Ban “Beauty” Pageants


French Senate votes to ban child beauty pageants

Banning beauty pageants for children under 16 is a women’s rights issue, says the French legislator who wrote the bill, since most contests involve girls.

Ban Pageants

PARIS — France’s Senate has voted to ban beauty pageants for children under 16 in an effort to protect children — especially girls — from being sexualized too early.

Anyone who enters a child into such a contest would face up to two years in prison and more than $40,000 in fines, according to the measure. The legislation must go to the lower house of parliament for further debate and another vote

In a post-JonBenet Ramsey world, the very concept of incredibly young girls strutting around a stage in swimsuits and gowns with synthetic hair extensions and fake eyelashes in the bid to be crowned the next “Miss” something is bound to cause controversy.

The Television Learning Channel (TLC) doesn’t seem to mind, as they took viewers a little deeper into that world on Wednesday night with the third season premiere of “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

The first episode demonstrated the intense, very adult preparations that these girls, some as young as four years old, go through in the pursuit of tiaras, titles and $12,000 in cash and prizes.

Parents of Children on TLC’s ‘Toddlers in Tiaras’ Hurting Their Kids, Critics Say

“As a treatment professional of sex offenders as well as victims of sexual abuse, I would like the parents of these little girls to assume responsibility for their choices.

They are sexualizing their young children.

“Do not be surprised if your child is preyed upon as a result of this high degree of visibility,” said Dr. Nancy Irwin, a Los Angeles-based psychotherapist.

“Men can pose as agents/managers and track you/your girl down through the show. Further, know that they will be pleasuring themselves while looking at your daughter’s YouTube clip.”


Healthy child development? Not quite.monsterq36

What is this um “pageant” after all?
An exaggerated focus on superficial beauty with little children being pitted against each other in a contest of looks and feminine wiles.


But, but,but they are judged on other things besides their looks, the parents (who should be arrested for child abuse) shriek.

Ah yes…these innocent, little girls learn poise, and confidence, right. Uh huh.girl1dblah

Let’s see.
This, just like the misogynistic older version, is called a “BEAUTY” pageant because they use arbitrary standards of “beauty” to make one contestant feel prettier and of course better than all the rest.

Could this be any more degraded and perverted?
So This is the modern joy of female childhood?… “Sexualizing” toddlers.


A far cry from “dressup” or dance class isn’t it.

Babies strutting around in flashy outfits, sporting fake teeth, hair extensions and shaking their bodies in a sexually suggestive manner.


Why not dress up toddler girls to look like sl-uts. After this acceptable “hook up” culture..isn’t that what they are grooming their daughters to become?

Lifting the spirits of their little girls? The parents ought to be in lock up along with the pe-do-philes.

I refuse to post the “bathing suit” pics for obvious reasons.

Bad craziness and evil my friends.

I nevah thought I’d be sayin this but Booyah France! We should consider emulating the Frogs on this one my friends.


8 Responses to “Ban “Beauty” Pageants”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    They should be playing with dolls and doll houses and having fun, not doing what their momma couldn’t do. I’m just saying.

    Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs and tons of love. :)

  2. Woodsterman says:

    Since I’m pretty enough, but not quite young enough to be in these contests, I won’t judge. But, I will say say these mothers are wacko and living through their daughters. Does Bloomberg live in France too?

  3. Findalis says:

    None of those girls are happy. You can see it in their eyes, their fake smiles and body language.

    These girls are not doing it for themselves but for their Moms. It is the Moms who want this.

    We should follow the example of the French and ban these pedophile shows.

  4. Elizabeth (Layla) says:

    These are little women, not little girls and it is appalling. Shame, shame, shame. No wonder their so much child exploitation in our nation and the parents that allow their daughters to be exploited for this purpose should be reported for child abuse. The parents make money off this and many do not save it “In Trust” for their daughters – they heap it upon themselves. Regardless of the money, this just personifies the objectification of both girls and women. It is not acceptable.

    Excellent post Angel grrl! Bravo!

  5. Bunkerville says:

    A great post. Time for this to end. Children need to be kids.

  6. Always On Watch says:

    Were child beauty pageants always this perverted? I don’t recall their being this way back when I was a child. Then, again, I never qualified for entry.

    The contests I recall were very local — fairs, town days, and the like.

  7. Ron says:

    fun when it cutesy but then it got serious, probably not good for the little children.

  8. KarLMMMMM says:

    So…..the parents are trying to live their own sad lives thru their children…
    I have an idea!!!!!!!!
    How about we let the kids be kids and enjoy life on their own terms….and then make adult decisions when the time comes…i believe that will solve this problem…

    So Mom and Dad , go get a life…YOUR OWN.