NoT a BiG YelloW Taxi


Du–bai- Fifty new pink coloured taxis serving women only were introduced Monday in Du–bai by the Public Transport Organisation under the name “Women’s Taxi”. The taxis are being operated by 100 women drivers of different nationalities.

New pink taxis await women in Du-bai

The women drivers have been trained on driving skills at specialised institutes as well as dealing with the customers according the customs and traditions of the community..

Oh really?
Think they’re “trained” on dealing with Joooooooos or Christian women too?

Right, cuz Saudi women have always been forbidden to drive in the first place.


Women’s freedom of movement is severely restricted. They may not travel abroad unless they have the written authorization of a male relative, usually their father or husband, and may have to be accompanied. Inside Sa-udi Ar–abia, they are forbidden to drive, a ban made official in 1990 by a Fat–wa (edict) issued by the Council of Senior ‘Ul-am-a (religious scholars).


Women in Sau-di Arab-ia who walk unaccompanied, or are in the company of a man who is neither their husband nor a close relative, are at risk of arrest on suspicion of prostitution or other “moral” offences.

Freedom for Sau-di women..Not.

“…Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice….on a visit three months ago. Rice pressed for greater political freedoms for women but dismissed the subject of driving as “just a line that I have not wanted to cross.”
Women drive?..Ha.

Well, Condi, now you can flag yourself a lil pink taxi..but hey..don’t be carryin no Bible witcha..uh uh..and whatever you do………”Don’t cross that line.”

Pink Cab anyone?



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16 Responses to “NoT a BiG YelloW Taxi”

  1. DL says:

    Say Angel,

    I wonder if you can get one with a St. Christopher statute on the dash?

    Where did they get the pink paint? I’ll bet it’s a lot of whitewash and some good old terror blood.

  2. cube says:

    Moslem women have to stand up for their rights. We can’t do it for them.

  3. Don says:

    Since Saudi women cannot travel without the company of a husband or male relative shouldn’t the taxies be pink and blue and, I wonder who held the camel still while they painted it pink?

  4. Anna says:

    Off topic – Happy New Year, Angel!

  5. Night Rider says:

    Here is one that no-one thought of, how about if we were to kidnap a bunch of those Muslim Men Imams etc… Then bring them over here and perform Sex Change Operations to them and turn them into Women and see how they would like it then.

  6. benning says:

    Remember to not cross yourself while riding in one of those pink taxis! No, no, no!

  7. Debbie says:

    Oh My Goodness. What are we thinking? Condi Rice used to be a real role model, but I’m not so happy with her lately.

  8. Right Truth says:

    Criminal Invaders, open borders and open trackbacks…

    One state in Mexico is planning to give hand-held satellite devices, GPS, to would-be illegal immigrants criminal invaders planning to cross the desert and enter the United States on foot. This is just one more way that Mexico helps the…

  9. Brooke says:

    Condi is a dhimmi now.

    She of ALL PEOPLE should understand the terrible thing that this is: “Seperate but equal” facilities.


  10. Gayle says:

    Now I really have heard everything, Angel! Pink Taxis for women in Du-bai. Beside the point I know, but I would rather walk than ride in a pink car of any sort… or even ride a camel! I have ridden a camel and it’s extremely uncomfortable.

    This world of ours is going to hell in a handbasket, and I thought Condy was one person who would make a difference. Bush is beginning to be disappointing too and I’m quickly losing faith in the GOP. I need a drink, but it’s far too early for that. *sigh* I’ve already taken my morning walk. I guess I’ll go for another one!

  11. hnav says:

    pink taxis !

    oh my…

    why are these Muslim Men so insecure?

  12. KKarLLmMMM says:

    Hey Angel, where does that leave the Beatles and their Yellow Submarine!!!!

  13. kevin says:

    Finally, a car that even Karen Armstrong can ride in.

  14. Night Rider says:

    KKarL says, Hey Angel, where does that leave the Beatles and their Yellow Submarine!!!!

    Say Angel I have to hand that one to KKarL that was very funny. In fact extremely funny. Side Splitting funny. :D

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  16. Angel says:

    Thanks again all for the comments and insights! :)