Shalit still Missing



Mou–ssa Ab-u Mar—zouk, deputy head of Ham–as’ political bureau in Dam-ascus, says captured Israeli soldier is alive and that Ham–as is willing to trade videotape showing him for release of Pal-estinian female prisoners, other detainees ..


Ha–mas: Video of Shalit for release of women, other detainees

Uh. OK.
Shall we clarify a bit here.

Shalit is a soldier, the ahem..”women detainees” are terrorists. Minor detail. dieani.gif

Typifying the spirit of the Muzlim mentality, theyv’e offered er..a “videotape”.

No doubt this ahem..gesture, will be well received by the Lib Jew haters.
“Oh, look ..Ha-mass is trying, but Israel just won’t cooperate…”..the usual mantra that is so readily digested and regurgitated by the party faithful.

Sure, let’s trust the deputy head of Ham–as’ political bureau, you know the one with a room temperature IQ, who clearly can’t distinguish between soldiers and cold blooded terrorists.

A video tape? cameraniq.gif
You’d have to be a gross ignoramus — (144 times worse than an ordinary ignoramus) to remotely accept these ahem..terms.

Should Israel rise to the bait? smile-uhh.gif
Oh yea.
Provided this sets a new precedent for future negotiations.

Right. Israel could trade a Videotape of the West Bank and all other territories the murderers want to steal…in exchange for…hmmmm..let’s see……..Letting them Live? flag10.gif

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9 Responses to “Shalit still Missing”

  1. Gayle says:

    You’re right, Angel. Israel, who has never started a war will be the bad guy! It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but that’s the way the Lib Jew haters are.

    On another note, I’ve done a personal post, not a political one. Life isn’t letting me post! Grrrrr! Well, as they say, sh*t happens! I’ll be back when things calm down a bit.

    Blessings as always!

  2. Layla says:

    So much for getting Shalit back in a timely manner. The people that have done this to Shalit are barbarians. I feel for him and his family. And of course Israel has NEVER started a war. But in this sick world everyone loves to blame “Jews” for everything.

    Over the holiday we were at Service when the Pastor (we have only been going to this Church home a short time) anyhow, he was making a point about what if Jesus forgot about Christmas–there would be no celebration, no Christmas songs, then all of a sudden he came out with this anti-Semitic crack, well we would be singing -”we wish you a merry Passover”–to say the least my husband and I were appaled to hear a pastor talk this way and make light of Jewish holidays, which are older than Christian holidays. He and his congregations thought it was ‘so’ funny. Suffice to say my husband and have not gone back and never will.

    The Church is sadly the primary cause and reason there is so much anti-Semitism in the world today. It began a long, long time ago. I won’t go into it here, lest I bore everyone, but it is truly amazing that the Church whose Savior is Jesus – ‘a JEW’ – could be so hateful to the Jews. It truly saddens me.

    Ah, sorry hun, rambling – tired. I got the blog all done so early tomorrow I will put up my weekend open post..hehe. I think I am a bit slap happy now! LOLzzzz ;-) :)

  3. Layla says:

    Sorry hun that I went off topic a bit, but I love the Jewish people – I have a friend since I was 12, she is my “Jewish mom” and I love her. I have always been surrounded by Jews and when I was a kid I used to wish I was a Jew. But like Apostle Paul says, “we have been circumcized of the heart”. This is just a subject that hits so close to home. Thanks for letting ramble hun! :)

  4. KKarLMmM says:

    Why stop there….a half eaten bowl of chick peas…… for Jerusalem!!!
    and, 1 camel, 2 humps, of course and a dozen slightly worn turbans….for all of the West Bank…
    and finally a never opened Koran autographed by Moeham & Ed for return to the Green Line..
    ha! and the world says we are not reasonable.

  5. Angel says:

    Gayle, Layla and Karl M..
    thank u for your great words………I pray that precious soldier boy is returned and soon! :)

  6. 123beta says:

    Open Trackback Weekend #36…

    The open trackback party is now on! Leave a post and I’ll be sure to send a trackback your way. OK, go!…

  7. Right Truth says:

    Death and torture in Iran…

    Here are a few things you don’t hear every day about Iran. Arabs who have attempted to demonstrate peacefully against Iran’s land confiscation and Persianisation programs have faced arrest, summary execution and torture. The British Ahwazi Friendship…

  8. Margi says:

    I keep praying for Gilad Shalit and I will never understand the world’s anti-Israel bias. How they can keep saying it isn’t anti-Jewish is beyond me. Every article of history, anthropology, politics and commonsense is ignored to allow the Arab/Western media to whine on and on about the “evils” of Zionism while conveniently ignoring the sheer horror of the other side in terms of every human right imaginable. Yes, I’m sure if Shalit is ever released it will be for a hundred Arabs not worth a single hair of his head and it will still be justice but only of a kind Jews are ever expected to accept.

  9. Brooke says:

    IF Shalit is indeed still alive, then Israel’s apparent spinelessness is all the more appalling.

    GET HIM BACK!!! :evil: