Doozie of the DaY: Father Paul Maddison

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Lines that ought to be jokes..but are dead serious:

Angel’s first prize goes to:

Father Paul Maddison.

Father Paul Maddison, the parish priest, has decided to replace a live Nativity scene for a replica of “the wall” because he wants to highlight the plight of the Pal-estinian people suffering as a result of the wall.

On “the security wall” in Israel:

“Friends and family are separated, earning a living becomes more and more difficult, access to health care is severely restricted all in the town of Bethlehem that we sing about at this time of the year,” he said.

LONDON (CNS) – A priest from the Diocese of East Anglia, England, has decided to replace a live Nativity scene for a replica of the wall encircling Bethlehem in protest of the Israeli separation barrier.

Catholic church to replace Nativity scene with replica of Israeli wall
But this year visitors will be staring up at an imposing gray replica of a portion of the wall built by the Israeli government in 2002 to keep Palestinian suicide bombers at bay.

Father Paul Maddison, the parish priest, made the decision to cancel because he wants to highlight the plight of the Pal-estinian people suffering as a result of the wall.
In place of the manger crib will be a grim assemblage, 24 feet high and 7 feet wide, of painted polystyrene stuffed with floor insulation materials. The wall will be flanked by protest banners and “stark photographs” to show how “desperate and ugly the situation is in the Holy Land,” said a Dec. 11 statement by the priest.

However, a spokesman for the Israel Embassy in London called the wall a cheap public relations stunt.
In 2005 over half of the Israelis who were killed in terrorist atrocities were killed by terrorists who came from or through Bethlehem,” he told CNS Dec. 12. “Today Bethlehem is ruled by the terrorist Ha–mas government whose extremist Is–lamic doctrine is an affront to many in the town, especially the Christian community.

“The security fence, which is less than 4 percent wall, has meant an 93 percent decrease in terrorist attacks,” he said.

Perhaps the self proclaimed “priest” should have done his homework before making a spectacle of himself.

No drama when Muzlims butcher other Muzlims eh Father Paul Maddison?

How bout some impressive numbers Father Paul?.. of A-rab murders at the hands of their own bretheren eh...or doesn’t that warrant your politically correct, anti-semitic protest?

Algeria : 500,000 to 1 million in the war of independence; 100,000 in the civil war in the 90’s.

Afghanistan: One million to one and a half million, as a result of the Soviet invasion; about one million in the civil war.

Somalia : 400,000 to 550,000 victims in the civil war.
Sudan : 2.6 million to 3 million.
Bangladesh: 1.4 million to 2 million.

Indonesia: 400,000 killed, with an additional 100,000 to 200,000 in East Timor.
A-rabs Killing Each Other
Iraq : 1.54 million to 2 million victims.
Iran : 450,000 to 970,000 victims.
Lebanon : 130,000.
Yemen: 100,000 to 150,000 fatalities.
Chechnya : 80,000 to 300,000 fatalities.

Forget about Jordan, Chad, Kosovo, Tajikistan, Syria, Turkey, Zanzibar.

May I kindly direct the alleged “Father” ..HERE

Perhaps he’d like to make a house call to some of these families, Victims of Pal–estinian Violence and Terrorism in Israel.

Here’s just a few out of the thousands and thousands Father get your feet wet.

Take your time. I’m sure they’d welcome you with open arms..provided their arms haven’t been blown off by Katyusha rockets that the “wall” your’e protesting prevents.

Ar-abs kill Israeli Children
Pal–estinian terrorists murdered 4 young Jewish children and their pregnant mother this afternoon. The terror attack targeted the family vehicle while it was traveling on the road that leads to the Gaza Strip settlement bloc of Gush Katif.

Better yet..ahem “Father” Paul……..
Howzabout the alleged pal-estinian pseudo-national entity cease to exist , and be reabsorbed back into the bloody Ar-ab national body from where it metastasized.


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28 Responses to “Doozie of the DaY: Father Paul Maddison”

  1. OMMAG says:

    Just another no brain lefty from the Politically Correct Church of The Old Blighty…It’s a wonder he did not populate his display with “Victims” dressed in explosive belts!!

  2. jay says:

    Thanks Angel,
    This “father” sounds like a perfect candidate for the “Gaza Human Shield Volunteer Program”.

  3. KKarLLmMMm says:

    my dear father paul…as i see the recent news out of the gaza it mentions the subject of bullets being fired by the fatah and hamas, at the fatah and hamas..nowhere do i see the wall getting in the way of their oppurtunity to self govern and become self suffient.. however i did, thank GOD, see a drastic drop off in the homocide bombing attacks on women and children in the State of Israel due to the existence of the protective barrier…
    so, my dear father paul, pehaps the deterrent on attacks into Israel is troubling you,well get over it…and when you do go to gaza or the, on one of you humanitarian missions, remember to duck!!!!!

  4. The American Israeli Patriot says:

    The Dollar Wars…

  5. wordsmith says:

    A-rabs killing each other

    Thanks for that link!

  6. D. Ox says:

    Unfortunately this is what happens when soft-minded liberals enter priestly orders. Unfortunately, there is a still too large percentage of priests who see themselves as glorified social workers. The Lord does have work for them to do in the vinyard, and yes they are even called to remind the faithful of their Christian duties of charity and standing against injustice. They would do well not to take specific stands on politics, because when they do, number one they are acting outside their authority as priests, and number two because they are all too often ignorant and muddle-headed. Such fellows think like all liberals in terms of gross abstractions, versus practical facts. His Bishop is to blame, and is no doubt another blubbering liberal…

  7. michael says:

    This post, to me, begs the question:
    10 years ago, what did Father Paul think should be done with the IRA terrorists?

    It is not a perfect analogy, because the IRA was not fighting out of blind, brainwashed hatred as the palestinians do, and it was therefore a resolveable conflict, but it would still be interesting to know.

    The security barrier is meant to prevent deaths on both sides. By keeping the bombers out of Israel, it protects Israeli lives, as well as (and this is the part that people never seem to notice) the lives of the bombers.

    The “inconvenienced and oppressed” palestinian masses need to wake up an see who’s causing the problems. Israeli policy has always been “We just want to be left alone,” but no nation can take a prolonged terrorist campaign without fighting back.

    Finally, I’d like to see Father Paul try to celebrate Christmas openly and publicly in Bethlehem, and see what sort of reception he gets. The muslims there have shown such tolerance over the last 15 years that some 70% of the Christians have had to flee the town….

  8. Ma r t i n @ b l o g b a t says:

    That’s a powerful post, Angel. Thanks for calling the hypocrites out.

    “Friends and family are separated, earning a living becomes more and more difficult, access to health care is severely restricted all in the town of Bethlehem that we sing about at this time of the year.” Perhaps the “father” should suggest the Palestinians work on building businesses and hospitals with their cash instead of buying guns, and bombs, and missiles. Well, just a thought.

  9. DL says:

    There is a little book from the (traditional) Catholic press (Tan Books) titled: Liberalism is a Sin. I think that explains this priest who is obviously one who ignores the beams in the terrorist’s eyes and spends his days tut tuting about the splinters in the Israeli’s eyes -put there by the blowing up of their own innocent s by the terrorists.

    Liberals hate walls! Unless it’s the false one about the separation of church and state.

  10. Faultline USA says:

    It’s not only priests who share this soft liberal attitude. It prevails in all liberal (main line) Christian seminaries around the world. Regarding the plight of Christians in Bethlehem, I read a very good article “O, Muslim town of Bethlehem” on 12/16/2006 by Ummah News

  11. kerwin says:

    “Pal–estinian terrorists murdered 4 young Jewish children and their pregnant mother this afternoon.” Woman Honor Thyself

    I believe it is more appropriate to say they murdered five children and a woman. Pregnant has become a euphemism to cover up the humanity of the child in his/her mother’s womb.

    You are correct about Father Paul Maddison’s “cheap publicity stunt”.

  12. michael says:

    Actually, under Jewish law, it was 4 kids and a pregnant woman. In Jewish law, the mother’s life, until after the birth is complete, always takes precedence over that of the unborn child.

    This does not, however, detract from the human potential of that unborn child, which is always recognized.

    This technicality may be considered an arbitrary point, but in any continuum it is arbitrary to make divisions. The Catholic concept of life starting at the moment of conception is equally arbitrary. What makes it difficult to approach this issue is that both views are equally correct from a biologic standpoint.

    Ah, well….

  13. cube says:

    Yes, I’m with jay. The Human Shield Program sounds like a worthy endeavor for this lefty priest.

  14. Brooke says:

    I just cannot believe what an asshat that priest is!

    He should be excommunicated for stupidity. :evil:

  15. American Crusader says:

    What does your reader mean by “Politically Correct Church of The Old Blighty”?
    Too bad that so many want to generalize all priests from the activity of this one.
    How many priests and nuns have been killed in recent years from Islamic extremist?
    Sister Leonella forgave her killers immediately before her execution in Somalia just this past September.
    Catholic students are killed regularly in Indonesia.
    A decade ago, Bethlehem was 90% Christian, now Christians are a minority and the percentages are sinking quickly.
    Why this priest decided on depicting the wall is beyond me. If he had chosen the Nativity scene he may well have been killed.

  16. American Crusader says:

    Should we judge Jews by the handful of Orthodox Jews who attended Tehran’s Holocaust denial? These same Jews also want the destruction of Israel.
    By the logic of D.Ox..we should blame their blubbering rabbis.

  17. Layla says:

    Wow – awesome post. I am speechless if you can believe that or not!

  18. Night Rider says:

    Excellent post Angel and excellent read, another fine post by Angel exposing the Liberal Biases again. I applaud you Angel. Keep fighting the good fight.

    Father Paul Maddison sure is showing off his Liberal Biases.
    Again the Liberals showing off their Illiteracy by sticking up for the Muzzies instead of the right people the Israelis.

  19. Gayle says:

    Everyone has already said everything, so I’ll just add that I believe you make an excellent point with this post, Angel.

    Sorry for getting here so late. Halo Scan decided not to work this morning and I finally discovered it was my ISP, because I was able to get into Halo Scan with my dial-up. I called my ISP and they got it fixed, but it was pretty frustrating. It’s a good think I saved the dial-up connection.

    Blessings, Angel. You always do such good work. I absolutely love your sarcasm. :)

  20. 123beta says:

    Open Trackback Weekend #32…

    Just leave a post and I’ll be sure to send a trackback ping your way! Since I have to send the pings manually, it may take a few hours for trackbacks to post. Sorry, I’m putting in extra hours at work for the holidays… ……

  21. The HILL Chronicles says:

    Illegals murder more Americans than those lost in…

    The media reports of the military “quagmire” in Iraq saying it tiped the scales of power in the U.S. midterm elections, but most Americans have no inkling that more of their fellow citizens – men, women and children – were murdered this year by ill…

  22. Ms. Green says:

    How often, I wonder, does the good Father actually sit down and read his Bible. He might trying reading a few of these passages:

    Genesis 12:3; Psalm 83; Psalm 122:6

  23. Angel says:

    Thanks all for the comments on this sensitive topic and as always for showing such grace and kindness. :)

  24. obob says:

    great topic, as usual the small minded cannot look at the big picture of politcs and the Middle East. The Israelis are fighting Hezbollah from the north, Hamas from the south, Jimmy Carter and Jim Baker from our side of the pond. Now some little priest who offends the name of God by siding with murderous thugs instead of the brave Israelis, shame shame

  25. kerwin says:


    I realize what several sects of Judaism state is written in the Torah but if the Torah aggress with my New International Version in Exodus 21:22-25 they lie as it clearly states that if a child in his mother’s is killed on accident during a fight then a life is demanded for a life. That is clearly not a potential life. That is even an unintentional act that leads to the child’s death. Since it is unintentional the culprit may flee to a sanctuary city and thus escape with his life if he makes it. If a mother has to intentionally kill or have her child killed for her to live then self defense may justify the action according to the Torah. If the reason for her killing her child is intentional and other than self defense she does can not even escape the death penalty by fleeing to a sanctuary city. If you know another just reason for killing a human being accept for self defense that might apply in the situation then please let me know.

  26. kerwin says:


    In biology the issue is also strait forward as a zygote and afterward is considered to be both alive and a homo sapient organism. The zygote is the result of conception so the Catholic theory that life begins at conception is technically incorrect though difference between the two events is fairly minor in time.

    The debate comes in philosophical/theological arguments over such arbitrary points as when a human being has consciousness, spirit, soul, etc. which is more dependant on the individuals own opinion than and scientific fact though they may use scientific evidence to define when said point is reached.

    In American law the point is very confused due to conflicting laws. I favor the biological definition but common law can be interpreter in two ways. One way favors the biological definition and the other leaves it up to the legislators to decide but quickening was the point Common Law chose.

  27. benning says:

    Amazing what passes for Christian leadership these days. I’d wonder if “Father” Paul is really a Christian at all. He’s certainly an idiot.

  28. kevin says:

    Qur’an 5:17 “Verily they are disbelievers and infidels who say, ‘The Messiah, son of Mary, is God.’”
    Qur’an 5:51 “Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friends. They are but friends and protectors to each other.”

    Islam is no friend to Christianity, in fact, it’s the only religion that justifies the killing of non-believers.