Eden Attias, RIP and more Horror from the IzlamoNazis

Stunning IDF soldier stabbed to death while asleep on an Israeli bus by a filthy IzlamoNazi Arab.


Murdered Israeli soldier dreamed of becoming a DJ

Eden Attias, an 18-year-old Jewish boy, was stabbed to death by a jihadi while he slept on a bus.

Natali Shwartz, a friend of Attias, said that he was a very friendly person. “He had a terrific sense of humor, and always made everyone laugh,” she said. “It hurt him to see situations where friends weren’t getting along, and always tried to help people reconcile and get along.”

She also said that Attias loved to listen to music and aspired to work as a DJ in the future. Attias composed electronic music and had written songs that he planned to record, she said.

The most despicable JEW haters on the face of the Earth get another free pass..at doing what they do best: HATING and killing infidels in cold blood.

Ah yes..the ever so easily “offended” class………..
Say whatever you wish about Jesus, but don’t you dare draw a MuuuhaMAD cartoon.bombcandyani

WHERE ARE THE people of conscience’s VOICES.. did you hear any outcry yet? Any media frenzy?

And….In other Muzlim newz that the NY Times will nevah report:

Abbas vows: No room for Israelis in Palestinian state.

“We have frankly said, and always will say: If there is an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, we won’t agree to the presence of one Israeli in it,” Abbas told reporters in Ramallah.

If that’s not the Doozie of the Day, I don’t know what is.

(Those pesky lil things Liberals jus hate to deal with…)

-The Arabs stole Israel once, in what they themselves admittedly called a “war of annihilation” in 1948.

-They “occupied” it for nineteen years and then launched another “war of annihilation” again– against Israel in 1967.

But this time they…errr… lost.fiery4

What did they do in Jerusalem during those 19 years.
Um…Can you say Nothing?signexclamation004

Oh wait…that’s wrong. They desecrated every Jewish Holy site including the destruction of every one of the 57 synagogues.


What they did not do, was call Jerusalem their capital. That was and by the way—-still is -Amman.

Oh..and speakin of discrimination and hatred and Apartheid…. Arabs did not allow free access to people of all Faiths.


Shocker, I know.angry

That, sweet friends has only EVER occurred under evil, Zionist Israeli sovereignty.jew

Israel has allowed one million Arabs in their one tiny Jewish state.

Why, I have no clue.confused71

The rabidly anti Christian and anti Jewish Muzlims -have twenty-two states with almost no Jews, and Christians leaving in droves.

In Jordan, which was created in 1920 exclusively for those poor put upon “Palestine” Arabs— Jews were banned.

Jordan has NOT ONE JEW.

See any “so called liberals” marching and demonstrating on the streets against this RACIST, apartheid Judenrein state? Don’t answer that.no7

And along comes the typical “Moderate Muzlim” : Abbas, proposing what ALL Muzlims do: ethnic cleansing of Jews.

And no one bats an eye(lash).eyeballani

Who’s gunna give Abbas the memo that Jesus was not born on this day in an ethnically cleansed “Palestinian” state?


Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.
Shoud I repeat that 300 times or say it 10X fast?


“It’s all good” as long as IzlamoNazis are the ones spewing insult and injury, right?

And yet another beautiful soul stolen by these monsters…….

Dearest precious Attias family and friends :
We pray the love of God enfolds you during your journey through grief.

May the good Lord comfort you with the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

We will never forget your beloved son and brother. NEVER.

2 Responses to “Eden Attias, RIP and more Horror from the IzlamoNazis”

  1. Yashua says:

    Jews must take law in their own hands against the Arabs. They must pay the price!!

  2. KarLLLLMMMMMM says:

    Hey Angel….on one hand ,these type of stories depress me…


    on the other hand, i feel you got my back ,and with you out there pushing the envelope OFF the table ..it will all be OK….THANK YOU…