July 4th 2013!


“Feel Good 4th of July” Sweet Friends~!


The Leftards can celebrate Cinco de Mayo and errr…May Day for all I care.eek

Yup. Harvard whining. droning malcontents who despise America, Israel, and ALL religion-unless its …um….Islam or Wiccan…

Leftards, who have no respect for our Founding Fathers, their cherished principles, and basically anything sacred or righteous.


Libs who can’t abide any time honored traditions which are celebrated by the vast majority of those left sane in this Nation we still call America.

Oh..Don’t be surprised if they try to outlaw INDEPENDENCE DAY altogether.flagwave..cuz ya know if may offend some Muzlims………or illegal aliens or somethin.

And not for nothin– but the “rockets red glare” prolly aint “green” enough for the granola munchin, tree huggin, Arab Spring luvin, environmentalists…so please refrain from singin it too loudy eh.

Well sweet Friends..


Y’all just keep on congregating at events that celebrate America’s greatness and good fortune.

Stay grateful and proud of your country despite the grouchers and self haters amongst you.



And hey… save me somethin from the BBQ eh?usagirlani











11 Responses to “July 4th 2013!”

  1. joe says:

    Hoping you have the best 4th of July ever Angel!!!

  2. joe says:

    Oh, BTW, if I were on your link list, you might remember to visit more often. hint hint

  3. Bunkerville says:

    Have a great day… I was hoping for some great pics!

  4. Always On Watch says:

    Celebrate America’s birthday!

    Although America is going through terrible times right now, we shouldn’t forget that we are, as Lou Gehrig said about himself href=”http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2013/07/july-4-1939.html” rel=”nofollow”>the luckiest people on the face of the earth

  5. Findalis says:

    Happy 4th my friend. I’ll slip a steak on the grill for you.


    Holiday foods never have any calories.

  6. KarLLMMMMM says:

    Happy Birthday America…

    Love it or leave it..

    My fellow Americans…get down on your hands and knee and kiss the ground..remember you are not in The Middle East (EXCEPT ISRAEL)..or anywhere else but here…

  7. Comedy Plus says:

    I’m proud to be an American. If you don’t like it here then leave. We’ll help you pack.

    Have a terrific day Angel. God Bless America. :)

  8. cube says:

    I’m loving everything about the greatest country on Earth today. Hope your Independence Day was a good one.

  9. zionflag says:

    America may God continue to bless you.

  10. -FJ says:

    Those look like some yummy treats! Hope you feasted well! Happy 4th!

  11. radar says:

    Angel!!! Yep, I love the fact you are back and making these awesome posts again like the good old days! Good thing looking doesn’t have calories, I would have to skip a meal just to read the post ha ha…