The ROP FreaK ShoW continues


LONDON (Reuters) – A man,whose wife made a passing comment about a Mu–slim woman’s full face veil, suffered a broken nose and lost his front teeth after being attacked and headbutted by the woman’s partner, police said on Sunday.

Man attacked over wife’s veil comment
“The victim’s wife made a comment directed to her husband that she thought it must be difficult for the woman wearing the veil to see out of it as it covered her face,” a police spokesman said.

“The suspect began shouting and returned approximately 10 minutes later on his own and repeatedly punched and headbutted the victim.”

The police spokesman said the suspect was about 35-years-old and of Middle Eastern appearance …

Middle Eastern appearance?..You’re kidding right?

So freedom of speech to wear a veil but not to have an opinion about one… without having your face bashed in by another peacelover from the ROP eh.

Beat anyone to a pulp within lunging distance if they even “comment” on one of your customs.
But fret not, this has no connection whatsover to the colonial and human rights abuses that define Izzzlamic history. cough cough.

Beyond the train wreck/freak show entertainment aspect of this little incident lies a much more insidious problem my sweet friends and Elli-son is jus the tip o’ the ole jiha-di iceberg.
CA-IR manages to turn every alleged, manufactured offense to Muzlims into a stupid and offensive slugfest, but when one of theirs..ahem..a “Middle Eastern” looking dude hospitalizes a fellow citizen just for an overheard comment…………….well……..ah yes…

It’s a lone wolf, isolated incident by a crazy man. boycriminalfacani.gif
Sooooooo atypical of Muzlims across the globe.

Of course. bombani-ddy.gif

Atypical loners…like these fellow “Middle Eastern” looking dudes huh.

muzlims-angry-small2.jpg muzlims-angry-small1.jpg muzlims-angry-small.jpg muzlims-angry-small5.jpg

Ah, yes the many fruits of Radical Izzzlam: Everything it touches, like the City of Bethlehem, and Santa, turns to blood or ashes.

Kinda like the Midas touch, you know, but in reverse.


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21 Responses to “The ROP FreaK ShoW continues”

  1. Ebyjo says:

    OMG, you gotta be kidding me? The religion is piece??? no way! All muslims are innocent, and it isn’t their fault they are blowing themselves up! LOL…What a freak that guy is. I hope he gets his butt kicked in prison by some ugly dude named Bubba!

  2. Nuke's news & views says:

    Jackalope Alert:…

    Ever since FNC offered up Robert Kennedy as a “special correspondent” on its much ballyhooed global warming report, Fox has become a sucker for the gaiaist apocalyptic syndrome. Yesterday’s report on Lohachara Island was an another example of junk s…

  3. KKaRRL MMmm says:

    Stixs and Stones will break my bones BUT names will never harm me…
    Camel kissers must have missed that one in their Koran…
    Give em a car bomb to take on a test drive….

  4. Night Rider says:

    ( jus the tip o’ the ole jiha-di iceberg. ) LOL I’m sorry Angel, you just get me laughing so hard with these cute little funny sayings of yours, I love em.

    I agree with KKaRRL, especially that part about them Kissing their Camels. LOL

    I’m sorry Angel, you get me laughing so much that I can hardly seem to stop.

  5. Terry_Jim says:

    Heard the “R O P” described more aptly
    on the radio as
    “the R O P O”
    - Religion Of Perpetual Outrage.

    What do you call a terrorist with
    a dynamite vest?

    -A ‘Not So Smart’ Bomb

  6. Always On Watch says:

    Those Muzzies are a sensitive bunch.

    Look, if somebody wants to stand out and appear different, that somebody should expect a few comments. How one reacts to those comments speaks volumes about the controlling ideology.

  7. kerwin says:

    House Representative Ellison is an insincere Muslim and sincere Muslims are both pro live and anti homosexual marriage. He should be based for his support for hedonism and his opposition to Islamic values that in this case happen to agree with Christian values.

    I tend to believe Islam is a militant religion and not a religion of peace. Its adherents are twice as likely as Blacks to end up in the criminal Justice system in the U.S. and Black culture is a shambles with a high breakdown of marriage.

  8. DL says:

    I was in Lebanon many years ago, I guess you might say I had a “middle-east appearance” too.

  9. Angel says:

    lol and thank y’all for the inputs! :)

  10. American Crusader says:

    If this had taken place in America, CAIR would have reported that an unarmed Muslim man had his hand injured while in a fight to defend his wife’s honor.

  11. Brooke says:

    I’m SURE it’s just ANOTHER isolated incident, Angel… :evil:

    As you said, they are such a peaceful lot.

  12. benning says:

    Disgusting. Typical.

    I hope they catch this animal and put him away for a long time.

  13. Debbie says:

    Each day it’s another story like this one. It is really getting to me. It seems the rules don’t apply when it’s a Muslim involved. Not fair, not fair at all.

    Good article as always Angel.

  14. Right Truth says:

    John Edwards and Thomas Sowell on the ‘have and have nots’…

    John Edwards is running for president of the United States on his same old theme, ‘two Americas’. He hopes to get votes by pitting the ‘haves’ against the ‘have nots’. He even chose New Orleans to make his announcement, with…

  15. Layla says:

    OMG! How outrageous is this? It makes me ill. Where I live around the D.C. area their is a high concentration of Muslims. The women mostly just cover their hair, but of late there are more and more covering their entire face to the point that they do not even allow their eyes to be shown–wearing a lighter black veil – over the veil or under it to conceal the eyes but light enough for them to see through. HEH! I am sure glad they never heard me tell my husband that I was sick of all these “rag heads” — LOL! God knows what would of happened..sheese! :evil:

  16. sayitlikeitis says:

    I think the men should wear the full-faced veils…

  17. Angel says:

    Thanks again everyone for the various insights! :)

  18. David says:

    Gee, I’m slow. “ROP”=”Religion of Pukes”? Or is it “Rape or Pillage”? Nah, can’t be the latter. It’d have to be “Rape AND Pillage” right?

    Religion of peace, MHWA…

  19. David says:

    Hey! What is it with my comments going through, now? I was soooo feeling “special” cos they were always held for your Special Notice and Approval before…


  20. Angel says:

    Heh. Thanks one and all for the added inputs!! :)

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