Shoe Shopping!

Goin holiday and shoe shoppin this weekend Guyz n dollz. Wish me luck~!

You dudes do not know how luck yar.rotfl.gif

Fashion houses need not concern themselves with comfort or even wear and tear for womens’ shoes.
I know I know. Womens’ fashion is hardly about “function” eh.daydream.gif

Last time I went………..The women around me could hardly wait to snatch ‘em up and go out n pound the pavement.
Indeed. Tis all bout bein avant garde girls.

If the Croc or the Ugg can become an epidemic, what next? showoffani3.gif

Oh right. macabre spiked stilletoes of course. Our equivalent of Chinese foot binding. Only the women do it voluntarily.

These um..”shoes” serve no other purpose other than tryin to broadcast yer s-exiness quotient by how high off the ground you can tilt without actually fallin over.

Or outrageously unwearable gladiator viking.gif sandals.

Dontcha miss the Roman Collesium. I know I do. And those uber affordable prices can’t be beat. $199.

It’s been said: “It is the flagrant lack of practicality that makes high heel shoes so fascinating.”
(Stephen Bayley)

UH HUH.signexclamation.gif

Well, some of us still prize comfort over style. And silly me, I actually prefer bein somewhat close to terra firma if you catch my meanin.

The comfortable selection:

Do these meet my criteria for attractiveness? Hmmm.

Aw now take a gander at the mens’s selection:

Notice a difference?

That’s right fellaz. Ask jus about any woman what her favorite thing to shop for is…bet she won’t say groceries. Let’s be honest. Shoes are like wearin a work of Art.

Take these for example:

Think I may wait a decade or so for my next shoe shopping expedition. Maybe somethin fashionable and just a tad functional will come back in style. Ya think? i-dont-know.gif

Guess I aint the tough shoe-buying machine I thought I was.

Ready for a 5k run anyone?run44ani.gif

Shopping tip: You can get shoes for 85 cents at the bowling alley. laugh

“If you want to forget all your other troubles, wear too tight shoes.”babysign.jpg

Have an amazin’ weekend Sweet Friends~!

22 Responses to “Shoe Shopping!”

  1. edge of the sandbox says:

    I scored a $20 pair of ankle-high faux cowboy boots at Nordstrom Rack the other day. They are probably from two seasons ago, returned to the store, and went straight to the outlet. Love them!

  2. woodsterman says:

    Thank goodness my wife never paid full price for anything in her life. Before she retired in 2007 she had a pair of shoes for every occasion and color scheme. How many you ask? How about 125 pairs.

  3. Quite Rightly says:

    I just took a pair of 1920′s vintage high heel suede pumps to the shoemaker for a little tune-up. The original $2.50 price tag is still on the sole. They make me smile. I’ll have to take them dancing, I think.

  4. bigo57 says:

    It’s true – us men well many of us men don’t care much about shoes; but then go to the wives closet and MERCY

  5. Katie says:

    You keep wearing those high heel, pointed toe, monstrosities and you will end up having a couple of surgeries to repair your feet. And make a doctor very rich.

  6. Bunkerville says:

    Great one! Still smiling :) ) Have a great weekend!

  7. Always On Watch says:

    I’m jealous!

    I used to love shoe shopping — until that car accident I had when an illegal invader rear-ended me at a stop sign and did permanent damage to my back. No more high heels for me. **sigh**

  8. Comedy Plus says:

    I’m all for comfort. I rarely wear heals and when I do they aren’t very high. Just can’t do this painful exercise anymore.

    A couple of days ago I whet to a department store and followed a couple in and the gal was wearing super high heels. She could barely walk, but she was wearing those heees with pride. I just smiled. She look ridiculous. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day Angel. Hugs. :)

  9. Kid says:

    I’ve never looked at a woman’s shoes. Ever. :)

  10. bob says:

    My daughter was in a local antique store last month, and found a box of 1950′s to 1970′s style women’s shoes. They were all in good shape, some had never been worn, and they were her size. They were bought from a wealthy lady’s estate, and the shop sold them all to my daughter for $50.00. She now has 17 pair of retro-style shoes she can wear.

    Good luck with the spike heels, they look dangerous to me.

  11. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    cannot wear the hiiiiiiiigh heals any more —ankles just do not like them : – )


  12. Sunday Links: More Toy Commercials Edition » Conservative Hideout 2.0 says:

    [...] Shoe Shopping! [...]

  13. Bob Mack says:

    The well-heeled Imelda Marcos would love this article.


  14. RandyG says:

    Shoe shopping? Hell, just ask Santa.

  15. Freedombytheway says:

    I would love to go shoe shopping with you in NYC! There is nothing like being able to change shoes a few times a day. I love my hiking boots as much as my heels.

  16. Nili says:

    Happy Shopping! All I can do is look at fashions. Ya just can’t maneuver on Jerusalem stone in heels, so its sneakers and crocs for me!

  17. Bunni says:

    Hope you found the perfect pair for your tootsies, Angel!
    Have a fun weekend shopping.

  18. Brooke says:

    I hate shoes. They serve to protect my feet from weather and/or icky stuff. There are three shoes in my closet depending on the job or the season: Boots, Tennies or sandals.

  19. Z says:

    yes, “wear too tight shoes” and have a bunion. THAT’ll make you forget your problems :-)
    I’m not big on shoes, either……..I have what I need.
    Have fun and let us know what you got !!

  20. DaBlade says:

    Awww! I love me my crocs!

  21. Leticia says:

    I’ll stick with just wearing my New Balance tennis shoes.

  22. Gramma2Many says:

    My feet HATE shoes. To many years working standing up in ridiculous shoes took their toll. Barefoot and flipflops unless I absolutely have to put something more on my feet.
    Those little red stand on your tip toe numbers are certain neck breakers.