Computer Problems..sheesh:(

Sorry sweet friends.

Website probs..Hence computer probs.


“Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Computers are from hell.”

Keep fingaz crossed or anythin else u care to cross. Heh.

Miss Y’all and will visit soon as the Lord of the Geeks allow.

17 Responses to “Computer Problems..sheesh:(”

  1. Katie says:

    Praying that you are back up and writing soon.

  2. Comedy Plus says:

    Sorry Angel, I hate computer problems. I hope you get them resolved soon.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hugs. :)

  3. Kate says:


  4. bob says:

    Don’t let the little grimlins get you down. It is not the machine giving you problems, but the little devilish electrons who are now unionized, and demand more attention, and longer coffee breaks.

    Hope you get the problems solved, soon.

  5. Woodsterman says:

    So, who posted this, your fairy god mother?

  6. Christopher-Conservative Perspective says:


    Been there as well as I am quite sure all of us have.

    I wait patiently and loyally and am also quite sure that this tiny glitch will be handled by you in short order.

  7. Ricky Vines says:

    A few tips as I got problems myself recently.
    1. keep those restore disks handy for the worst case scenario.
    2. keep doing clean up and defragmenting – the hard drive (heh) .
    3. turn off networking when not in use.
    4. turn off laptop at night.
    5. turn off router too.


  8. Always On Watch says:

    Nothing like tech issues.

    I’ve had my fair share too. :(

  9. Sunday Links: Facebook Pics Edition Volume 5 » Conservative Hideout 2.0 says:

    [...] Computer Problems..sheesh:( [...]

  10. KG says:

    I find percussion therapy works well, Angel. Hit it with a ketchup bottle.
    You’ll feel much better and the new computer will run like a charm for six months or so.

  11. Brooke says:

    Good luck!

  12. Freedombytheway says:

    A message for your computer:

  13. Matt says:

    Hope the issues get resolved Angel!

  14. Right Wing Theocrat says:

    i was wondering what happened, good luck with it Angel and hope you’re back online soon.

  15. Frank says:

    The diagnosis no doubt is “Use of a Microsoft Operating System”.
    The cure is simple. Use an Apple computer.
    The hesistance in doing so will only confound you even more
    later, when this happens again, if you stick with Microsoft.
    Take the plunge. The extra money you will pay pays for itself
    in relief with a simpler, more secure, more elegant, and yes, easier
    to use, system. Even the programs that you might buy are always
    much, much cheaper than Microsoft-compatable software. And
    the software, although later versions do come out, are never deemed
    necessary. And the system will not bug you to keep updating if you
    turn off the feature.

  16. bob says:

    OK, Angel. Time’s up.

    I am typing this in a $300 Dell computer with a 15 inch screen we bought when I fried her last computer. This one works great and has had no problems in the year we have had it. If it craps out I will just buy another one. I like the keyboard on this Dell better than the one on my $1,000 Toshiba with all the multi-core processors and stuff.

    I have Microsoft Office for my everyday purposes, and you cannot beat that for value. I bought my copy for around $100.00 from a discount outfit.

    Frank likes the Apple stuff, and that’s OK. Apple makes a high quality computer, but all computers are made in the same Asian countries. So, don’t let a little thing like price keep you from making a decision.

    We miss you, lady.

  17. Always On Watch says:

    Where are you???