Woolrich Terrorist Attack: R.I.P.Drummer Lee Rigby of 2nd Battalion

By now most of you have heard of the horrifying slaighter of Drummer Lee Rigby of 2nd Battalion by a Jihadi Muzlim terrorist in the U.K.

Drummer Lee Rigby was a dedicated and professional soldier. He was a real character within the Second Fusiliers. Larger than life, he was at the heart of our Corps of Drums. An experienced and talented side drummer and machine gunner, he was a true warrior and served with distinction in Afghanistan, Germany and Cyprus.

Drummer Lee Rigby killed in Woolwich incident

This beautiful man was hacked to death, beheaded on a London suburb street.

And what is the Prez’s response in the United States of America?gnasher

The terrorist sympathizer in the White House says awwwwwww heck It’s just a “tiny minority of Muzlims” who have caused people to fear.

(Tell that to Drummer Rigby’s family)


And and and the press in the United States has not helped…and and and……um the the best way to combat terrorism by Muzlims is to let people get to know all the peace lovin Muzlims in ur town and not be afraid.”


Clue #1:
Muzlims routinely destroy property, threaten death and bodily harm to those who speak out against them, and they constantly fund terrorism throughout the world.

But who’s counting eh?
Apparently not “Moderate” Muzlims.arrowthruhead9

But But But ………….it’s the American Press that is to blame.uhh

–And needless to say..

Muzlims playin the BLAME GAME:blah8

Countering the “image of violent Izlam” in American society?


All MuZlim societies —-Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Gaza, Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc etc etc……………… remain the most violent, brutal, impoverished and benighted cultures on earth.

But it’s an “image” problem?
Rrrright. The poison pill swallowed whole by brain damaged Liberal Americans, Europeans and self hating Jews.


Scratch a so called “Moderate”..and what do you find.

“We are all Good.
The Jews (and Christians) are very bad.
The U.S. is great Satan, Israel is little Satan….UGA UGA UGA.”


And shame on any American who wanted a mosque aka terrorist cell on the site of Ground Zero…anger

Because we blame Muzlims for Sept 11th you know…..
Muzzlims Blamed for the Sept 11 terrorist attacks?

Um…that’s because they perpetrated them fool.

Oooops. Wer’e supposed to say Radical Isssssssslam, right?

Oh and not for nothin but has any Muzzzzlim “leader”, radical or not…….. ever apologized for 9-11? EVER?


Any imaaaaaaaam apologize for the barbarians people who murdered, firebombed embassies and rioted because they didn’t like some um.. “cartoons”?

Any huge rally by the alleged millions of ahem..”moderate” Muzlims denouncing all the horror their co-religionists have wrought?

The root cause of terrorism you ask?

It is its success – given to it by its willing victims.


May the good Lord grant Drummer Lee Rigby eternal peace in His heavenly kingdom.

R.I.P. Lee Rigby.

May God bless, embrace and comfort his loving family.
God Rest Your Glorious Soul In Eternal Peace.


Tommy Robinson.

Please Listen to every word sweet Friends.

17 Responses to “Woolrich Terrorist Attack: R.I.P.Drummer Lee Rigby of 2nd Battalion”

  1. Always On Watch says:

    Most of the newspapers in the UK have closed comments to all the stories related to the slaughter of Drummer Lee Rigby. The whitewash of Islam continues apace — even after a 2013 beheading in the streets of London!

    THIS UK BLOGGER however, has opened comments at his site (Mark hardly ever does so!), so that people visiting that essay can speak their minds. The “average people” in the UK are furious — and are not being allowed to speak!

    I hope that visitors to this blog post here at Woman Honor Thyself will stop by Mark’s site, where political correctness does not rule.

  2. Mustang says:

    Cameron is a disgrace; imagine, ordering British soldiers not to wear their uniforms on the public streets! He ought to flood these Mohammedan areas with armed troops. And of course, the Mohammedan in the White House is a national embarrassment of the first magnitude.

    What do Mohammedans understand? They understand death. So let’s start wit that.

  3. sayitlikeitis says:

    A discussion is DUE::: Why is the world at large affected by the 2Ds? Denial and Delusion when it comes to Islam. A large percentage of the world should have already come to the conclusion that Islam is evil, violent and a mode of terror. So why is world still in Denial and Delusion? WHY? WHY?

  4. KarL MMMMMM says:

    So lets see here…”they” have done it again..again…again…again…, and the world is tripping over themselves to make excuses..
    Well i for one am not fooled…
    If she is wearing linen (sheet,pillow case..etc.)for clothing.. i am crossing the street..
    If he is wearing a half of grapefruit for a hat..has a bald head and half of face beard…AND a BACKPACK!!!!..i am calling the bomb squad…

    GOD BLESS AMERICA….if you don’t like it …LEAVE..

  5. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Thank you Angel – for the video interview of Tommy Robinson–I missed him!

    as to appeasement –it never has worked and never will-
    the US fought one of its first wars as a new Republic – against the Barbary Pirates (muslims) –after several years of paying tribute $$$ to them–(Shores of Tripoli –anyone!)

    My heart goes out to the family of Lee Rigby–one of UK ‘s BEST!!

  6. Findalis says:

    May G-d bring comfort to his family.

    And may England finally awaken to the threat.

  7. Woodsterman says:

    May his murderers be in hell surrounded by 72 pigs. Sorry about that pigs.

  8. Comedy Plus says:

    What Woodsterman said. Let them be covered in pigs blood. I don’t have any use for any Muslims. Period. Not one of them.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  9. Z says:

    I didn’t know he had a wife; poor thing. Look at that fresh, open face; who could hurt him? And the SWINE stands around with bloody hands and people stroll around and someone goes to the body to see what’s up. I would have been better off not watching the video.
    Mustang is right..they should SWARM the streets with soldiers; instead, they hide..they HIDE and let the swine take over.

  10. zip says:

    Margaret Thatcher warned against this – stating she would not compromise with terrorist one bit. Today the youth applaud not her values and foritude but that she died.
    Same sort of immoral depravity.

  11. LD Jackson says:

    How much longer are we supposed to accept the fallacy that Islam isn’t to blame for the vast majority of violent acts around the world? I am sick to death of hearing that we should not blame Muslims or their religion of peace for the acts they have perpetrated.

    Seriously, I know not all Muslims are terrorists, but that doesn’t mean Muslim terrorists do not exist. This political correctness trend is going to get us all killed or subjected to radical Islam.

  12. carvo says:

    Makes you wonder “Why?” are they so afraid of them… or what are they covering, ‘this time.’ Those corrupting America – doing the same thing, it’s the same way.

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  14. M&E says:

    Someone ought to make a movie where one screen is divided into two halves, where the left half shows what muzlims are doing, like training their children about pigs and rats, such as jews and Christians, and how to kill them, and how to torture another muzlim before you kill him, or how you cut the victim’s heart out and eat it and then brag of it – while the right half shows the rest of humanity teaching their children to play the drums, go to a normal school, song and dance – where the stark difference is your face – all the while.

  15. Always On Watch says:

    Please watch THIS in the UK’s Daily Mail. Yet, the so-called political leaders in the UK are concerned that Moslems might be offended if soldiers in uniform appear on the streets of London. Pfffft!

    This dhimmitudinal reaction on the part of the UK will result in more such beheadings in the UK!

  16. Always On Watch says:

    Link that works:


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