“Moderate” Muzlim?..ha


Well, whaddya know..another alleged “Muzlim moderate” not so moderate after all.

Real shocka, I know.

She was presented by Channel 4 as an authentic – but anonymous - voice of moderate British Is–lam.

And on Christmas Day the veiled woman described only as “Kha-dijah” was given a national televison platform for propagating her views in an “alternative Christmas message” designed to rival the Queen’s.
Unmasked: the veiled white Mus–lim convert whose great grandmother was a suffragette

She told viewers Jack Straw was wrong to criticise the veil, claiming concealing facial features “liberated” women.

But the Daily Mail can now unveil “Khadijah” – and reveal that she is in fact Elaine Atkinson, an English convert to Is-lam who travels the country working for a radical mu–slim group trying to take political control of Pakistan. ..

..and declares she would like to see Britain’s pubs converted into mosques.

She works for the radical Min–haj ul Qu–r’an group from its UK base at a mosque in nearby Forest Gate – running a “sisters’ group” for other female mu–slims, travelling the country making converts..
Min-haj ul Qu–r’an was established in Pak-istan, but operates in 92 countries, and aims to convert the whole world in Is–lam.


“and aims to convert the whole world in Is–lam”…o yea that sure smacks of fairness, restraint and a “moderate” approach to me now dunnit? man-huh.gif

Of course she conveniently left out these juicy tidbits on her ahem ..”Alternative Christmas” message..

The part in the Ko-rrrran that says not to take Jews and Christians as friends..oh and that lil detail that says if there’s a Jew hiding behind a tree, go kill him. Nice. bombani0-buddy.gif

“But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans (otherwise known as Infi-dels, you know…. Christians and Joooos) wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war).”
(Su-rah 9:5)

This was aired on a Christian HOLYday. christmaswatchingstar_tn.gif

Since when did holidays become an opportunity for muzlims to get “equal time.”?

Ya think Christians or Jewwwwwwz will get air time during bomb-adan in A-rab countries? Yea. Scuse me while I die laughing.

Fancy being addressed on Christianity and what we should believe at Christmas time by none other than a Muzlim.

Oh wait. I have an idea.
Howabout an ex-Muzlim, who has converted to Christianity or better yet..Judaism, go and lecture about Izzzzzzzzzlamic holidays in an Izlamic country on a HOLY day. israel-flag-small-ani.gif

If there are any ahem.. mythical, “moderate” Muzlims, they should be hitting their knees and begging and pleading for forgiveness for the thousands of innocent Americans, Africans, Europeans, Australians, Israelis and fellow A-rabs that their fellow “brethren” have tortured and slaughtered in the name of their cough cough..God. Not arrogantly posturing their made up grievances all over the planet. bombani-ddy.gif

Just remember sweet friends.
Displaying tolerance to something that will at end destroy you, your family and ultimately, your country is not tolerance or grace, it is cowardice bordering on evil.

If you have a strong stomach…here’s the (gag, cough, wretch), Christmas message by the NOT SO MODERATE Muzlim.



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29 Responses to ““Moderate” Muzlim?..ha”

  1. Layla says:

    Oh Angel this is one of your best posts yet! ;-) These Muslims and their double standards infuriate me. The Surah you quoted is in the Quran, but if you ask any Muslim, they will deny it’s existance, yet spout if when it suits their purpose.

    What is the matter with this world? Can’t people see that this is wrong and evil? And then convert the whole world to Islam? I would rather die first! I am a PROUD INFIDEL! :)

  2. spree says:

    Thanks For the link. Exellent post. :)

  3. Lawman says:

    How does that old adage go… A leopard can’t change it’s spots…

    Isn’t it amazing how the radical muzzlims are being exposed for the hate-mongers they really are?

  4. KKaRLLmMm says:

    Angel, you are the best…the more i read about these Camel kissing, sheep hugging, towel head loonimuzzyies. The more i get an idea for an arcade game..something to do with a shotgun and a revolving platform…I am just not sure yet what the prizes would be…any suggestions????

  5. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for sharing….sorry AA…I have to trim that comment …it was a tad long…but thanks for your inputs as well. :)

  6. kerwin says:

    “and declares she would like to see Britain’s pubs converted into mosques. ”

    That sounds like a good ideal considering alcoholics kill more Americans than Muslims. I bet you those extremist Muslims are envious of how effective alcoholics are at killing the infidels. :-)

  7. sayitlikeitis says:

    WOW!! To keep hearing her say—”ISLAM is so tolerate of others”–so nauseating. When oh when, will someone from their group, stand up and be counted as a sane individual.

  8. KKaRLLmMm says:

    “Love thy Neighbor”… i thought i would throw in a rarely practiced, rarely quoted well known statement from the Holy Book….
    Now carry on……………………….

  9. wordsmith says:

    OMG! Her eyes are exposed! I can also see the bridge of her nose! Is that allowed?! [/sarcasm]

    What’s frustrating for me, is her failure in addressing and recognizing the problems within Islam. Her words are nice and all, but in a frustrating way, because it reminds me of the pacifists who just fail to see that there is evil in the world that must be stopped….not tolerated, not excused, not understood.

    That being said, I’m starting to grow uncomfortable with some of the rhetoric from the right, which in some instances is beginning to sound like hate-speech and intolerance. It makes me uneasy saying this, but it needs to be said. I’m not speaking to any specific commentor on your blog, but in general, and on many blogs I frequent. I share in the frustration and anger toward Islamists; but sometimes, when I take a step back, I see that some of the Muslim apologists actually have a case when they accuse our side of being intolerant and “racist”.

    That being said, the woman looks like a ninja.

  10. obob says:

    great, ninja muslim women, Christmas is as corporate as you make it. She could be an effective recruiter if not dismanteld early. She has a soft easy going charm and is looking for your soft spot and capitalize on it. Look at all predators from sex to scam, they look for something to stick on and they work it.
    Islamofacists love our media for tha treason. They know they will print anything that will sell and make Bush look bad. Think of the recent Reuters hijinks or anytime you hear something wrong in Iraq. Apparently the British MSM is as naive, exept the Guardian, they are blatantly lefties. I’d like to see Hitch get a hold of this terrorist. Happy Ney Year

  11. Right Truth says:

    Dwell in Unity …

    Behold, How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!– Psalm 133:1 As we exit 2006 and enter 2007, wouldn’t it be wonderful is we could actually live together in unity? Oh, not everybody in the world,…

  12. Nuke's news & views says:

    Counterterrorism Blog-The Real Deal…

    Happy New Yeat to Angel and all of her wonderful readers!…

  13. Layla says:

    Happy New Year hun..it is almost here!!!! :)

  14. DONAL says:


    Our apartment building is undergoing some renovations (like about every other building in Seattle!) and we have to move to a different apt. for about three weeks, starting Sunday.

    I’m not sure about the computer hook up, programs, Internet access etc. over there, so my blog may be the same for a few days until we get settled and I can get back to posting. Please just bear with me if I’m gone for a bit, don’t come over for coffee, or don’t get right back with ya!

  15. American Crusader says:

    Angel, the truth is there are no “moderate” Muslims. At least not in any way that we define the word moderate.
    A “moderate” Muslim still wants Sharia law implemented and Islam dominant but they might be more willing to let people live as dhimmis instead of outright killing them.

  16. American Crusader says:

    Why do Muslims think we care what their problems with Christianity are?
    I recently did an entire post dedicated to this subject.
    Christianity has evolved through time. Islam has not.
    For Christians, the crusades represent an historical era. The Pope no longer commands armies. The Spanish Inquisition has ended. The Holocaust was universally condemned.
    But Islam is stuck in the eighth century. Islam is based on war. Conversions are to be forced on conquered peoples..and if not possible than they should be killed..

  17. American Crusader says:

    Lastly..Buddhist and Buddhist monks have died in Thailand today. Now this might surprise Ali, but it isn’t the Pope who has started an insurgency in Southern Thailand that has spread to the capital.

  18. Abdullah Ali says:

    Collectivists… you’re all collectivists… there is no individual in your liberal right-wing mindset. You think you’re any different from Democrats? All you are are collectivists!!! This group and that group blah blah blah. Tell me how many Buddhists I’ve killed today.

  19. Abdullah Ali says:

    What about the Holocaust at the end of the world when the Christian God throws all the Jews into Hell for “rejecting Christ”? I remember my minister in my Christian childhood rambling about that.

    That is what I love about my branch of Islam (Submitter International); anyone who believes in some form of God goes to Heaven.

  20. Douglas V. Gibbs says:

    I have a few words for Ellison: Traitor, infiltrator, invader, untrustworthy, enemy, un-American, despicable. . .

  21. hnav says:

    “declares she would like to see Britain’s pubs converted into mosques.”


    isn’t this Women is merely considered property now, by her fellow nutty Radical Muslim associates?

    how mindless…

  22. Faultline USA says:

    Thanks so much for your very informative and rather frightening post. The best quote I’ve seen today is yours. “Displaying tolerance to something that will at end destroy you, your family and ultimately, your country is not tolerance or grace, it is cowardice bordering on evil.”

  23. Always On Watch says:

    I admit it….I couldn’t watch the entire video. Fosamax upsets my stomach a bit, and this dingbat woman upsets it a lot.

    You know what? We infidels need to make a little video for Ramadan and see how “they” like that!

  24. GUNZ says:

    Abdullah is in for a rude awakening…

    Might take his passing to realize he screwed up royally; but none the less, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when these nut jobs are finally chased around hell with a pitch fork being poked in their rear ends… LMBO!

  25. GUNZ says:

    “What about the Holocaust at the end of the world when the Christian God throws all the Jews into Hell for “rejecting Christ”? I remember my minister in my Christian childhood rambling about that.”

    What a genius…

    Abdullah ‘ANYONE’ that rejects Christ goes to hell. Yes even Jews, if they do not ask for forgiveness and recognize Christ as their savior. That goes for the ENTIRE world. But in the end the number of Jews that will finally see this will be staggering; as there are more Christian Jews than you realize and growing in numbers by the day.

  26. vimto says:

    There is another aspect to this Angel – this was in opposition to the Queen’s traditional speech to the Nation. What arroagance to usurp that duty and turn it into a partisan meassage. All true Brits should be livid!
    Thanks for flagging this up.

  27. Angel says:

    Thanks again for the additonal insights one and all! :)

  28. Brooke says:

    Great minds, huh? ;)

    Just another example of taqqiya by a so-called “moderate Muslim.” I’m glad this paper blew this fraud right out of the water!

  29. Nuke Gingrich » Blog Archive » Counterterrorism Blog - The Real Deal says:

    [...] Angel has a great piece on muslim moderates [...]