James Woods: Booyah!!!

James Woods is starring in a drama off the screen — one he’s pretty much writing and directing himself.

The 66-year-old actor and vocal conservative has been tweeting increasingly vitriolic criticism of President Obama since the government shutdown began on Oct. 1 — and he revealed Wednesday night that his political rants may well cost him future acting jobs.

‘Ray Donovan’ actor, a vocal conservative in Hollywood, has been taking to Twitter to slam the President as an ‘abomination.’

James Woods: ‘I don’t expect to work again’ after anti-Obama criticism over government shutdown


Any film that even hints at Judeo/Christian values collides ferociously with the twisted Liberal agenda, which in case ya didn’t notice… is currently on the fast track in this country.

With Hussein O., irrefutably the most liberal (and incompetent) President in history sitting in the White House, and Leftard, criminal Dems running Capitol Hill, the LIBSs have truly arrived.

Why anyone expects Hollywood to do anything but ram its immoral, liberal values down our throats, escapes me.

The values we once cherished and long for…………were never theirs to begin with.

Tis all about their “agenda” my dears.

Ah yes, the ever so tolerant, intellectual Left eh. Oozing hatred and bigotry against anyone who doesn’t follow the Party Line.

The lies and counter-factual history about America and Israel they inject into everything they espouse.

Is it pathological self hatred, insanity, Evil..or all of the above?

Do they truly BELIEVE their revisionist lies? Do they honestly worship the God of Immorality?

Utterly Depraved:

There’s no more WAR ON TERROR according to Hollywood, Hussein lovers either.
Gee. Some of us actually believed we were fighting a War on Terror, but heck. the pantywaist Leftards cleared the smoke right outta our eyes, didn’t they?

Don’t make films about IzlamoNazis beheading, stoning, raping, geni-tally mutilating, or bombing buildings full of innocent civilians…ever.

Musn’t offend the head-decapitating terrorist thug, savage murderers, right?
Let’s just see, hear and speak NO EVIL. And…..Poof..it’s gone!
And while wer’e at it…Let’s just stop fighting for freedom altogether and simply change horses horse3.gif mid stream.

On second thought: NOT.

Someone find a cure for the disease of Liberalism……….or at the very least: Contain it..wouldya?

More Power to ya James Woods.

Your’e a rock star.

14 Responses to “James Woods: Booyah!!!”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    I’ll spend money on anything he does. Awesome and he’s spot on.

    Have a terrific day sweetie. Big hugs. :)

  2. Layla says:

    I like a man or woman that tells the truth like it is and is not worried about the backlash. A man or woman that will not trade their character or integrity in for the next circus coming to town! Go James Woods! Awesome! :)

  3. Always On Watch says:

    James Woods: ‘I don’t expect to work again’ after anti-Obama criticism over government shutdown.

    Sadly, his assessment is correct in the current insane political climate. :(

  4. Woodsterman says:

    Thank you American James Woods for standing up!

  5. -FJ says:

    His film personae is usually that of a smart-alec know-it-all liberal. I wonder how long he’s been “undercover”, so to speak.

    Oh well, he probably needed to eat.

  6. Layla says:

    Angel grrrly I have another makeup tutorial scheduled to post at midnight tonight for Sunday! Another one of my weekly contribution to making all ladies feel lovely, beautiful and strong no mater what our age! xo :)

  7. zionflag says:

    LOONEY TUNES is the perfect description of the events of today.

    This evening went to hear the Prisoner of Zion, Yosef Mendelovitz who was imprisoned for 11 years in the Soviet Russia for wanting to be a ‘free man’. What a man!!! If he could fight off the KGB and the Soviet goons we can continue fighting under the banner of “Woman honor thyself’ for the lost, sane country of America.

  8. Bunkerville says:

    I wonder how many closet conservatives are out there and afraid of being black listed.

  9. DragonLady says:

    Love me some James Woods. :)

  10. Findalis says:

    The old Soviet Union called Liberals “Useful Idiots” knowing that if Communism took over the US they would be the first into the Reeducation Camps.

  11. KarLLLMMMM says:

    SO…$$$$$$$$$$…..the Hollywood money machine has no spine..
    oh well, what a surprise…
    Someone steps out of line and has an opinion contrary to the “talking points” vomitted by the liberals…either disappear or worse..(check local cemeteries).

    I guess its not a coincident that his name is Woods…better to smack THEM in the head with!!!!!
    Thanks again Angel for a look at the truth…as it SHOULD be told..

  12. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Thank you for the introduction to the true James Woods –
    a Patriot!!
    for sure–

  13. ron says:

    James maims their ideology….Love it….I think he will work again….Sadly I too my vision was of a candy land in which our government could do no wrong….Not any more…

  14. American Jihad says:

    What is a Patriot?
    You have Conservatives/Republicans/Libertarians defining a patriot who extols the will of our Constitution. Or a soldier on the battlefield defending our freedom. On the other, you have Liberals/Democrats-Progressives defining patriotism as helping the poor, educating our children and offering change to the country by protesting, picketing, letter writing, boycotting, etc. An activist standing up for the rights of others. You hear the word bandied about and abused as a weapon or a tool for the disparagement of others in the political arena. But does anyone know what a real patriot is?
    To be patriotic would be knowing when those laws are unjust and tyrannical. Supporting armed aggression towards another country is a violation of the law. Obama’s attacking Libya, or Yemen, or Pakistan. or Egypt, is against the law!
    I was taught that patriotism was something resulting in love of country over self. I still believe that. I love my country, even in the sordid state of affairs it’s in right now. But there are so many ways people define a Patriot. Many people when they hear the term, conjure up images of George Washington crossing the Delaware River or the First Continental Congress signing the Declaration of Independence. But nobody knows what a real patriot is, neither side has it right. To be a patriot is to be devoted to your country and her citizens, through thick and thin, to love her and cherish her like the finest cut diamond. A patriot is someone who does things out of a sake of duty to his country, not for personal profit or gain. A patriot is someone who’s willing to say things many people don’t want to hear, because he knows it is the right thing to do for his country. A patriot is someone who stays true to the principles his country was founded upon That to me makes you proud to be an American
    Patriotism isn’t something which can be linked to political viewpoints. It is blasphemous to suggest such. If one questions anothers patriotism, is it for disagreement in politics? If it is, the one is a fool, for he knows not the true meaning of patriotism. If one questions anothers patriotism, is it for gauging their love of country? If it is, then the one is enlightened, knowing full well the meaning of what it takes to be a patriot.
    I also believe the testimony’s of the sailors who were there, and the people who were in Benghazi not some SELF SERVING damage control report in Washington written way after the fact. I refuse to support this president or any of his ilk through thin or thick. I’d rather be the patriot for the group that removes people like him from our shores.
    My question to you Liberals, Progressives, or whatever name your using these days, Blind allegiance to THIS PRESIDENT is not patriotism. I stopped supporting Obama about 1 month into his first term.
    Do you know what makes a patriot?
    And that ends my rant for today.