Veterans DAY:)


While WE honor our beloved Veterans who fought for FREEDOM…for all…………….



THEY honor a man who fought to kill civilians, blow up airplanes and buildings to massacre filthy “infidels”.


RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territories, Nov 11 AFP – Thousands of Palestinians gathered in Ramallah on Thursday to mark the sixth anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat..

Huge crowds were expected to attend a series of events celebrating the life of Arafat, who is remembered by many as a passionate proponent of Palestinian rights.
Uh huh.bombcandyani The right to pillage and destroy the world in the name of Izlam.

Palestinians remember Arafat six years on



How Israel permits these Muzlim terrorists to live in her Land is stunning.signexclamation

The seeds Ara-FAT sowed:

Sheri Burlingame, widow of pilot Charles Frank Burlingame III, during funeral services for her husband at Arlington National Cemetery.
Burlingame died Sept. 11 when terrorists forced his airliner to crash into the Pentagon.

An Israeli man waiting for help after a Palestinian suicide bombing August 9, 2001 in Jerusalem, Israel.

Over18 people, including six children, were killed in the explosion.
Over 80 other people were injured in the blast at a Sbarro pizzeria.

The bombing occurred at lunch time in the heart of downtown Jerusalem.

Oh yea..about those ahem “Moderate Muzlims..” cough cough……….
Did they thank Ara-FAT for that too?


To our beautiful men who were sent to dig trenches in France, shells exploding all over their young, precious heads.

To those who returned some 30 years later to fight in WWII, arriving on the shores of France yet again.

To those who went to Korea to stop the spread of Communism.

To all who those who served in the torrid, steaming jungles of Vietnam.
(Thank you George. I will never forget you.)candle-ani1

To Those still sweating in the deserts of Iraq, and climbing the treacherous mountains of Afghanistan.


Good Lord… Please bless the United States and Israel. Allow us to remain a beacon for Freedom and goodness for the whole world in spite of the Enemy within. (and you know who you are.)

Ara-FAT: the gift that keeps giving:

13 Responses to “Veterans DAY:)”

  1. Z says:

    lovely, Angel…thanks for the photos. Hard to see Burlingame’s widow intense grief and know that we’re not doing everything we can to prevent that………in case we offend muslims. I don’t want to offend innocent people, but why don’t they speak UP in larger numbers against the terrorists acting in their names?
    What a sick place islam has made our world in the last 12 years……’s changed forever and we are to sit back and hope it gets better?

    God bless our vets……..I feel we all need to apologize for the president’s speech today; singling out a black veteran, an amazing 107 year old who still drives and led an honorable, hard working life,……..and mentioning the racially divided country he came back to after WWII. Did Obama HAVE to play the race card TODAY? It’s unutterably sad.

  2. Always On Watch says:

    Wonderful photos! You have certainly honored the meaning of Veterans Day.

    May the Lord bless our military — past and present. And their families, who sacrifice(d) too.

  3. Comedy Plus says:

    Excellent post Angel. Excellent.

    May God bless all our troops. Past, present and future.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  4. Mustang says:

    I think the American people have let their veterans down by twice electing the man who enables Mohammedan extremism. To anyone who voted for Obama, for whatever reason, shame on you.

  5. Findalis says:

    Excellent post Angel and this veterans is grateful for your thanks.

  6. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    (-: :-)

  7. Woodsterman says:

    God Bless this Great Country and those who keep her safe.

  8. sayitlikeitis says:

    I honor and applaud the past and present day veterans. They and their families are remarkable. The question is: Why are there not more AMERICAN FLAGS flying on Veterans day? Let us show the immigrants and the fifth column visitors that NYC is full of patriots who love this country and the Armed Forces who serve us..

    My flag is flying and will continue to fly the entire week long. God bless our men in uniform, I adore and am envious of your sacrifice.

  9. cube says:

    God bless our vets.

  10. Layla says:

    What a beautiful post Angel and everything in it is so true. There is no regard for Veterans day in the town I live in – in VA. Nope. The kids had school, no flags anywhere….. Yeah, Jerry Falwells little Libertyburg after his Liberty University. There is no patriotism here at all. Sorry for off topic but did you know that the Jews here literally stay hidden. Oh yes! I was shocked and raised hell in the Kroger Grocery Store! NO KOSHER FOOD, BUT BUT BUT, there was halal. Sickening. This nation is sick. If it were not for the wonderful few people like you left to remind us all that we remember the Vets no one else would. I did not even hear that Hussein acknowledged it. Pfffft!

  11. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    To clarify my comment above-
    Your post brings a smile–
    Thank you- WHT-

  12. Tim says:

    I’m a bit late but thanks a lot for this. Great post. Thanks to all the veterans including my dad.

  13. KarLMMMMM says:

    So many times ,society looks around for someone to THANK..well, your post makes the decision quite easy..without the Armed Forces to protect our rights ..where would we be???????

    and about Ara-Flat, with this new news about the poisioning…why can’t it be the WIFE…motive (billions$$$$$$$$$) and opportunity…EXACTLY!!!!!