly says:

    Just thought I’d mention: The Cambridge, Massachusetts school system has made the Muslim “Festival of Sacrifice” an official district-wide school holiday. All children in the Cambridge public school system got Monday off to slaughter a goat. “Cambridge has always been a leader in things like this,” said Cambridge’s Mayor McGovern.

  13. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    being a Californian is becoming more and more laughable-or- should I say cry-able-)-:
    as to the muzzies-what else can I say-they are debauched…
    Great post – Angel!

  14. KarL M says:

    So let me understand you Angel….you want Hollywood airheads to do what exactly????
    Protest the “collection” of furs for their hats, coats,gloves and scarfs!!!
    Right… getting gas guzzlers like Bently Rolls and Ferrari’s off the roads will be next..hahahahahahahahaha… ARE funny.

  15. Always On Watch says:

    Apparently in California……….Common sense was banned decades ago.

    No doubt!

    My brother-in-law, born and bred in Souther California AND a conservative, is trying to find a way to get out from under his mortgage and get the hell out of California. As he often says these days, “The only thing nice about California now is the weather.”

  16. Debbie says:

    Concerned about fur, but not concerned about leather for their expensive designer shoes. Not concerned about young girls being raped, tortured, bought, sold. I see where their priorities are. Not concerned about abortion…

  17. Brooke says:

    Another excellent example of the hypocrisy on the left, Angel!

  18. Bunkerville says:

    Living in the 11th century is swell isn’t it? Or is that too advanced for them?

  19. MK says:

    We have a similarly crazy attitude down here, baby killing known otherwise as ‘abortion’ is alright, we all have to pay for it whether we agree with it or not. However if we hear of a whale being killed by the Japanese, the whole nation starts caterwauling like stuck pigs. Crazy i tell you.

  20. Leticia says:

    They would prefer to save animals and not human babies? Yeah, they are a brilliant lot…NOT.

    I may not be a fan of buying fur, let alone affording it, but I wouldn’t tell someone they can’t wear it. It is a free country after all, well, it used to be.

  21. cube says:

    The world has gone topsy-turvy thanks to the liberal mania.

  22. Matt says:

    Trust me Angel, they’ll get around to banning the rest before long!