Christians being “too Christian”?

I figured out what’s number one on my Christmas wish list y’all. xmaspreani.gif

I want the Hag-ia Sophia returned k?

Built in the 6th century, Hag-ia Sophia — Greek for “Holy Wisdom” — was Christendom’s greatest and most celebrated church.

After parrying centuries of ji–hadi thrusts from A–rabs, Constantinople — now Istanbul — was finally sacked by Turks in 1453, and Ha-gia Sophia’s crosses were desecrated, its icons defaced.

What they capture, they keep. When they lose, they complain to the U.N.

Along with thousands of other churches in the Byzantine Empire, it was immediately converted into a mos-que, the tall minarets of Is-lam surrounding it in triumph.

Is-lam gets concessions; infidels get conquered


Contrast that intolerance with the tolerance granted Mu-slims in regard to the Al Aq–sa mosque — this time, an Is–lamic site in Jerusalem annexed by Judaism.

Unlike the permanent Mus–lim desecration of Ha-gia Sophia, after Israel’s victory in the 1967 war, the Jews did not deface or convert the mos-que into a Jewish synagogue or temple, even though the Al A-qsa mosque is deliberately built atop the remains of the Temple Mount, the holiest site of Judaism and, by extension, an important site for Christians.

Moreover, since reclaiming the Temple Mount, Israel has granted Mu–slims control over the Al Aq-sa mos-que (except during times of crises).

Ok friends.
Let’s absorb this shall we.

When the Muzlims sacked and conquered territories, such as Constantinople, North Africa, Spain and southwest Asia , they didn’t have to apologize and most certainly wouldn’t dream of actually returning the land to the former Non-Muzlim owner.

But Israel, a miniscule little country must return lands she won in a defensive war when she was attacked by surrounding A-rabs!?

Israel has only ever fought defensive wars. Defensive. Defending herself. jewishmenorahl.gif

Over and over Israelis have fought, for their very lives, and for the life of their people and Nation. Incidentally this State was supposed to provide a haven for Jews in a world that had just disposed of six million of them.

But while wer’e on the topic of “re-gifting” and returning things..howza bout Izlam return Iraq, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Morrocco, and the 2/3 of the Christian world it dominated and subjugated.

Oh and this just in:..The Romans and Byzantines want their Empires back too k? xmassantamean17.gif

But don’t hold your breath sweet friends ..Ha-gia Sophia will not exactly be converted back to a church anytime soon.

Muzlims live and literally die by the double standard.
And…“Double standards do not make for international justice”.

Izlam and freedom-loving democracies can not co-exist, unless it’s in a fairy tale. bombsani.gif
This is an ideological struggle my friends.

Perhaps Pope Benedict XVI on his recent trip to Turkey, should not have prayed facing Mecca and should not have offered other gestures to appease the Muzlims.

If anyone knows a lick of history they would know that the Middle East and Israel were Greco-Roman, Jewish and Christian for literally thousands of years before the Muzlims shattered them and forcibly imposed its ahem..religion of “peace” at the point of a sword of course.

It is painful to see the Pope in Istanbul, which was once Constantinople, until the 15th century when the Muzlims smashed it to smithereens, sexually tortured, raped and even impaled the women and children , and razed all the Churches.

Ha-gia Sophia
Yea. I want it back.


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20 Responses to “Christians being “too Christian”?”

  1. benning says:

    I think the Pope was just being a good guest.

    The Muzzies want Spain back and have made inroads there. So I think we are going to see a lot of ugliness over the next decade until the Europeans get their heads on straight, or until the continent goes Muzlim.

    Israel needs all the support she can get!

  2. GUNZ says:

    The Pope is too politically correct to be such a man of GOD. If there were any stock that he was as close to the good Lord as many would like to believe he’s doing a pretty darn good job of committing spiritual suicide. He half way did the right thing in Turkey by reaching out to Christian Arabs but came short on telling those Koran believing rag heads the TRUTH.

    Nothing against the Catholics; I know many that scratch their head over what happens at the Vatican also.

  3. Layla says:

    It is ashame that we are no longer free to speak the truth in a world that crouches down in the thrown rooms of islam. (and I left the that lower case because they do not deserve recognition) islam is NO religion of peace and the Pope spoke the truth, but when the going became rough he cowered and did not stand by what he said. Truth be told very few leaders in our day and age have any interity.

    Thank you hun for your continued support of Israel! :)

  4. VerityINK says:

    Oh, having Sophia back would be wonderful! You and I are thinking alike, again; I’d mentioned the double standard, too!

  5. VerityINK says:

    P.S. I fixed my link thingy–thanks for telling me!

  6. daniel says:

    I heard that the Pope said that we serve the same God…say what?
    Good research Angel.
    Thanks for the knock!

  7. Rightwing Guy says:

    Remember Pearl Harbor…

    The majority of Americans will go to work today and never even think about those brave fallen soldiers from our past who gave their lives with the hopes that their children and others would not have to live under the oppressive rule of the harsh Japa…..

  8. kerwin says:

    The Pope should not have prayed facing Mecca since that was an action not only supporting surrender but also one that sounds like it is close to blaspheme. He is does not follow my religion and so I can hardly question him on his adherence to his own.

  9. michael says:

    Angel: Did you see the new Baker report? Apparently, to get Israel to give everything back, he wants a conference in Madrid, to invite all the interested parties (Iran, Syria, Palys) EXCEPT Israel, and then decide Israel’s fate.

    Sounds like Munich ’38 to me, and we all know how that ended.

  10. Vanishing American says:

    I think that today’s version of Christianity is unbalanced in that it focuses only on the softer, yielding side (‘tolerance’) at the expense of Truth. Our Christian ancestors practiced a much more vigorous kind of Christianity. Charles Martel, Sobieski, El Cid, and the rest could not have defeated the Moslems in Europe if they had had the conciliatory attitude of today. Maybe the Pope is conflicted between being a political figure, with the need for diplomacy, and being a man of God who uncompromisingly speaks the truth, although he should speak the truth in love.
    Still, look back at John the Baptist and the Apostles: they were not always diplomatic; they could be blunt when needed, and they never sacrificed truth. That’s the kind of Christianity that is needed to stand up to Islam.

  11. Angel says:

    Thank alls for the interesting comments and insights! :)

  12. Gayle says:

    Great post, Angel. Yes, I don’t think the Pope is taking a hard enough stand against Islam either. I agree with Vanishing American in that the early Christians never sacrificed truth. They stood by Jesus Christ and for their belief in Him even when it cost them their own lives. Unfortunately, much of Christianity has been overtaken by the left and I see that a lot in my own Episcopalian Church! It’s very upsetting to me. I’m in Texas where our Bishops are all conservative, but I have a liberal priest who loves Clinton! I hate to say it, but I’ll be glad when he retires.

  13. Brooke says:

    The Pope isn’t doing enough until he calls for another Crusade, IMO. But then, I’m probably just being a warmongering NeoCon. ;)

  14. The HILL Chronicles says:

    It’s Friday again…..and Madame X?…

    I could not resist that! I thought it was rather cute and funny in a skewed sort of vein.

    And it’s that time of the week again for you to showcase your best. Just bring it on over for the rest of us to enjoy. You all know the dance!…

  15. Tim says:

    I’m surprised the Pope made it out alive.

  16. kerwin says:

    Europe is beginning to fight back but they have harmed themselves through clinging to secular values. We in the U.S have harmed ourselves also which have allowed the Hispanics and Orientals immigrants to fill the vacuum. The Population control philosophy is ending up to be a population decline disaster.

  17. Feynman & Coulter's Love Child says:

    The problem of course is that nicey-nice treatment like this is why they are so violent. Treat them violently, unilaterally, unabashedly, and you’ll make them docile like kittens.

  18. wordsmith says:

    Excellent, excellent post. Personally. I think some of the comments toward the Pope are a bit harsh. I absolutely loathe politcal correctness; but there is something to be said about common decency and courtesy, Christian charity, and just being a “good guest”. You can stick to your guns, and still be diplomatic about it.

  19. Angel says:

    Thanks again alls for the input on this ! :)

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