Coach Scott Hamilton

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Coach makes special needs students feel like part of the team

Before every home game, Georgia high school football coach Scott Hamilton makes sure to add some special players to his roster.
For two years, Hamilton has surprised special needs students at Paulding County High School near Atlanta by making them part of the team for that week’s game. The “Player of the Day” gets his own jersey and takes part in all the team activities, from the pep rally to riding the bus to the pregame dinner to running out of the tunnel on to the field.

“It just gives them a chance to be part of something they normally don’t get to be a part of…”

Scott Hamilton: Good man indeed.

And just how good are we eh?… we too need to “pay it forward.”


Sounds too simple?
Trust me: The outcome can change the world. Yes indeedy. Don’t let the haters tell ya otherwise.

G’head. Do something kind for someone you don’t even know.romantic_8


Hey….Compliment someone. Instead of the awkward silence you feel when you’re stuck in an elevator with a stranger….find something you like about the other person and compliment them on it. Try it.loveanit5


Thank people in your life who you’ll never know but who serve and protect you every day.

Send a note or some treats to your local police or fire department with a card telling them know how much you appreciate their service to your community.


Cheer someone up. If ya know someone who’s had a horrible day…send them flowers or give them a big ole hug.hugani1

Forgive somebody who has wronged you.
The ripple effect forgiveness can have in your life and in the lives of others is astounding.

Smile…at everyone you pass.smileys_3

Next time someone thanks you and wants to “repay” you for a favor or a gesture…..ask them to pay it “forward”.

Some people may not even act grateful, but benefits may come around even when you may not be there to see it.

Let your generous action be enough in and of itself.
Don’t expect abudant thanks, or even any thanks at all.


Just do it sweet friends.


And..hey………let me know how it turned out eh?


9 Responses to “Coach Scott Hamilton”

  1. Layla says:

    Awe Angel that is so heartwarming and such a blessing. I wish it was like that around where I live. My son is Autistic and has been truly scared by the school system, which is why my husband and I are homeschooling him now.

    A couple years ago I read about an Autistic boy that won a bunch of trophies at a high school , track I believe, and he was awesome, but some parents complained to the school board, including parents from other high schools saying he should not be allowed in track because it was not for those with intellectual disabilities, they should stay in “special olympics.”

    Do you know that the school board forced the high school into taking all that boys trophies from him? Can you imagine the pain of that for him and his parents? They lost the fight against the school board and the high school?

    It is a true blessing to know that someplace – this time in Gerogia, that children, teens are being treated with dignity and respect and being treated as human beings with feelings.

    My son wants to go on YouTube and tell about what happened to him to make parents and kids aware. He wants them to know how his civil rights were violated. Unfortunately there are few attorneys in this lousy Commonwealth that would go up against the VA school system. So missy here did “Pro se.” I lost, well, what did I expect, they spent $3,000.00 + for the world renounded Reid Smith Law Firm. I could not handle them and the judge at the due process condescended to me and mocked my degree in law and dismissed all my evidence without seeing and/or hearing it.

    So, hence, why I homeschool my son. He is 15 now and very smart and bright. He is learning Hebrew and Spanish, and we are working on convincing him to also learn German as we have friends from Germany so it would be cool for him to speak the language with his friends, but that needs more work! LOL! Anyhow, we are also giving him a good Biblical foundation and he supports Israel, cannot stand “Hussein,” he calls him EVIL, and is pretty well rounded and grounded. We are trying the best we can at our own expense to give him what he needs for learning and life skills no thanks to this darn Commonwealth – heh! Where is the wealth?

    Thanks for posting this. I showed the video to my son and it made him real happy. You are so sweet Angel grrrly!!!! :) xo

  2. Bunkerville says:

    Thanks for a reminder of what is really important. It is easy to become cynical and forget why we are on this planet.

  3. Crabby Old Man says:

    Mush alert, is right, too Mushy for me.. LOL.

  4. Woodsterman says:

    I’m melting … I’m melting.

  5. Comedy Plus says:

    I love this and did the same kind of thing to a stranger just the other day. She smiled and then some. This is what we all need to do more.

    Have a terrific day my friend. Big hugs from our bay cruise. :)

  6. -FJ says:


    Starbucks has got nothin’ on you! You GO girl!

  7. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Hugs to You-

  8. Joe says:

    Nice post Angel. I needed to see something other than politics for a change.

  9. cube says:

    I want to give you a big hug for that post. Thank you for reminding me that the world isn’t going to heck yet and that there are still kind hearted people in it.