Food Dhimmitoode

Coming to a school near you…

Hal-al meat is being served to pupils in state schools without their knowledge, even if they believe the religious slaughter is cruel.
Parents have reacted furiously after being sent letters telling them their children’s school dinners have been all-h-alal for ‘some time’.

Parents angered as every pupil is given ha-lal school meals

To conform with Jewish and Mu–slim religious tradition, animals are prepared for hal-al products by having their throats slit while conscious – a method many people believe is inhumane and which the RSPCA has condemned.

The meat was introduced at four schools in the Reading area with a high proportion of Mus–lim pupils. But parents of non-Mus–lim pupils – between 20 and 50 per cent of the schools’ roll -say they were not consulted.

Why doesn’t the U.K. get it over with and launch Izlamic law as the Law of the land already?

They cite: “To conform with Jewish and Mu–slim religious tradition…”

For one thing Joooooowish and Muzlim traditions have not one solitary thing in common. But thanks for tossin the Jooooos in the mix to stir it up a bit.

How er………multi-culti of them, cept for one small detail…….The Brits know Jews don’t eat ha-lal, they eat kosher.


Let me repeat.
Muzlims are Muzlims.
Jooooos are Jooooooos.

Ha-lal = Kosher. Not.

Jews, Christians, Hindus, and even Buddhists…have never, not once demanded that their dietary laws be followed in the public school system.

Ever hear of making your kid lunch? foodani.gif

Jewish mothers have been packing kosher lunches for their children for decades. No doubt even Christian moms who wanted their children to eat a healthy, decent lunch, sent a boxed lunch or a vegetarian one if that’s what their child ate.

Any particular reason Muzlim moms can’t do the same?

I know, I know, rhetorical question we all know the answer to. Or do we?

Vegetarians don’t even eat meat, yet do you see them protesting at public schools or insisting that meat be banned for their delicate sensibilities.
Yea. I didn’t think so. food33.gif

So, sweet friends, Why must the entire school be subject to Muzlim will.

Well, lets see now.
In four primary schools in Reading, Muzlims make up 50-80% of the students.
Ah, the ole Brits are outnumbered eh.

Checking myself for any empathy or agreement with the forced Ha-lal dishes.
Nope. Nothing.

Guess what Muzlims?
Freedom of religion also includes freedom from someone else’s.

I’ll pass on the ha-lal and so should all the other sane parents in Reading.


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19 Responses to “Food Dhimmitoode”

  1. Rightwing Guy says:

    North Korea Wants Sanctions Lifted…

    In North Korea they believe and teach that the Americans are the root of all evil and that we started the Korean War, now as any educated person can tell you North Korea attacked South Korea on June 25th 1950, but that’s just an inconvenience to the ….

  2. Layla says:

    Heh! And what’s next? Sheese! I suppose now we should start calling the United States – United Stupitoode……….sheese!!!!! :evil:

  3. Night Rider says:

    Hi Angel,

    Very nice post you have here.

    There is the key word Multi-culturalism, it seems that the left takes that word seriously except when it comes to Christians and Jews. But since it’s for Muzzies they have to go with Multi-culturalism so that they have another excuse to be hate full to the Christians. They only use that word Multi-culturalism when it feels that it will push forward their agenda.

  4. Veritas says:


    I am certainly no expert and I recognize that I may be wrong, but I believe that the requirements for Halal and Kosher are essentially the same. The big difference is that if Jews are provided with food that is said to be Halal they will either accept it or pass on it without making a stink.

    Muslims who are served a meal that is Kosher, on the other hand will start chopping off heads and start another intifada and then claim that they are being discriminated against.

    Regardless, I think that the school had no business setting a Halal only menu and then not informing the parents especially if they did it for religious reasons. We get notes every time sodas are banned or they change the menu to add more veggies so there is no reason not to notify parents BEFORE such a menu change is implemented.

  5. David says:

    Hmmm… methinks a few folks need to resurrect some decent “religious” arguments for a steady diet of BLTs. “No bacon? Why, you’re violating my religion!!! I’m gonna sue!”

    (Quisling Bureaucrat Answer: “OK, sue. At least you aren’t holding the threat of beheading or suicide bombings and the like over me… “)

  6. Wake up America> says:

    How Much do YOU know about the Holocaust?…

    The Holocaust was not about one sick man, Hitler… it was his dream, yes, but it took a large group of sick, sadistic people. I see Ahmadinejad gather a group of people just as sick and twisted and I worry. REMEMBER these are people that believe the…..

  7. Debbie says:

    I can’t believe this. Oh, wait, yes I can because it’s for Islam and we all know folks are expected to bend over and spread’um for THAT religion.

  8. KKarLLmMMm says:

    Make mine camel on club please with a side of sheep-fries with mustard ..
    how soft can the brits get…what is next…mecca timeouts???

  9. michael says:

    Veritas: Kosher and halal are not the same. Halal requires only the rapid slitting of the animal’s throat, while blessing allah.

    Kosher slaughter is far stricter than halal. This is why muslims can, technically, eat kosher meat (if it is not prepared by Jews), but Jews cannot eat halal meat.

    Like halal, Kashrut requires the rapid slitting of the animal’s throat, including the instant severing of the jugular, carotid, and windpipe, to promote rapid exsanguination and near-instant death. In addition, Kashrut requires that the animal be “without blemishes,” and that all blood be removed from the meat prior to eating. Also, the sciatic nerve must be removed. There are other strictures to Kashrut, but those are some of the big ones.

    Sorry to get so graphic there….

    “Any particular reason Muzlim moms can’t do the same?”

    I blogged about that very question. It has to do with the muslim’s inability to tolerate anything other than their own, and their demand that their rights not only be permitted, but actively enanced by all others.

    You can find my full post here:

  10. Right Truth says:

    The War…

    In recent days, the conversation on Iraq seems to center around ‘how we are going to get out’, rather than what should be the obvious question, ‘how are we going to win’. Some Americans from both political parties have decided…

  11. kerwin says:

    If the school is predominately Muslim then can I understand the special meal. If halal meat is offensive to some then some kind of method of informing the public should be effected. If preparing this halal meat is significantly more expensive then it may be a case of discrimination.

  12. cube says:

    The Brits are going down a road of appeasement that will be their downfall.
    They won’t be our allies for long.

  13. Veritas says:

    Michael, Thanks for the clarification. I apologize for my ignorance. I knew that all of the blood had to be drained and I always thought that the death was supposed to be such that it minimized the suffering of the animal. I always wondered how slitting the throat of any animal actually accomplished instant death though. I appreciate your description because it helped me to better understand.

    As a Catholic I don’t understand the food requirements of either Jews or Muslims but I do respect their beliefs in this matter and I don’t think it hurts me in any way to eat either Kosher or Halal. I do NOT like the idea of it being forced on me without my knowledge, however. If my kids brought home a note that said that the cafeteria was going to serve Halal food I probably wouldn’t care. If they were going to serve ONLY Halal food I’d have a problem with that unless the school my children went to was 80 or 90% Muslim and then I would probably be questioning the academic material more than anything else.

    I do agree with Kerwin that if the school is predominantly any one ethnic group then catering (in the food sense) to that group is reasonable but not on religious grounds. Growing up in NJ I remember being offered Matzo and other Kosher foods at lunch during certain times of the year but they also served processed pizza loaded with cheese for those of us who preferred that. We had the choice. The same cafeteria also served fish on Fridays for us Catholics but also had meat ball sandwiches for those who did not have the same restrictions or chose not to eat fish that day. I don’t recall any Kindergarten fatwas as a result. Down here in the south I am more offended when barbecue is offered during a business meal on a March Friday with no veggie or fish along with it so I either go against my church’s teachings or I don’t eat that afternoon. If it is convenient to offer options then I am all for it and think that such options should be kept in mind by any good business person. Catering for ONLY one group is just plain arrogant.

    Of course whom are we talking about here – no arrogance in that group is there?

  14. Brooke says:

    It comes as no shock that Muslims are even cruel to the animals they slaughter.

    This is a huge load of it! I wouldn’t let my kid eat one bite of halal meat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a meat-eater, but I don’t believe in undo cruelty, as Muslims obviously do.

    And forcing your hideous beliefs on others? No surprise: It’s in the Koran!

  15. 123beta says:

    Open Trackback Weekend #32…

    Just leave a post and I’ll be sure to send a trackback ping your way! Since I have to send the pings manually, it may take a few hours for trackbacks to post. Sorry, I’m putting in extra hours at work for the holidays… ……

  16. Abdullah Ali says:

    The best solution is a vegetarian option- it’s healthier for the sugared up kids and, as far as I know, is allowed by everyone’s religious traditions.

    I try to eat vegetarian- that’s how God originally intended (read Genesis- meat was allowed only after the flood.) When I can’t get that I try to eat kosher food- it’s easier to get than halal in America anyway. And no, to the poster who said we can’t eat kosher if it’s prepared by Jews, that simply isn’t true. When would kosher not be prepared by Jews- Jews cannot eat kosher not prepared by Jews- then it isn’t kosher. Kosher not made by Jews as far as I know is an impossible scenario.

  17. Angel says:

    Thanks alls for your inputs and additions :)

  18. michael says:

    Abdullah: Thanks for the clarification on whether or not muslims can eat kosher, prepared by Jes or anyone else.

    I agree with you on the healthiness of vegetarian, but I just like meat. Tho soy can be a good option.

    As for Jewish preparation, Kashrut (for meat) only required that the slaughterer be an observant Jew, and that all subsequent preparation be supervised by a Kashrut inspector. The actual butchers, once the meat is slaughtered, do not need to be Jewish; only the supervisor needs to be, to make sure that Kashrut rules are followed. The supervisor then issues a certificate of Kashrut, with his organization’s seal (there are A LOT of kosher-certifying orgs out there).

    As far as I know, kosher slaughter is almost instant. Yes, the animal is conscious at the time, but the knife must be incredibly sharp (sharp enough to split a hair lengthwise), and there can be only one cut- the cut must sever ALL the major arteries, veins, and airways simultaneously. In that situation, the animal loses consciousness, from massive blood loss, within a couple of seconds, and dies just a few seconds later. It is supposed to be as painless as possible, and if anything goes wrong, the animal is not considered kosher is sent to a non-kosher butcher.

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