Runners Detour Out of 8K Race Path to Thank 95 Year-Old WWII Veteran

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Well, this will certainly brighten your day, especially if you’re sick of all the winter storms.
Last Sunday, the Pat Tillman Foundation, which helps military veterans with higher education, held their annual 408k race – in San Jose.

Yet, there was an unexpected guest: a 95-year old WWII veteran Joe Bell in full uniform, who was there encouraging all the participants running in the event.
In return, countless runners came over to shake this hero’s hand
and thank him for his service.

I wonder who the first guy was……..sheer patriotism.

Soooo……Why are conservatives and Republicans seemingly more supportive of our troops than liberals?

It’s a good question.
Why Do Conservatives Love the Military?

1-The military sees a clear line between good and evil.
The minute you start thinking that there’s no such thing as good and evil, right and wrong, it’s virtually impossible to support an organization like the military.

2-Veterans view themselves as servants, not victims.

3. The military stresses hard work, self-discipline, and personal responsibility.

4-Service members understand that freedom is not free.

5-The military shoots guns. Lots of guns.

Semper Fi.

And for some lessons the IzlamoNazi pandering Left and media may wish to learn:

- “War is cruelty. There is no use trying to reform it. The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”
– Gen William T. Sherman

“If you kill enough of them, they stop fighting.” – Curtis LeMay

And finally…

“It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it.” – Douglas MacArthur


God bless you and all our precious soldiers laying their lives on the line for the ungrateful masses.

12 Responses to “Runners Detour Out of 8K Race Path to Thank 95 Year-Old WWII Veteran”

  1. babygirl_lonz says:

    Wow, so inspiring. Thank you for sharing

  2. dee says:

    awww :) that was a nice way to start my morning. thanx angel!

  3. Comedy Plus says:

    What a fabulous video. That made his day. I always thank our military for their service. Always.

    I feel the same about the military as you do Angel. There is good and there is evil. The military stands on that line between the two and I thank them for doing so.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs my friend. ♥♥♥

  4. Katie says:

    Veterans and Conservatives have a conscience and manners, Liberals do not. Thus the sight of them thanking this old man.

  5. Mustang says:

    Fantastic, Angel. Thank you.

  6. ron says:


  7. Ed Bonderenka says:

    Really good post!

  8. Always On Watch says:

    Wonderful video! I posted it early yesterday on my Facebook page.

    God bless our military!

  9. Carol-Christian Soldier says:


  10. -FJ says:

    It’s always good to see reinforcement of the fact that there are still a lot of good, decent people out there! Thanks for posting it, Angel!

  11. -FJ says:

    For those who missed it (your link died, Angel). :(

  12. William Stout says:

    To your list of quotes, I will add another: “It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it.” – Robert E. Lee

    Lee sat astride his horse watching the battlefield as he said this to General Longstreet. Union soldiers were dying by the thousands, and Lee had mixed feelings about the carnage. On the one hand he was winning, and was proud of his troops. On the other hand, he knew that there would be many tears shed for the men who had fallen. Brothers, husbands, fathers, and sons who would never return home. Yet they fought.

    One of the most ironic tales of that battle were the two Irish units who met each other in combat. One unit fought for the North, the other for the South. Men of Erin, who left their homeland to seek a better life in America. Men who knew one another because they had sailed to the States together. Men who did not relish the thought of slaying their fellow countrymen. In a sense, the Irish were a microcosm of North and South. A family divided, but each fighting for what they believed. They did not march for malice. They did not march for spite. They marched for something larger than themselves, that is why we love them.

    They are our neighbors, our family, and our friends. They stand for what we prize more than life itself: liberty. The citizen soldier, marching to war to protect one’s home and to preserve something of worth for future generations. Today we often hear the words that freedom isn’t free, but rarely do we hear that the price of that freedom is our dearest blood. The blood of our family, our friends, and our neighbors.

    For us, that recognition is patriotism. That is why the flag is so much more than just colored cloth. It is a symbol, whose red is the blood shed by our countrymen. It’s blue field, the terrible darkness of night when those who mourn the fallen are alone with their grief. The white, a symbol of the purity of innocent freedom.

    Thank you, Angel, for remembering our military. They deserve every measure of honor that we can heap upon them, both past and present. I hope that you will forgive me, but I have included a link to a youtube video in honor of the Irish who served at the battle of Fredericksburg.