Gift Open TrackBack Weekend

Have you ever received a really bad holiday gift from a co-worker? And no, in this case bad isn’t fruitcake or an ugly picture frame.

Workers Reveal Off-The-Wall Holiday Gifts

Those surveyed were asked, “What is the most unusual or unique gift item you’ve ever heard of an employee giving a colleague?”

Here are some of their responses:

“A life jacket”
“Frozen potatoes”
“A stuffed rattlesnake”

A little more thought could have gone into the following presents:

“A used, dirty vase”
“A carton of cigarettes — for a nonsmoker”
“A stained potholder”

One worker said, “Someone gave me a stuffed likeness of his head mounted like a deer.”

Some workers may use the holidays as a time to give subtle hints — or perhaps not so subtle, in the case of the workers who got a treadmill and a personal training session.

So, sweet friends.
What was the most unusual or unique gift you’ve ever received?..(or given?

I was once given a helicopter ride over New York City at night, and nearly barfed the entire time…flying right past the Empire State Bldg! :)

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80 Responses to “Gift Open TrackBack Weekend”

  1. Mensa Barbie Welcomes You says:

    A Palace Launching……

    Living on borrowed time, with tapes and books in hand: “The Iraq & America basher” joins the Palace Green Revolution….

  2. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    James Al-Bakr Of Arabia…

  3. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    James Al-Bakr’s New America…

  4. The World According To Carl says:

    25 Christmas CD’s in 25 Days – Day 8…

    (2006 Sony-BMG/Arista Records)

    Brad Paisley brings forth one of the more delightful new Christmas releases of 2006 with “Christmas.” A collection of covers as well as original material, Paisley runs the gamut of the silly with the sublime. “364 D…

  5. The World According To Carl says:

    Divest Terror Website…

    I heard about the website, Divest Terror, which is self-described in part by the following:

    “The primary objective of this campaign is to force governments to choose between their sponsorship of terrorism and critical partnerships with publicly tra…

  6. The World According To Carl says:

    [...] Welcome to all the readers from Woman Honor Thyself. [...]

  7. The World According To Carl says:

    The Flying Imams — Publicity Stunt?…

    A tip o’ the hat to Michelle Malkin for the heads up on this.

    Welcome to all the readers from Woman Honor Thyself…….

  8. Conservative Cat says:

    In Which I Direct a Hissy Fit at Joe Gannon of Cat Fancy Magazine…

    Dear Mr. Gannon I am totally appalled by your article Hi-Tech Fun in the January 2007 issue of Cat Fancy. While there is nothing untrue in the article, you completely understated the vast power cats have accumulated in the blogging……

  9. Renaissance Blogger » Blog Archive » Choosing to Create Disabilities says:

    [...] (Linked up with Woman Honor Thyself, World According to Carl, Pirate’s Cove [...]

  10. Gayle says:

    The worst Christmas present I ever received? A bar of lye soap from a woman who was jealous because she had her eyes on my husband before I married him. LOL!

  11. My Republican Blog says:

    Keith Ellison – U.S. Congressman. What Next; a Mu…

    Ellison held a workshop on politics for a group closely affiliated with a radical Islamic school that preaches no Muslim can pledge loyalty to the Constitution or make laws outside the laws of the Quran, which the school’s leaders assert is the “supr…

  12. The HILL Chronicles says:

    It’s Friday again…..and Madame X?…

    I could not resist that! I thought it was rather cute and funny in a skewed sort of vein.

    And it’s that time of the week again for you to showcase your best. Just bring it on over for the rest of us to enjoy. You all know the dance!…

  13. Brooke says:

    Of course I appreciate the thought… Usually. Once I got a size small blouse from my Granny, who had been on me to loose a little weight after my second child. True, I am larger than I used to be, but I wouldn’t say I’m disgustingly big or anything.


  14. Stuck On Stupid says:

    Weekend OTB and Linkfest for Dec. 8-10, 2006…

    It’s just a matter of time before the ACLU gets involved and sues this Fraternity.  Christian Fraternity Sues University Of GeorgiaA Christian fraternity filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the University of Georgia and the Board of Reg…

  15. Rightwing Guy says:

    Is Palestinian Civil War The Only Answer?…

    Since January of 2006 we have had to deal with the raving lunatics and suicidal madmen of the ruling party of Hamas, who is lead by Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, after they dealt a huge defeat to the former ruling party of Fatah, who is …..

  16. cube says:

    I was a tomboy as a child and one year my blue meany aunts got together and bought me a horrid outfit: ( even though they knew I’d much rather have toys) a white 3/4 sleeved shirt with frilly crap hanging on the front, and a pink polyester skirt with a large band that tied in the front in a big bow thing. Needless to say, I never wore it. It was positively hideous.

  17. The Amboy Times says:

    Weekend Open Trackback…

    It’s all the trackbacks you can eat, all weekend long! The old Roadrunner Retreat on Rt 66 near Amboy, CA.Other OTA’s, Samantha Burns, Woman Honor Thyself has presents, Stuck on Stupid has U of Georgia news, Linkfest Haven,…

  18. Terry_Jim says:

    I gave my Dad and a couple of brothers who are NASCAR fans a ‘NASCAR ‘ collectable–
    A 5lb bag of NASCAR brand Russett Potatoes.
    One of the strangest product endorsements I have ever seen.

    My Brother’s picture of the Marquee in Omaha mistakenly calling Glenn Beck’s CHRISTmas Show an XMAS show is the photo of the day at

  19. The Uncooperative Blogger says:

    Uncooperative Talk Radio – Weekend of December 09, 2006…

    12/9- Conservatism, War and the Democrats
    12/10- Guest: Jim Stewart, Author of Ghosts of Vietnam
    12/11- Illegal Immigration


  20. The Amboy Times says:

    Russian Ex-Spy Update…

    The polonium 210 trail is so prelevant that I’m beginning to think the assassin (if there is one), may have left intentional false leads. Timesonline: As Alexander Litvinenko was buried yesterday investigators revealed that they now suspect that the f…

  21. The Amboy Times says:

    Dubai Ports World: Here We Go Again…

    This will please 17% of the American voting populace. However, the other 83% of us who think that US security should be left to Americans, are not going to be thrilled. This time it’s even worse as Dubai wants the…

  22. hnav says:


    it cannot be true…

    it’s FRIDAY?


    ohhhhhhh my…

    my life is drifting away.

    i cannot even tell you anything worthy accomplished or experienced this week.

    can someone slow this train down?

    it is going to be 2007 and i will still think it is 2001…

  23. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    We Have Only ONE President…

    The world in contortions over the latest main stream media frenzy of Bush Bashing in the name of the Iraq Study Group Report.

    Our enemies are rejoicing in our defeat and our allies are afraid and disappointed in our lack of will and in our weakness.

  24. The Florida Masochist says:

    Employee of the month…

    DAVIE — Improperly installed equipment in an SUV caused a fire that destroyed five vehicles in a Target parking lot early Friday, officials said….

  25. Angel says:

    lol @ all of yaz!..Thanks for sharing and ty for the great links! :)

  26. American Crusader says:

    I would have loved the helicopter flight over New York City. I’ve been guilty in the past of reusing presents given to me.
    I think Seinfeld did an episode based on re-gifting(?).
    I’ve seen coworkers receive mouthwash and soap…not very subtle hints.
    The mounted head is classic…my ex would love it.
    Enjoy the weekend everyone

  27. Tim says:

    Today was my last day of classes for the semester. The wife and I will be enjoying 3 weeks off. Woo hoo.

  28. Pirate's Cove says:

    Today’s Season Humor: Will Pelosi Tap Mollohan?…

    Dems are some funny people.
    For the third time in as many weeks, House Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi faces what one analyst called a "litmus test" of her stated commitment to ethics, as a congressman whose finances are being examined by the …

  29. Jon Swift says:

    There’s Something About Mary Cheney…

    There was a time when unwed motherhood called for only one solution: a “shotgun marriage.”…

  30. Planck's Constant says:

    The Power of Google…

    Last September Belgian newspapers complained about being included in Google News and cache, and got a court ruling to force Google to remove those newspapers from their services….

  31. Church and State says:

    Weekend Open Trackback – Dec 8-10, 2006…

    Weekend open trackback! Leave a trackback of your best post for others to read….

  32. stikNstein….has no mercy » Blog Archive » How to make naughty kids nice…..Santas Christmas allies says:

    [...] OTHER NEWS FROM THE BATTLE LINES: Trackbacking to AngelMoose tracking this holiday seasonThe slightly more civilized (c)Hanukkah at COWOWOC. The Santafication of Christmas. Yoda Santa or Soccer Jesus? It’s the Battle of the Bulge….Santa’s bulge….Germany looses again at COWOWOC. Only 11, 17, 20, or 21, shopping days left until your chosen holiday assuming you celebrate one which is still completely cool if you don’t! [...]

  33. bernie says:

    After my granddaughter was born 7 years ago, it is hard to get excited by any other present that someone can give me.

  34. The Right Nation says:

    Weblog Awards 2006 (Open Trackback)…

    The Right Nation is (again) one of the finalists for the Best European Blog (Non UK) in the Weblog Awards 2006. Three other blogs of TocqueVille are in the final of the same category (Daw, Free Thoughts and Otimaster). And StarSailor is in the final …..

  35. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    The USS Arizona Memorial at Night…

    Weekend trackbacks and links…

  36. David says:

    Let’s see…

    I once had a supervisor who was a pretentious S.O.B. Among other things. I trimmed a piece of promo lit I’d recieved from a company soliciting business from us that was printed on cardstock. Penned an illegible signature on it and a meaningless series number. (Just followed the formats we’d used in a silk-screening/litho place I worked in while in college) Mounted it in a trash-picked picture frame. Wrapped it and gave it to him.

    The thing was still hanging in the entry of his home the last I knew.

  37. GUNZ says:

    Hmmm believe it or not nothing unusual. I’m one of those guys that love weird gifts, so actually the more unusal the better. Big fan of gadgets though. And I’ll find some way to use anything.
    My daughter, which I just picked up for visitation this weekend always reminds me to NOT get something because I like it. She knows me all to well. It might me better to ask her about unusal gifts. She’d talk you silly now. :)

    She’ll be 12 pretty soon.

  38. The HILL Chronicles says:

    It’s that time – Weblog Awards 2006…

    Okay all two of many of my blogging peer friends blogs have been nominated this for this years, “The Weblog Awards” over at The Right Nation….

  39. Faultline USA says:

    No More Border Watch – Mexico 2nd Happiest Country in the World!…

  40. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    Ahmadinejah tells West, Follow God or Vanish…

    Ahmadinejah warns us once again that his intention is to have us convert to islam or die. As per his own words, there are no other choices. Still we don’t listen to what our enemies tell us over and over and over again…

  41. Linkfest Haven Deluxe says:

    The Art of Linkfesting…

    Welcome to Linkfest Haven Deluxe. I’m Ferdinand the Conservative Cat, and this site is part of my overall plan for world domination. The purpose of a linkfest is to help bloggers promote their work. The key technology used by linkfests……

  42. InRussetShadows says:

    Well aside from the elderly aunts that we all have had who buy gifts for someone a wee bit younger than our current age, probably the strangest gift I’ve ever received was at this years white elephant gift exchange — a Kenny G CD and a the Boy in the Bubble DVD. Those are things I would never buy on my own. But it was fair — my gift to the party was a massaging frog.

  43. The Florida Masochist says:

    The Knucklehead of the Day award…

    Today’s winner is the Internal Revenue Service or IRS….

  44. Pirate's Cove says:

    Cynthia McKinney Takes a Parting Shot…

    You remember Cynthia, right? She is the Congress Critter who hit a cop and got away with it, and thinks that 9/11 was an inside job.
    In what was likely her final legislative act in Congress, outgoing Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney announced a …

  45. Defiant Infidel says:

    What exceptional comments and articles! No wonder they are attracted to your site, Angel.

    I wish somebody would give me a STUFFED RATTLESNAKE for Christmas!! I only have one that I skinned, flattened and board mounted! It is simply delish when battered and fried… Blogi would ask if it tasted like chicken… yes it does! HA!

    The worst thing I recall getting as a gift was a Christmas haircut from my mother when I was still a runt. To this day we laughingly refer to it as the “lawnmower cut”. It was of course a very traumatic thing when you’re a kid, and there just wasn’t enough hair left to allow “fixing” it!

    An intentionally politically INCORRECT Merry Christmas to you all!

  46. Right Truth says:

    Iran expands uranium enrichment and Olmert calls for dramatic steps…

    President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that his country expanded its uranium enrichment program at a plant in central Iran. According to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, they have started installing 3,000 centrifuges and will be able to p…

  47. Church and State says:

    What’s Up with the “Religious Right”?…

    If being a radical is defined by being “pro-life” and “pro-family,” then so be it. The Christian Right, if such a term is even appropriate, is not defined by one (Barton) or even several faces (Dobson, Falwell)….

  48. stikNstein….has no mercy » Blog Archive » Federal Reserve to provide Marketing Campaign for Illegal Aliens says:

    [...] A Government spokesman replied: We were elected to protect the banking rights of felons in America… ……..sure, drug and laundered terrorist funds will slip through, and maybe some human trafficking profits, but, these funds are from felons too….and Federal Law probably prohibits us from descriminating against them…… we’ll call the ACLU and check on that. Trackbacking to Woman Honor ThyselfBackpacking to Bullwinkle The Random Yak calls. Avast to Pirates cove [...]

  49. patty says:

    Merry Christmas and have a God Blessed Weekend

  50. The HILL Chronicles says:

    Staying the course – my thoughts…

    I do not trust the ilks of Malaki et al. However, right now our presence in Iraq is a thorn in the side of Iran and for that reason I believe ad least for the months to come, depending on what happens in the region, that our presence is much needed i…..

  51. third world county says:

    Lovers of Liberty: Essential Reading…

    Gribbit has a post published today that I feel is essential reading for those of us who are more than merely fond of the basic liberties… my response below the fold…


  52. Always On Watch says:

    Hi, Angel.

    I’m still trying to recover from this terrible virus. What a horrible several days!

    As a teacher, I’ve received an entire cabinet of “teacher mugs,” but I actually use those. Most useless gift? Earrings for pierced ears. Mine aren’t.

  53. Conservative Cat says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow is More Wrong Than We Thought…

    This week’s official moron at The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns is Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth earned this status by stating that the British are more intelligent and civilized than Americans. Gwyneth made her statement after an election in which America…

  54. Perri Nelson's Website says:

    New Feature……

    As most bloggers know, sitemeter collects more information than just how many hits a web site receives. It also records the IP address, the number of page views, the referring page and the exit page. It also geocodes the IP address where possible….

  55. The Florida Masochist says:

    A blogger in need…

    Helen aka Aussiegirl at Ultima Thule is having some health problems. Please go over and wish Helen well plus keep her in your prayers….

  56. kerwin says:

    I thought everone needed a stained potholder around the kitchen to give it the sort of look where you are conviced the person does not eat our every meal so I don’t know if that is useless gift. :-)

    I have a short memory and can’t remember any gift accept for those pajamas that my grandma purchased me every Christmas. I thought they were bad as a kid but now I havr grown up they seem like a good idea.

  57. Planck's Constant says:

    James Kim – GPS and the Irony of His Death…

    I have nothing to add to the tragic story other than to note that James had reviewed more than a dozen GPS portable systems, any one of which ironically might have saved his life if he had one with him that day….

  58. Red_State_Blue says:

    Turning the Page: A Modest Proposal…

    The role of the MSM in furthering the goals of the left is proverbial, evident, and has received substantial attention. The role played by the current antiwar movement’s choice of goals and the ways in which that choice has been expressed – has not…

  59. The Florida Masochist says:

    The Knuckleheads of the Day award…

    Today’s winners are Denis Jason Palmer and the retail chain Wal-Mart….

  60. daniel says:

    ‘Nollaig Shona Duit’…in Gaelic- Happy Christmas!
    For those who do not know the Christmas traditions of the Irish that have been passsed down to our traditions, chk out my lastest post.
    Erin Go Bragh!

  61. FreeCyprus says:

    Well yeah I’ve received some wild and/or crappy gifts in my time but hell…at least they were thinking of me.

    That’s always a nice feelin…

  62. Angel says:

    thanks again and again to my sweet readers for the lovely comments and inputs! ;)

  63. Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker says:

    Looking ahead to 2007…

    The 2006 hurricane season has just finished and already we are starting to see predictions for next year. This article (H/T Drudge Report), predicts the same type of season for 07 that had been originally predicted for 06….

  64. Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker says:

    Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant but lead is OK???!?…

    This takes the cake. The Supreme Court is currently deciding a case on whether the EPA has to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant. The effect of this ruling could result in auto manufacturers having to control the emissions of this vital trace ……..

  65. The Florida Masochist says:

    Pass the leaves…

    I guess Chavez wants to return his country to the 19th century, before toilet paper came on rolls. While he’s at it, the US would certainly be happy to take Venezuela’s large oil supplies also. Can’t allow that luxury of cash to become too popular i…

  66. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    Vietnam and Iraq…

    I was watching a special on the History Channel last night. It was about the circumstances surrounding and the aftermath of America leaving Vietnam. The thing is, I remember it well. It just so happened that I was living in the Orient in 1975 and the…..

  67. The HILL Chronicles says:

    Top Talent being lined up for Presidential campaig…

    Interesting perspectives are gathering about who should and should not run in the 2008 Presidential campaign. While the momentum grows what is really going on behind the scenes is rarely spoken about. What is paramount in American voters minds is w…..

  68. Perri Nelson's Website says:

    What does a tree have to do with religion?…

    A Seattle Rabbi threatened to sue the Port of Seattle over Christmas Trees that have decorated the entrances over Sea-Tac airport every Christmas season for the last 25 years. So, after one complaint (coupled with threats) they took them down….

  69. The HILL Chronicles says:

    One class act…

    Outgoing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld bid troops in Iraq a farewell over the weekend in a surprise visit there. While there Mr. Rumsfeld said, “American forces should not quit the war until the enemy is defeated.”

    There are several write-up …

  70. The HILL Chronicles says:

    The Vietnamization of the War in Iraq…

    Anti-war rhetoric comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Today it is disguised as poor homeless veterans. It is true; there are a number of homeless vets, just as there are homeless civilians. This is a sad fact of life. How do we help? I have no rea…..

  71. The HILL Chronicles says:

    You can steal this………….

    This is something you can steal to link back to my blog if you would like to. Those who do not save it from this post may find it in my left sidebar under under “Steal This”….

  72. Planck's Constant says:

    Not Just the Veil – New Islamic Fashions…

    While some Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia have their Religious Police enforcing the wearing of the abaya, Indonesia last week hosted the First fashion show of Islamic clothing in Indonesia,…

  73. Blue Star Chronicles says:

    As Goes Lebanon So Goes the Middle East…

    Watching the news a moment ago my Beloved Curmudgeon noted that the newscast used and entire 3 minute segment on whether or not the United States had been wiretapping Princess Diana prior to her death in 1997. Following that segment, there was a 30 s…..

  74. The HILL Chronicles says:

    Ferdy’s flick…

    The Conservative Cat made a great flick explaining how the New Linkfest Haven Deluxe will run. It is fun to watch and easily explains how it is done. If you are still confused this little flick is a must see. And Ferdy should be proud, he did a gr…..

  75. The HILL Chronicles » Blog Archive » It’s that time - Weblog Awards 2006 says:

    [...] Linked over at: Open Trackbacks Weekend,  We Have Only ONE President, and Gift Open Trackback Weekend [...]

  76. The HILL Chronicles » Blog Archive » It’s Friday again…..and Madame X? says:

    [...] Open Trackbacks Weekend, Conservative Cat, Outside the Beltway, Random Yak, The Bullwinkle Blog, Woman Honor Thyself, Adam’s Blog, 123beta _______________________________________________ [...]

  77. FlasheR! says:

    And some else, come here……

    The most interest!…

  78. Rolex says:

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  79. Nuke’s News and Views » Blog Archive » Blair ditches multicultural experiment. says:

    [...] Angel’s Open Trackback Weekend for fruitcake ideas like multiculturalism [...]

  80. The U.S.S. Arizona Memorial at Night » Blue Star Chronicles says:

    [...] Others with open trackbacks: The Right Nation, Madman Returns, Is It Just Me?, The World According to Carl, Outside the Beltway, Amboy Times, Third World County, The Hill Chronicles, Woman Honor Thyself, [...]