SympathY for the DeviL


The Communist News Network reports………

CNN report says FBI documents reveal aggressive mistreatment, harsh interrogation techniques of prisoners at Guantanamo detention camp, including sleep deprivation, interrupting detainees’ attempts to pray…

Guantanamo detainee draped in Israel flag

…at least 26 of the agency’s employees witnessed aggressive mistreatment and harsh interrogation techniques of prisoners by other government agencies or outside contractors at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

…a German shepherd dog was ordered to “growl, bark and show his teeth to the prisoner.” dog12.gif

Another detainee was draped in an Israeli flag… flag10.gif

the FBI released the documents in response to a Freedom of Information request by the American Civil Liberties Union… we go again sweet friends..take out ya miniature violins for … the poor, li’l ol’ terrorists in Gitmo, and Guantanamo.

Who, mind you are not even entitled to the protection of the Geneva Conventions and international laws.

Oh, they used K–orans in a disparaging way eh….Seems books have more civil rights than our Marines currently held at Camp Pendleton do.

Why doesn’t CNN write a story about them or better yet howza bout the treatment that is being given to Shalit, Regev and Goldwasser?

Oh. Never mind..the Crescent News Network doesn’t report on abuses perpetrated against Amercians or Israelis..silly me.

Let’s see..what constitutes “torture” anyway?

Ah yes… Torture is video taping the beheading of Muzlims’ captors and then splashing it all over the internet for their families to watch in horror as their loved ones are painfully and brutally murdered. Indeed. bombnitroani.gif

That is what our sworn enemy does. And we are supposed to be guilted into having compassion for the modern day barbarians beating at the gates of what’s left of our precious civilization. I don’t thinkkkkk so.


What does our Left leaning, self hating government do?

Well, we jail Marines for killing our enemies.
We incarcerate our Border Patrol Agents for shooting drug traffickers…
We allow our Press to malign our troops and spread vicious, unsubstantiated lies daily….

Come to think of it…Torture did take place.

The desecration of the Israeli flag by letting it even come in to contact with terrorist grime. israel1flag-ani.gif

For shame.

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21 Responses to “SympathY for the DeviL”

  1. American Crusader says:

    I wouldn’t want to see any detainees wrapped in American flags. That would constitute flag desecration in my mind.
    The disparity between how we treat captives and how our enemies do is never the subject of any investigative reporting.
    Our press would rather drag Marines and soldiers through the mud then impugn our enemies.
    Doesn’t make much sense.

  2. Layla says:

    I will just never understand why and or how any person or peoples could be sympathetic to such evil and vile hatred.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Yes, this is the underlying problem with America. We are not nice to people who want to kill us. I know it is hard to beleive, but we actually can be mean to those who threaten our freedom and our way of life.

    Instead of doing the sensible thing and inviting them over for tea before our afternoon prayers, we lock them up and pressure them to answer questions that might save countless American lives. Really now, is one American life really worth the price of inconveinencing a terrorist. I think not. We need a serious reality check in this country. If you think it is alright for one fundamental Islamic fascist to lose a few hours of sleep, just to protect the lives of our children, then there is something seriously wrong with YOU.

    (Note: This entire article was sarcasm, for those on the left who do not catch such things.)

  4. Dumb Ox says:

    Such artificially manufactured outrage from CNN and fellow boobs is simply politics as usual for the Left in this country… This is why conservatives must work harder to win elections, to boycott networks and newspapers (and their advertisers) that push such propaganda, and to write editorials to their local papers on the issues.

  5. Faultline USA says:

    Last night on the evening news there was a bit about how the network “struggled” over whether to air the Saddam hanging in its entirety. Their decision was to err on the side of “common decency” and not show it. Funny, how no such struggle came when they made the decision to show the beheadings of those captured by the terrorists.

  6. Night Rider says:

    Just who is giving FBI documents to The Snitch/Traitors ( CNN ) anyways?
    Naw it’s not mistreatment CNN it’s called aggressive interrogation
    techniques of prisoners who deserve that and more.
    If I was in charge of Guantanamo they would really see what the definition of harsh really is.

    So what the Terrorist would get if I was in charge would be to have to listen to “Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath at full volume 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  7. KKarLLmMMM says:

    “sleep deprivation, interrupting detainees’ attempts to pray..aggressive mistreatment and harsh interrogation techniques of prisoners..”
    Well exxxuuuuusssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee Me!!!!
    These talking roaches rape and murder and we take away their sleep!!!, perhaps a moment at the galloes after Mr. hooooosinsane would do wonders for their disposition…
    so as a gesture of good will i would like to give each and every inmate a Columbian Necktie for their troubles….

  8. Lawman says:

    Some how I have a hard time feeling any sympathy toward those who harbor ill will and malice toward our Country.

    I’m with Night Rider. I’d show you the REAL definition of harsh if I was in charge of Gitmo.

  9. The HILL Chronicles says:

    U.S. sympathy for Saddam…

    I have had enough of all this “pious” sympathy for Saddam by our government. All this nonsense about the leaked video, which was made available through YouTube and Google. I aired the video because there was nothing good about this man and a messag…

  10. Brooke says:

    I’m with Lawman and Night Rider.

    Those clowns have NO IDEA what harsh really is, and I think I could give them an introductory course… :evil:

  11. Christi says:

    Great post, Angel. There is no level that is too low for our America hating media to stoop – as long as it furthers their goal to undermine this administration and this war. It’s sickening.

  12. Capt. Jean-Luc Pikachu says:

    Is there any proof that the people being held at Gitmo are terrorists? Last time I checked, “innocent before proven guilty” was the law of the land.

    People are human beings, each w/ his own inherent dignity. A flag is just a piece of cloth. Get some perspective.

  13. KKarLMmMM says:

    Hey Capt. J-LP, you are kidding, right….Is there any PROOF that Osama bin Idiot was involved on 9/11, but i would still flip the switch on his Electric Chair…
    ” a flag is a piece of cloth”…and i guess the Constitution/Declaration of Independence is a piece of paper!!!
    By the way, you did get one right…”people are human beings”….until they prove otherwise..

  14. Night Rider says:

    I agree with KKarLMmMM, Capt. Jean-Luc Patchouli has something wrong with his single celled organism called a brain.

  15. Night Rider says:

    Capt. Jean-Luc Pikachu says: People are human beings, each w/ his own inherent dignity
    Say Capt. Jean-Luc Pikachu the clown, so was Adolf Hitler. You fool!

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  19. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all..for the wonderful inputs! ;)

  20. Dumb Ox says:

    Pikachu, The guests at Guantanamo were captured on the battlefields around the world where terrorists are acting, they are enemy combattants–NOT suspects of a crime–taken in war. They have been given more due process than ANY other such prisoners have ever been given in the history of the world, let alone more than ever accorded by the U.S. under beloved Lib presidents like Truman, FDR, and Wilson. They have access to our U.S. courts after a number of military tribunals, administrative reviews and a military appeal. Dems held up getting the procedures passed that are more fair than anyone but utopians could ask for…

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