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Ahhh the eloquent ACLU …pontificate the following:
“Today, the creators, producers and distributers of popular culture are often blamed for the nation’s deep social problems. Calls for censorship threaten to erode free speech.

The First Amendment exists precisely to protect the most offensive and controversial speech from government suppression. The best way to counter obnoxious speech is with more speech. Persuasion, not coercion, is the solution.”

Oh yes..more pornography, more vile, mysogynistic rap lyrics , and more offensive speech…
You would think there may be a principle at stake here ?..Oh sorry I forgot the ACLU has no principles.

Brilliant ..jus brilliant..Straight jacket anyone?

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8 Responses to “From the HorseS MoutH”

  1. karl m says:


  2. K T Cat says:

    I like Michael Medved’s take on this. If repeatedly showing actions in a positive light didn’t make a difference, then nobody would spend money on advertising. There’s no difference between the way your brain processes an ad for Listerine and the way it processes gangsta rap.

  3. Angel says:

    I love that one KT..tyz!

  4. Always On Watch says:

    The ACLU today in no way stands for liberty. Their very name is a lie.

  5. Brandon Bowers says:

    I have recently stated in a psychiatrist blog on, that the problem with psychiatry is that the doctors do not tell their patients to grow up. On my home page of my website, I have a message, “Responsibility of Free Speech.” I think that anyone can descuss on anything if they do it in an adult manner. Being an adult is more then physical body. It is the state of mind.

    Pornography is getting the lead in free speech at this time. How does parents deal with this with their children? The answer is simple, they teach their children about the human body to their children. That is the responsibilities of parents. Everything that is important in life starts in the home. The tells me that the problem with anything in life is due to the lack of parenthood. The ACLU and others needs to get parents to be parents so morality and other things that is important will be controlled.

    Sky high, seek peace,
    Brandon Bowers

  6. American Crusader says:

    The ACLU has also found its way to prohibit the Coast Guard from removing headdresses from ship operators inside our ports. The Coast Guard wants to be able to photograph those seeking Merchant Marine licenses but the ACLU has call this discrimination.

  7. Brooke says:

    An anti-American institution if ever there was one!

  8. christmasghost says:

    well said!
    just watching the ACLU should make everyone realize that the very word “american” should not be allowed to be used willy-nilly by just any idiots that come along[think ACLU].
    free speech was intended to be free political speech…not pornography or any of the other lame and vile “causes” the ACLU comes up with.
    the ACLU was founded by communists and some things never change. what amazes me no end is just how many liberals [that parrot everything the ACLU says as pure truth] know anything about this really very shadowy organization.
    go ahead…i double dog dare all of you. ask the next nutty liberal you see protesting about the ACLU. they will not be able to give you one fact about them…..yet they quote everything they say. i believe these people are called “useful idiots” are they not?