Gender Politics

Tranzgenderz joining all girl sports teams.
Tranzgenderz winning “female” beauty contests even though they are male………………

Brave New World eh.

Uh huh.

Remember when ahem…not so “Gay” youth advocates called it a landmark victory for campus gender expression when a transgender student ran for prom royalty?

Prom royalty?
Does that not go off the rails.


Welcome to the muddled and baffled world of late twentieth-century gender politics.

Shams are spreading throughout this globe at the speed of light.

Well guess what.
Recognizing that one is a man or woman and knowing how you are at variance physically and psychologically from the other sex is good.
Healthy, good and….um…normal.


That’s right. I said “normal.”
You do remember that dontcha Libs?
Don’t answer that.



Ooops. I made a value judgement. How unPC of me.censored

All this courtesy of the voices of the life-denying Leftards, my friends, who feel right at home with the life-denying Islamorobot-Killers of Death and destruction.

Given all the PC rubbish flung at kids and young teens, it’s a marvel they aren’t all manifestly bewildered about their “gender identity.”


The fact is that that many men living in this radical feminist culture feel confused about who they are as men.

Girls are spoon fed that their “self esteem” emanates from weighing less than 90 lbs and dressing like whores.


But…Gender uncertaintly contributes to the Rad Libs’ goals of social and political reform…or should I say revolution..
Watch out..incest is the next sin go.

Women choosing to marry and become “stay at home moms”, (the new acceptable term for “housewife”)…can’t be celebrated as unique to the female gender….No.


Of course no one on the Leftard PC payroll will admit this Truth:
about….er………Sexual Identity Confusion.

Responses to Sexual Abuse:

Boys, like girls, usually respond to abuse with sexualization (cross-dressing, etc.)

Sexually abused boys later have greater sexual identity confusion and increased likelihood of homosexuality.

Victims, even at a young age, tend to show considerable concern over their gender identity.

Some research shows that boys who were sexually molested by older men were four times more likely to be engaged in homosexual activity than non-victims.

General Initial Effects of Sexual Abuse

1-Confusion or anxiety over sexual identity
2-Inappropriate attempts to reassert masculinity
3-Recapitulation of the victimizing experience

Boys may react differently to sexual abuse.
Boys may have a greater tendency to “act out” (externalize) their emotional with disruptive behaviors.
Effects of Sexual Abuse

Girls may have a greater tendency to “act in” (internalize) and become anxious or depressed.

Another dirty lil secret the PC Machine doesn’t want you to know.

It is more likely that the family where the boy is being abused will not be headed by a father.

(Watkins, B. & Bentovim, A. (1992). The sexual abuse of the male children and adolescents: a review of current research. Journal of Clinical Psychology & Psychiatry, 33(10), 197-248.)

Libs can hardly bottle their utter disdain of what our country really stands for,.. its religious history along with all its morals and tradtional values.

Just another example of the “repeat until true” subjectivism unbridled today.

Now class, write this on the chalkboard 100 times:
Dudes are chicks and Chicks are dudes.


My unsoliticed advice?
Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you don’t have a leg to stand on.


11 Responses to “Gender Politics”

  1. Katie says:

    If it has an X and Y Chromosome then it is a male.
    If it has an X and X Chromosome then it is a female.

    You can change everything but your genes.

    Problem solved.

  2. Ed Bonderenka says:

    Just cuz someone is confused about their gender, doesn’t mean I am about theirs.

  3. z says:

    You’re 100% right, Angel…..and the libs don’t even see the damage they’re doing.
    Ed’s point is a good one!
    That GENDER NEUTRAL BATHROOM in elementary schools is what gets me….what 6 year old do YOU know who was ever ambiguous about his SEXUALITY? Or KNEW about gender?? WHat rubbish. And what about the RIGHTS of little straight girls who don’t WANT to be in the bathroom with a little boy? For one little kid whose parents are whacked, ALL the little girls have to be fearful and embarrassed?

  4. Comedy Plus says:

    The current lot of progressives…I can’t call them liberals want equality in everything. Well except if you’re conservative, or christian, or… We are the new evil. They have no idea how wrong they are on that one.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  5. Joe says:

    You know, when someone doesn’t know if they are male, female, or it, then maybe they had best wait until they get HOME to take that whiz! Why should all the rest of us have to conform to their needs?

  6. KarLLLMMMMMM says:

    Something about all this makes owning a dog so much better..

    Never have a question with my beautiful pet..She always acts like a lady..

    Makes you want to change that slogan…”…its going to the dogs”!!!!!!

  7. -FJ says:

    I would agree with you, Angel, but then I would be accused of being “disengenderous”. ;)

  8. William Stout says:

    Gender roles have been so muddied of late that women are now complaining that there are no “real men” anymore. Funny, I recall the complaints not too long ago about how women wanted a man that could cry and show his feelings. The man’s man of yesteryear is fading to a memory. Even a man’s traditional attitudes are subject to ridicule and rejection. In institutions of higher leaning, 65% of the students are female. That means that most women with a four year degree will not find an equally educated mate nor one that brings in as much income. Further, our society is poised to become a matriarchy. How much do you want to bet that the girls will make the same mistakes that were made by the boys? I wonder how long it will take for female on male sexual harassment to take center stage in that world? When in a position of power, women can be even more aggressive than the men.

    This is the brave new world that the left has sought so earnestly. The irony is that even die hard liberal females desire a traditional man. Go figure.

  9. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    and–women in our military – wanting front line duty- with lower standards of training- –what will it do to morale–
    I could go on-but- time for bed–
    Have a great week – my Patriot friend–

  10. Woodsterman says:

    Libtards really need to ask themselves what kind of world would it be if we really were all the same.

  11. Comedy Plus says:

    Yep, the liberals have run right off the rails with just about everything. What a joke they’ve become. Kobe rocks and he’s right on the money. You can’t blame the whites for the blacks not stepping up to the plate. You can start with Jesse and Rev. Al. Those two are getting rich keeping the blacks down. That’s their lot in life.

    Keep up the great work honey. There are many of us that feel the very same way you do.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ♥♥♥