Soma-lis who Support Ji-had?..No Prob.

Som-ali immigrants passing through Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport want a private place to say Mus–lim prayers. The airport suggests they share a room with people of other religions.

Like a new couple learning to dance, immigrants and their adopted countries often trip each other up, and the prayer-room issue is just one of the latest tangles between So-mali immigrants and other Minnesotans.

Airport hesitant to grant Mu–slim prayer room

“Where you have Christians and Mus–lims praying at the same time, it will create a problem,” .. a So-mali leader who spoke at a meeting of community members and airport officials Tuesday in Minneapolis.

Som-alis assembled at Tuesday’s meeting at the Da–rul Qu-ba Mos–que in Minneapolis also wanted to know whether the airport would provide announcements and signs in Somali.



Does not compute..Does not compute….


OMG..Is this not a primo example of chronic, unchecked, tunnel-visioned typical Izlamic narcissism. Signs in an American Airport in Somaliii ?!

OH. Your’e not familiar with the Somalis in the the U.S.?
Well then, here’s a glimmer.

The Is–lamic Courts also had supporters in the United States.

Last Saturday, 1,500 Somalis gathered in Minneapolis’ Peavey Park for a demonstration in favor of the Sha–ria regime and against American support for the Ethiopian and Somali forces that toppled it. ..
(Star Tribune)

The Minneapolis Jih–ad

The peace and law and order that the Isl–amic Courts brought to S-omalia was decidedly a matter of brute force and intimidation.
In November 2005 Sha–ria supremacists in Mogadishu killed twelve people in the process of closing down movie theaters and video stores, both of which had been deemed un-Is–lamic.

Last July they killed two people at a forbidden screening of a World Cup match.

The regime staged public floggings and executions, banned television, music, and women swimming, and in one town a cleric aptly named Sheikh R-age announced that anyone who did not attend Mus–lim prayers five times a day would be beheaded.

What are 1,500 supporters of Isl–amic jih-ad and Sha-ria law doing in Minneapolis?

What are the implications of this for our own national security? Would these immigrants prefer to live under Sha-ria than under the United States Constitution?

Why do immigration officials do absolutely no screening for Sh-aria supremacism, even though the U.S. is embroiled in a global war against Sh-aria supremacists? Why is no one with any power or influence even asking these questions?

They dare to protest openly on our city streets for reinstatement of barbarism and torture……..with impunity.

If this is not treason, then nothing is.

Treason is the betrayal or perversion of a sacred obligation made by a bond of friendship, or an allegiance to a nation. They have no allegiance to this Nation or the principles upon which it was founded, whatsoever.

And they will scream it in our streets without fear of the beheadings they wish to reinstate.

Make no mistake, friends, this is a war for the heart and soul of our nation.

So… I suppose this means we should be as concerned about our Northern border as our Southern.

I would try to articulate my rage, sweet friends, but I can assure you, as of now…all I could muster would be one long, sustained scream.

How much do you want to bet these ji-hadists get their “prayer room”, courtesy Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport?

Same Circus, Different Clowns. dieani.gif

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12 Responses to “Soma-lis who Support Ji-had?..No Prob.”

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh they will get their prayer room, and that will just be the beginning. Other religions should stand up and demand their OWN prayer rooms. If this prayer room is supposed to be used by different religions, you know that won’t work. How can airports all over the US afford to build prayer rooms for EVERY RELIGION? They can’t. This is the only way to stop this, demand all those prayer rooms.

    I just did a post about how far gone Canada is concerning Muslims. If we get the North American Union, no southern or northern border, we are doomed.

  2. Right Truth says:

    U.S. defense technology stolen by spies…

    A Pentagon report says theft of sensitive U.S. defense technology is up drastically. The foreign country culprits are mainly nations in the Asia-Pacific region. Modern-day spies are trying to get access to our military and other defense technology by u…

  3. wordsmith says:

    Thank God for the Ethiopian forces taking decisive action and not falling prey to the diplomatic nonsense quagmire. They did the world an enormous favor that is not appreciated by much of the planet’s population.

  4. vimto says:

    Hi angel. The Islamists will push the boundaries and then push them again. They have no respect for anything other than Islam and that is confirmed by the West continually giving in tot heir every whim. I took a little time to observe the prayer rooma nd it’s users at Heathrow while waiting for a delayed flight recently. Seemed pretty new – age to me. I’d prefer to sit in a chair or just take a coffee and pray or read my Bible. Good thing about being a Christian – we don’t need buildings or rituals to mediate God to us. The Lord is Godd!

  5. Night Rider says:


    We as citizens of the United States of America need to do more, we all need to stand up and rebel against these Jihadists over here in the United States regardless of what CAIR says or does about it. If we don’t, it’s too late for us and for Israel, I’m sorry but I see no other way around it.

  6. Brooke says:

    What? But I thought that Islam was the “religion of peace” and tolerant!

    Yet they don’t want to pray alongside Christians?

    What a shock. :evil: :mad:

  7. Angel says:

    Thanks again y’all for the additions…..we will have to wait and see how this unfolds eh? :)

  8. Nuke's news & views says:

    Somali Christian Blog Abandoned?…

    A few days ago I promised myself to try to find out what has happened to the ‘Solmali’s for Jesus’ Blog. It monitored the killing of Christians in Somalia by Islamists and the Islamic Courts….

  9. KKarLMmM says:

    Some of these stories are so outrageous i believe they are a creation of “The Twilight Zone”.Everyday i wake to your site to catch a glimpse of the world and its circus. i am just so worried that the animal and clowns arebeginning to run the show…just make sure their prayer room has an attendant!!

  10. A. Truman North says:

    When John Dingell can’t vote yes on a non-binding resolution affirming Israel’s right to defend itself from Hizbullah because his district is full of Islamist racists, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama is the flava of the month, and Keith Eliison thinks it’s perfectly cool to use the Koran to swear in, and CAIR and the ACLU are still allowed to function…

    it’s about over on this front, just like it was on the criminal alien front last year around May 1st, during the urban takeover marches held across the country.

    Oh, and did you hear? Armed Mexicans overrane a border National Guard station this week. I’m sure San Fran Nan is cheering along with her Marin County friends as illegals turn their vineyard produce into screw-top wine.

    Best, Angel
    A. Truman North

  11. Blackhawk says:

    blah blah blah –u neo-nazi Cons are just complaining over and over –nobody is taking over America -nobody wants to change your religion or language –its all in your mind! stop blaming other for your own problems –you been blaming it on Jews for years and now Muslims –get a grip!

  12. Nuke’s News and Views » Somali Christian Blog Abandoned? says:

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