HappY FlyinG

Banned by TSA from carry-ons: “Snow globes and like decorations regardless of size or amount of liquid inside”…
Because snow globes are so treacherous

Just in time for your flight y’all.

Because nuthin’ says security like banning traditional Christmas novelties and allowing flyin im-ams and terrorists to go scott free eh. mank15.gif

Apparently, the common sense eating virus has reached epidemic proportions throughout the T.S.A., and has establshed a firm foothold in our gummint as well.

Well………Where-ever your flight may take you sweet friends..
this is the banner that should greet you.

Welcome to Western civilization, or what’s left of it.

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10 Responses to “HappY FlyinG”

  1. Martin says:

    It’s a bit goofy, isn’t it? I had my checked bag searched apparently because I dared to pack some vitamins. I guess they were worried they might be those exploding vitamins we are all hearing so much about… Or maybe they hoped it was something worth stealing. :p

    Meanwhile, people with medical needs can bring as much fluid as they’d like on board (which is fine), but wouldn’t terrorists then decide to come with a limp? I’d limp if I could just bring my own water. Well, at least the lines were short and the security agents I met along the way were courteous and friendly; even the flight attendants were – so if that’s possible, who knows, maybe there are miracles, right?

  2. kerwin says:

    A individual on some kidney machines would need a lot of liquid to stay alive. I hope they have some screening process for that type of item though since a famous time of assassin is a terminal patient that is treated real good so they will commit that one final mission. That is one reason JFK’s assassination did look like a conspiracy since his assassin was in assassinated by a person with a terminal disease.

  3. wordsmith says:

    I just watched on CBS news about a guy in his 70′s who is one of the only people in the world who repairs snow globes.

    We need more profiling. Otherwise, in due time, everything down to the clothes you wear will be banned as a potential weapon or concealment for weaponizing substances.

  4. Martin says:

    I’ve seen some people’s outfits chosen for plane rides and I would support banning some of them: eyeball terrorism! :p

  5. Gayle says:

    Oh no! Tell me Wordsmith is wrong! I don’t want to see everyone boarding airplanes stark naked. YUCKY POO!

    I don’t think flying is that bad if you’re flying in-continent. My daughter’s been flying back and forth to Phoenix, AZ and hasn’t had any problems whatsoever. I guess they don’t think terrorists are going to mess with Phoenix, AZ or Austin, TX, but how do they know? I’m giving her a family heirloom snow globe for Christmas, one she’s wanted for years, and she’s taking it to Phoenix with her. Let’s see if she has any problem. I’m betting she doesn’t.

    Merry Christmas, Angel, and many blessings to go with it! :)

  6. Debbie says:

    We haven’t flown in several years, simply because it’s such a pain. We used to pack everything but the kitchen sink. We had one bag just full of pharmacy-type items. In case we got a cold, or anything, we had what we needed with us. You can’t do that any more.

    Bet we could if we were Muslim.

    Merry Christmas

  7. Right Truth says:

    U.S. Questions Iranians Caught in Raids in Iraq…

    Yes, there is a God and it seems there is proof now there are Iranians fighting in Iraq. The United States military is holding at least four Iranians in Iraq, including senior military officials, for conducting attacks on Iraqi security…

  8. KKarrLLmMm says:

    As long as they still allow M&Ms on board…
    they do “melt in your mouth, not in your hand”.

  9. Angel says:

    Thanks for all the comments..can u actually believe this! :)

  10. Night Rider says:

    This is old, I found articles dating back to August 13th in regards to these Snow Globes.


    Your e-mails: ‘Confiscated snow globes’
    CNN.com readers share tales of travel woes

    Sunday, August 13, 2006; Posted: 10:10 p.m. EDT (02:10 GMT)