NO Hot Meal for Marines

The drawdown diet: Marines steamed by loss of hot meal at Afghanistan base

Marines at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan will lose a key daily meal starting Saturday, causing some to forgo a hot breakfast and others to work six-plus hours without refueling on cooked food, according to Marines at the base and Marine Corps officials.

The midnight ration service — known there as “midrats” — supplies breakfast to Marines on midnight-to-noon shifts and dinner to Marines who are ending noon-to-midnight work periods.

It’s described as one of the few times the Marines at Leatherneck can be together in one place.

To fill the hot food gap in Afghanistan, a group of U.S.-based military advocates and military-family members recently launched a Facebook page — called “Breakfast for Bagram” — to spur food donations that will be mailed to troops all around Afghanistan.

Soooooooooooo the terrorist enabler in the White House has bazillions to give the Izlamo Nazi Muzlims in Gaza…but not a nickel and dime to offer our Marines a yodel.

The dhimmis literally bend over backwards not to “offend” the ones who plan to slit our collective throats but can’t rub two nickels together to feed the ones in the way of that.


I’m surprised they aren’t rationing their ammo..Or are they?

Oh but don’t forget..We need the money for violent rapists, murderers, Muzlim bomber prison inmates, illegal immigrants and welfare and food stamp queens.

Perhaps some need a quite refresher course in exacltly why we are sooooooooooo supportive of our beloved troops.

Unlike our PC pathetic so called “Commander in Chief”…our Marines are the ones who see a clear line between Good and Evil.


Our soldiers see themselves as servants, not victims, like the perennial Muzlim complainers that their ha-lal meat wasn’t served hot enuf on our taxpayer dime.

Unlike the dhimmi Congress members, our soldiers actually ahem…work.

Their sacrifice, self-discipline, and personal responsibility is unparalleled.




As y’all know, I have worked with soldiers returning from Iraq, and trust me Sweet Friends…Whether they fly, march or sail….They got your back.


Do you think it’s too much to ask for our Government to actually…ahem………….feed them?

For cryin out Loud.



12 Responses to “NO Hot Meal for Marines”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    No freedom isn’t free. Well, he’s a Muslim what do you expect him to do? He’s doing it.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  2. Findalis says:

    I wonder how much more the military will take before they say enough!

  3. -FJ says:

    Sequestration propaganda. This is what’s wrong with government.

  4. William Stout says:

    Do you know why things like this happens? It is because the military is a captive audience. Unless their enlistment is up, they aren’t going anywhere. That is why the left uses the military as a social laboratory for their ridiculous policies, why rob it blind of funds, and why they don’t bother to feed them when money is tight. The rank and file may complain, but they aren’t going anywhere. They are stuck.

    We send them to backwater and dirty locales to do an often unpleasant job and we compound that unpleasantness with this kind of crap. The people we have doing that job are tough and they can miss a few meals, but it is never the less wrong to deprive them of those meals if there is not an overriding reason to do so and lack of funding is no excuse.
    The detriment to our marines is that it will negatively impact morale.

    They don’t have physical contact with their families, they don’t have a reliable internet connection, they have to work in an area where people are trying their level best to kill them and now they get cut a hot meal. The men won’t complain to their elected leaders, but I will.

    I encourage everyone who is aware of this to do the same. Those men deserve better and we can fix this by demanding action from Congressmen and Senators.

  5. Woodsterman says:

    I’ll bet Obugnut gets his three squares a day still.

  6. joe says:

    That F@@@ing A@@hole that is pretending to be CinC could skip ONE F@@@ing golf outing and feed EVERY SINGLE Marine in Afghanistan for the rest of their tour with less money than the golf costs US!! I HATE that bastard!!

  7. Always On Watch says:

    Thank God my USMC cousin is back from Afghanistan!

    I don’t know how our military can function properly if they don’t get proper meals. Maybe that is Obama’s goal.

  8. Always On Watch says:

    Right here in the United States: “Walter Reed hospital workers receive furlough notices.”

  9. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    I want them all home- they can manage our broken boarders-be close to their families-and watch our backs when bho sends his civilian goon squads…

  10. KarLMMMMM says:

    How about we send our next tax payment checks in their direction…
    see how fast food rations double in no time…

  11. Teresa Rice says:

    Obama is despicable. He irks me to no end. He treats our troops horribly. God Bless our soldiers.

  12. dmarks says:

    I love the first photo, of Obama shaking hands with Harvey Firestein.