Welfare Galore !

“..the vast majority of the impoverished in America don’t work and wouldn’t even if we raised wages or created more jobs. They are in poverty because of social or physical problems or choices in life they’ve made which make it difficult or impossible for them to work. Some have simply chosen not to work.

It’s not that our economy doesn’t work for most of the poor, but that most of the poor don’t work.
In America, The Poor Don’t Work”

And the problem is only getting worse. More than one-third of all births in America today are to unmarried women, and nearly half of them are already in poverty, meaning their children are being born directly into poverty themselves.

Many of these women do not have a high school education, so the prospects that they can find anything but entry level work are grim. And given what social science now tells us about children raised without a father—that they are far more likely than kids raised in two-parent families to drop out of school, to wind up on welfare, and in the case of girls to become unwed mothers themselves— the likelihood of current levels of poverty persisting no matter how many new jobs we create is enormous.

To address the issue of the more than 80 percent of poor families where no one works full time requires figuring out how to dissuade poor girls without a high school education from having children by a man who won’t marry and support them.

Peeps on welfare who ‘just don’t wanna work???!

Do we dare admit that many poor people are poor because they are ‘lazy”, because they make bad or selfish choices, because they thrive on the victim dictum?

Heaven forfend!..No doubt we must be sorely lacking in compassion, are devoid of social responsibility and clearly unmindful of the welfare of others.

Single mothers having baby after baby after baby..but getting all bent when they are called “welfare queens?”

Pssst. Father absence is a major cause of child poverty.

But…How tactless of us to suggest that with the exception of physical or mental handicaps -guess what dude?
Life is what you make it.

Work reasonably hard, and ya may even end up reasonably well off.

Social factors may play a role, but equally essential is the will and desire to succeed.

Leftard Democrats cringe when you speak Truth.

Why? Because, dude. It’s all about CONTROL.
They want to control um…. YOU.

Their not so new plan, praised by Hussein Obama, is to expand and expand and expand the culture of “entitlements.”
The pseudoacademic Democrat demagogues want everyone in this country to be dependent on them, namely – the government.

Yea…they call it um..” income redistribution.”
After your hard days work, fork your money over to Willy who’s shootin up heroin in his crib, or Janine, who just had her 4th kid out of wedlock k?

There’s only only one hitch though. (Don’t tell the Dems but….) the people that are too lazy to work are also too lazy to vote. Ha.

Welfare checks. What a concept.
Heck, why work when you can get free money?
And some of them are livin large.

Sit home, or better yet, go shopping with your government check and then blame “the system.”

Blame Republicans. Don’t forget to blame President Bush.
Blame everyone but your sorry self.

It’s a challenge being born into poverty. But there is a fate worse than that. Refusing to take some initiative to escape a life of poverty.
The poor are lauded by Liberals, when they instead, find a scape goat.

And, no, we are not addressing hard working Americans who still lack nutritious food, adequate warm housing, or clothing for their families despite concerted efforts.

The most poor in this blessed country still earn more money than 75% of the rest of the world’s population.
Americans living in houses or apartments, have more living space per person than does the average person living in European countries, including England, France and Germany.

Medical care? Our hospitals are legally obligated to treat all.

The compassion meter runs out when conditions are self-inflicted, a result of poor decisions or repeated self-defeating behaviors.


The ugly truth:
Not all, but many poor people are at least partly to blame for their own poverty.

Ugly? Yes.
But no less true.

But heck… Why work when you can take this here road?:

19 Responses to “Welfare Galore !”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    What the democrats want is complete control forever. That’s their voter base. If the government can keep them dependent on the government for their survival they will be in power forever. That’s what Obama care is about. Power and retaining that power.

    Have a fabulous day. Big hugs honey. :)

  2. Layla says:

    Angel you are so right except about one thing. Not all people on welfare do not want to work. I am a graduated paralegal with an Associate in Science/Paralegal and I cannot find a job and I need to support my husband who is a disabled vet and my son who is Autistic. My son receives SSI and my husband SSDI. Because my husband can barely walk anymore and the Veteran Association shows no gratitude, no real gratitude to vets that laid down their life for this nation my family is forced to be on “Welfare.” They exempted me from working to care for my husband who will now receive an approved “Hoveround” via medicaid, and why? Because the Veteran’s association refused to help him and he was at Guantanamo Bay! Wow! Even though I am exempt from working via TANF I still pursued my education in hopes of working, but they want experience. I could not get an internship like other college students due to being much older than 18-24, and now I am looking for seasonal work, but no one is hiring literally due to the government shutdown of late and the recession. It is disgusting. But I shudder when I hear people say that they are sick of people getting welfare because they won’t work. True there are moochers that will not work, there are always rotten apples, but blanket statements are not fair to those that are entitled due to disabilities and need home care. I home school my son because Virginia has poor programs for children that are intellectually disabled like my son is. I have to be here to help my husband get around the house to the bathroom and more. But I still went and got a degree and thought I could work despite my exemption because I HATE welfare and their rules and how they treat people. It is demeaning. But no one is hiring me yet. So when disabled family members qualify were are lazy and do not want to work? Not us – I don’t think so. Not all are bumps, scammers, and thieves. Some of us have real problems and want to move out and up and off this garbage system, but in the interim we need the help. We sure do not eat well on $200.00 of food stamps here. No steaks – No dinners out, nor ordering Pizza in……… just a lot of rice and beans. So please do not think all people on welfare are on it because they are lazy and won’t work? Some of us have disabled family members or some are disabled and some of us just cannot find work and we want to work. We must be fair when we look at this issue of welfare.

    I am not from the ghetto or a thug, just had bad luck and trying to make lemon aid out of it and move on to something better. It takes time and hard work. I never thought at my age I would be here at this place. It is depressing but I keep moving forward and pray a lot to God for help and guidance.

  3. Christopher says:

    Hey Angel,

    What I see on a daily basis around the Detroit area is absolutely disgusting in that what would be otherwise contributing people to society and themselves are raised in the mindset that they are owed this “lifestyle” and as such have no clue on how to get out of it being they do not know any other way, but that of crime.

    This is exactly what progressives want and sadly achieved for those who they profess to care about i.e. minorities and the less fortunate.

    It really makes one to want to crack some heads open and I am not speaking of the recipients of welfare but those who promote it.

  4. Findalis says:

    @ Layla

    Contact the Disabled American Veterans http://www.dav.org/ in your area. Your hubby will have to join but they can help with the VA. They did for my hubby and it only took 6 months to get him rated 100%. While that helps, it doesn’t solve all your problems.

    Keep looking for work and looking to work out of the home. That way you can take care of hubby while bringing in extra money.


    I do not qualify for Food Stamps, Section 8 housing, etc…. I bring in too much money. Not enough to live on, but too much for the government to help. So I budget myself very carefully. I will have money for Chanukah gifts, Thanksgiving dinner, etc… My lights are on and bills are paid. But new clothes, shoes, etc… are a pipe dream at times.

    I live on a pension and work when I can. But I don’t complain about my condition. I work to better it.

  5. Joe says:

    Great post Angel! All of these various government welfare programs were born to act as a safety net for those who truly need help. They were supposed to be used to keep people afloat during hard times, whether long term or short term. They were NEVER INTENDED to be a frigging CAREER!! I have absolutely no problem with having my tax dollars going to help people who really need help, but I am SICK AND TIRED of supporting lazy bastards who are to lazy to work!

    Layla, Angel was quite careful in her wording, as was I in my comment, to exclude people with situations such as yours from our wrath. Quite the contrary actually. If graft, fraud, and misuse of these programs were to be eliminated, people such as you might be able to get even more help than you currently do. It might surprise you however that the problem is NOT a small one. MOST of the recipients should NOT be getting the assistance that they do. Laziness is the biggest but not the only factor. I know many who fall into the FRAUD category. As an example, how about single moms with many kids from different fathers collecting OUR tax dollars while having a live-in boyfriend? How about people with EBT cards going to an ATM and then using the cash for cigarettes, beer, liquor, and even gambling and illegal drugs? How about illegal aliens getting assistance? The list is endless.

  6. Angel says:

    Thank you all for your inputs!..Yes, I do say in the post:

    And, no, we are not addressing hard working Americans who still lack nutritious food, adequate warm housing, or clothing for their families despite concerted efforts.

    and of course no doubt all of us here make concerted efforts to support ourselves and our loved ones~! xoxoxoox

  7. Layla says:

    Thanks Findalis for all your information and insight. I truly appreciate it. I am humbled you would be so kind to me, a stranger. Thank you!

  8. Layla says:

    Awe I know that Angel! :) xoxox I was just telling it like it is because there are people that will come by and just assume the worst. I know you do not and that you do understand, especially with all you have seen in the aftermath of 911.

    But I really do not know that the heck this prez is thinking???? I won’t say where I think his brain is, that is if we even should call his brain-a brain!! He is a real scoundrel! :(

  9. Always On Watch says:

    America is fast reaching that point that the tax base (the employed) cannot sustain the welfare state. Add to that the fact that our economy is in a dying-man condition.

  10. Woodsterman says:

    Where can I get mine?

  11. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    DETROIT!!–Started giving women tax $$$ to have babies out of wed-lock – 50+ years ago –ADC—and $$$ to those who would not work – 50+ years ago–

    My Dad told us ‘kids’ that giving others peoples’ $$ to those who would not work would be the end of Detroit–he told us that 50+ years ago–

    Dad (WW II Veteran) who had a business in Detroit–was right-

    SOCIALISM brings the downfall to all!

  12. KarLLLMMMM says:

    The answer is not a simple one..
    but self respect and motivation are essential in coping with life..
    Getting something for NOTHING…is never a good thing, that is the lesson that Angel is teaching…and she is so right.

  13. Matt says:

    Well said Angel. While there are people out of work that want to, but can’t find a job in Obama’s economy, there are bajiliions more that are in the inter-generational poverty thing, and don’t want to work. They are the permanent underclass that the democrats need to win elections.

  14. cube says:

    I know what you’re saying. How can we change it is the million dollar question.

  15. Bunkerville says:

    When I was dirt poor it never occurred to me that it would be my permanent state. Hard work and delayed gratification got me to where I am. More often then not, it is a choice.

  16. ron says:

    Most poor people are just too damaged to get along in the work place anymore and that is sad….. The left’s answer to the problem is as you say total control and as you say history proves that is failure….. That money is accumulating in the hands of a few is also bad. That the middle class in the US is shrinking is also a bad sign.
    The republicans have for the most part become goo…. The power of our land is still in our hearts and in our giving….I too am poor but by the grace of God I still give….Giving may hurt the billfold but it strengthens the soul.

  17. Z says:

    I’m not sure I believe the ‘shrinking middle class’ thing……….which means the rich are growing as are the poor. I think it’s a political phrase that makes no sense but enrages and prompts many to hate the rich and give the poor more. But, what I really wanted to say is your point about unmarried mothers; it seems like our morals have contributed so greatly to the poorer class and, since we don’t see that changing, where do we go from here?

  18. ron says:


    I take your point but never the less median house hold incomes are now below what they were in 1989. as far as divisive… I can’t speak for other peoples feelings but the reduction in in spending power is telling and that by itself is stressing households. And yes morals are way under par I totally agree.
    A very daring question concerning where do we go from here…. The course of the US is not good; that is all I will surely say, as a sincere respect to you and your site….
    I fear that there is no way that the majority of the people will concur; that school prayer is the only answer… Only God can stop this downward slow spiral our nation as a whole is under….

  19. sayitlikeitis says:

    Angel, there is another component to add to this formula of being and living poor. The poor keep voting for the ‘social, liberal entitlement programs’ and keeping the Democrats in power.

    Obama’s second goal of IMMIGRATION is to flood the country with new poor, change the scenery of America, destroy the Work Ethic and diminish any American morals that are still in existence.