Sgt. Joseph Chamblin

A Marine who was fined and demoted for urinating on Taliban corpses in Afghanistan in 2011 says he would do it again.

“I regret maybe any repercussions it might have had on the Marines. But do I regret doing it? Hell no,” Sgt. Joseph Chamblin told WSOC-TV in Charlotte, N.C., adding that he would do it again.

Sgt. Chamblin said he didn’t consider endangering other troops by the act, but considered the psychological effect it would have on the enemy “because if an infidel touches the body, they’re not going to Mecca or paradise.”

“So now these insurgents see what happens when you mess with us,” said Sgt. Chamblin, adding that he is planning to retire in September and is writing a book.
Do I regret doing it? Hell no!’ Marine who urinated on Taliban dead says he’d do it again

“Do you want the Marine Corps to be a group of Boy Scout pretty boys or do you want guys that will go out and kill the people trying to take advantage of your country and kill Americans?” he said. “Which do you want? Because you can’t have both.”


Oh. of course…Af-ghan “officials” were outraged and President HAM-id Karrrzai branded the Marine’s actions as ‘inhuman.’

Imagine a Muzlim calling anything “inhuman”. Ha.

Muzlims worldwide discriminating, slashing, and beheading innocents?..Not so much.

All the armchair generals can spout ’bout we should “respect” these savages.
Its high time we value our Marines more than our sworn enemy.
Indeed. One can argue that desecrating the dead doesn’t aid the war effort but guess what….a surgical strike against the ole Tali-ban sure would have.

Oh, and another thing…Breaking the spirit of savages is just as important as breaking their backs.

“Respecting” them?

-While they hide among civilians including their own children?
-While they routinely toss acid in womens’ faces who don’t um..’respond’ to their Tali-ban “charm”.

-While they stone rape victims to death in front of children.
-While they hang hom-ose-xuals in the public square.

-While they torture Christians and Jews, for the heinous ‘crime’ of being NON Muzlim.

Sure. If your’e on the Crazy Train maybe.

Why is it ya never hear outrage about all the American corpses what were desecrated?
Oh right.
The poor put upon Jeehadis.

One might argue that this action isn’t one of the U.S. Marines most shining…But then again……….
Some would say they should be so lucky as to be p-ssed upon by an American Marine.

Uh..It’s called Psychological Warfare guyz n dollz.

Jus sayin………….

Either way..

SEMPER FI Sgt. Joseph Chamblin.
Aint no way we gunna diss you from the comfort of the safety you and your men provide for us.


The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

13 Responses to “Sgt. Joseph Chamblin”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    I’ve not use for all the radical muslims out there. Not one of them speak out against the atrocities that they do either, so until they do I don’t want to have anything to do with them. Nothing. The religion of hate and intolerance.

    General Pershing was in charge of a U.S. garrison in the Philippines in 1911. It seems his soldiers were subjected to a series of terror attacks by Filipino Muslims. Pershing did not try to put together a “road map.” Nor did he set up study groups to find out why the Muslims hated the Americans. Nor did he offer them a series of “good will gestures.” Nor did he put up a giant wall to keep them out. Instead, he captured fifty of those Muslim terrorists. He then had them dig their own graves. He then tied all up to posts execution style. He then dipped fifty bullets in pig’s blood. You see, Muslims murders may not have a problem with soaking their hands into Jewish blood but NO WAY do they want anything to do with the skin, blood or ‘guts’ of a pig. Should they be contaminated by any of these pig parts, they will go to Muslim Hell, not Muslim Paradise!

    And so, on the count of three, all but one of those Paradise-seeking Islamists were shot dead! Their bodies were them wrapped in the skins of freshly-killed pigs and dropped into the giant hole. Above them were poured the entrails and other porcine remains. You may ask, “Why was one Muslim spared?” The answer is simple. This sole surviving Muslim was released and sent back to his fellow ‘mujahedin’ to report what he had just witnessed. For the next 42 years there was not a single Muslim attack!
    Have a terrific day sweetie. Hugs. :)

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Welcome to bizarro land. Where up is down, left is right, forward is now backward. Bless our soldiers who keep us safe.

  3. The Conservative Lady says:

    God Bless Our Marines and all of our troops who lay their lives on the line for us. To hell with Hamid Karzai.

  4. Girls and Guns, and Did I Mentions Links? July 17, 2013 - Conservative Hideout 2.0 says:

    [...] Sgt. Joseph Chamblin [...]

  5. cube says:

    I would’ve had those soldier equipped with some pork they could throw on those Taliban corpses when they were done relieving themselves.

  6. Woodsterman says:

    It ain’t charm school. If the Boy King had his way we would surrender to the Taliban today. The libs have been wanting to tear down our military since the 60′s.

    This is nothing compared to what the Marines did to the Japanese in World War II while island hopping. The word got to the Marines about what was happening in the prisoner of war camps. I won’t go into it here, but peeing on a dead Mooselimb ain’t nothing.

    Hoo-Rah! Marines!

  7. Findalis says:

    Once the US fought wars. Now the US does hearts and minds. When we go back to fighting wars we will see the Muslims start running for their lives. Until then we lose.

  8. Mustang says:

    Let me begin by saying that I completely agree with the comment posted by Findalis. Our situation is the result of having civilian leaders who are civilians, but not leaders—and for the most part, have never once placed themselves in harm’s way for anything. They are the disgusting tripe that would rather demand that men run away from danger and hide under their beds, hoping beyond hope that the bully will leave us alone. But that isn’t what the Marine Corps is all about. We don’t run away from danger, we run toward it.

    I wish this event had not received the notoriety that it has in the press. It is not a behavior that a responsible commander will encourage among his troops, even among those who are stressed to the maximum from long periods of combat duty. But there is another way of handling such matters –as such matters inevitably do present themselves to commanders of combat units. The way of handling this properly is: quietly.

    A good friend of mine is a former Marine and now, a defense investigator. In her emails, she includes this signature: If you want to serve and defend America while a member of the world’s finest fighting force, join the United States Marine Corps. If you want to get shot and pissed on, joion the Taliban.

  9. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    ditto Findalis!!
    \and while we are at it-let’s get back to the old RoEs and rid ourselves of the PC RoE s that get our BEST killed!!


  10. KarLMMMMMM says:

    So you have a problem with this …why???

    please excuse me while i position a Drone to take out a few dozen towelheads…ooopsss…i think i caught a few “collaterals”….my bad..

    US…1 enemies…0 works for me..

  11. joe says:

    I think General Pershing had the right idea. I mean, shit, it’s not like he burned their korans or anything nearly so atrocious as that!

  12. Always On Watch says:

    I really don’t care about Taliban savages who get pissed on by our finest, the USMC.

    Mustang, a Marine, tells us above exactly how the incident and similar incidents should be handled — quietly and by the commanding officer only. The battlefield is a different reality that civilians have no right to pass judgment on.

  13. -FJ says:

    I don’t think that we should go out of our way to insult the mujahadeen, but I don’t think that we should go out of our way to apologize to them when it happens, either. :)