Egyptian Protests Burn “Israeli” Flag

In anticipation of major anti-Morsi protests scheduled for Sunday, protests sweep Egypt leaving 36 wounded, 2 dead, one of which an American journalist.

During protests, huge Israeli flag burned.

Israeli flag burned as protests sweep Egypt

Scratchin’ mah head..What exactly does ISRAEL have to do with Mooorsi, unemployment in Egypt or the Muzlim Brothahood for that matter?


Ah yes………..Muzlims worldwide picking up where Adolf left off…nazi-no

But but but Hussein the Horrible in the White House made Cairo his vrry first stop on his apology tour..Remember?

The jus luvvvvvvvvvvvvvv us so much, right?

And we continue to be are choked with the:


Every single nation which has allowed Muzlim immigration since Sept 11, 2001 has empowered intolerant, xenophobic, racist and violent IzlamoNazism.


The 1.6 million Arabs living and voting in Israel should be kicked summarily OUT until their brethren metamorphosize into something that resembles human.skullnaz

Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, like every other stinkin Muzlim country is a hot mess.

But hey…So what if they are winding down from a vicious civil war, and might actually consider doing their OWN repair and nation-building.


They found ONE LONE JEW in their midst in Libya and all IzlamoHELL broke loose: again.


The Leftards who refuse to denounce IzlamoNazis are just as vile, loathsome, repugnant, hateful, and will eventually be just as bloodthirsty as them.


Muzlim Anti-Christianism and anti-Semitism has always been a common and accepted phenomenon. But now that civilized Nations have permitted their immigration en masse..they hide behind some pretentious demonstration of a phony “multicultural spirit” and occasional food festivals.

You can’t walk 5 inches in Manhattan without seeing one of their ahem..”food carts.”
Halal anyone?


All the anti-social and anti American and European behaviour demonstrated by i-mams and their rageaholic zealots go under the guise of “free speech” and democracy for all.

But of course we all know what ALL means.

It means they can threaten us with DEATH and beheadings and we can’t even publish a cartoon.


I dare anyone to rationally deny that claim.

Oh………..And Can someone please help me do the Math on this one:meanani-mbuddy

A Christian free and Judenrein Libya and Muzlim world is fine and dandy.
But demanding a Muzlim-free America would be the greatest insult and horror of all humanity?

Not to mention that our greatest threat for life and limb comes from within their IzlamoNazi families …just waiting to be called to meet their vir-gins………..

How exactly do Muzlims and their water carrying Liberals justify the rampant, violence-inciting displays of anti-Chritianism and anti-Semitism in the heart of this pathetic “Arab Spring-a ding.”?

Oh right.
They don’t.


Wake up and inhale the STENCH.

Muzlims ‘fighting for democracy’ cough cough…by burning the flag of the ONLY DECOMOCRACY in the entire stinkin Middle East.
The Global hypocrisy is nothing short of stunning.

By the way…
If This is the Arab “SPRING”…
What the H-ll is the “ARAB SUMMER” goin to look like?


13 Responses to “Egyptian Protests Burn “Israeli” Flag”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    Well here in America there are a whole bunch of Bubba’s. They won’t stand for this and when it gets bad enough those Bubba’s will come out of the woodwork and so what they do best. Get rid of Arabs.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

  2. zionflag says:


    What type of country will we be leaving to our children and grandchildren? When oh when will the plugged ears of sanity and reality once again hear truth and absorb the Muslim Infidel Reality….?

  3. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    hitler used muslims and formed his prototype for the SS – Bosnia-anyone!!

    HIStory ignored is HIStory repeated!!

  4. dmarks says:

    “Following the German occupation in 1943, the Albanian population, in an extraordinary act, refused to comply with the occupier’s orders to turn over lists of Jews residing within the country’s borders. Moreover, the various governmental agencies provided many Jewish families with fake documentation that allowed them to intermingle amongst the rest of the population. The Albanians not only protected their Jewish citizens, but also provided sanctuary to Jewish refugees who had arrived in Albania, when it was still under Italian rule, and now found themselves faced with the danger of deportation to concentration camps….

    Albania, the only European country with a Muslim majority, succeeded in the place where other European nations failed. Almost all Jews living within Albanian borders during the German occupation, those of Albanian origin and refugees alike, were saved, except members of a single family. Impressively, there were more Jews in Albania at the end of the war than beforehand.

    from “Besa: A Code of Honor. Albanian Muslims who rescued Jews during the Holocaust”

  5. blackandgoldfan says:

    So glad to see you’re still blogging! It’s been a few years since I left the blogosphere, but I always enjoyed your stuff. Just wanted to stop and say “hey”. Take care and keep fighting the good fight, girl!!!

  6. Always On Watch says:

    It’s rockin’ and rollin’ in Egypt again the past several days.

    If Morsi is toppled, Obama is going to have egg all over his face. And maybe Hillary, too!

  7. Woodsterman says:

    Those 12th century loons have no idea what their lives could be like. It seems their greatest joy is spreading misery around the world.

  8. Dee says:

    Angel, so wonderful to have u back keeping the world informed and educated! thanks to pple like u, at least my children have a fighting chance…

  9. Findalis says:

    In the Muslim world all bad things that happen are the fault of Jews. There is no other excuse but to blame the Jew.

  10. Leticia says:

    This should be a great concern for ALL Americans, and most importantly Christians and Jews, since we seem to be the main targets of radical Islamists.

    We need our borders secured, impeach Obama, fire all of the Donkeys and Elephants and start from scratch.

    Otherwise, the onslaught of individuals entering our nation will destroy what’s left of a once beautiful nation that was under God, Jehovah God, that is.

  11. The Conservative Lady says:

    We are our own worst enemy. Haven’t learned from history and doomed to repeat it.

  12. radar says:

    Funny thing, a LOT of Muslims in this country are patriotic and totally horrified at Islamic terrorism. So often Muslims from India or Pakistan, places like that, came here to have a better life and have become naturalized citizens. So I am not hating Muslims per se…however, we are letting Islamic terrorists come across our borders from the South along with so many Mexican illegals. Our failure to secure the borders will become apparent when somebody blows up a skyscraper in Los Angeles and it turns out to be a terrorist who came in from the South.

    In the radical Middle Eastern Islamic nations, children are raised to believe in Sharia and trained to believe that there is great honor is blowing themselves up while taking out a bunch of Jews and/or Americans. Palestinians are raised on the Intifada and they used to (still might) have a Mickey Mouse show dedicated to teaching how Jews are monsters and how awesome it is when children or women become suicide bombers. Brainwashing on a regional level is taking place, while the rich guys (including the Saudis) are footing the bill for various terrorist groups. You ever see one of the leaders become a suicide bomber? Nope@they want to do everything they condemn behind closed doors. Saddam Hussein had a lot of pornography and booze in his mansion, yep.

  13. radar says:

    Uhm, yeah, I said Sharia (which is also true) but I meant Jihad. Duh! But it is worth mentioning that the Dhimmicrats are beginning to kowtow to Islamists and making special accomodations for their demands while fighting to erase Christianity from the public eye. Christians/Theists built this country, Dhimmicrats and Dumb voters are tearing it to bits. If you do not know what a Dhimmi is, under Islamic rule is is like being a black guy in 1950′s Georgia or Alabama…or maybe worse. We have a President who bows to house plants, so naturally he tends to empathize with Islam. He obviously detests America and anyone who worships God.