“Racial” Profiling

OMG Neal Boortz really hit this one outta the park~!

A must READ sweet readers:

Racist Elephants

The elephants in question are living in close proximity to two different African tribes; the Maasai and the Kamba.
The men from these tribes differ in dress, language, and, more importantly, how they treat the elephants.

Maasai men sometimes kill the elephants. It seems the Maasai don’t particularly appreciate the elephants attacking Maasai tribesmen and their cows. The Kamba men, on the other hand, are gentle farmers who live among, but do not threaten, the elephants. Perhaps they don’t own cows.

Please understand that the Maasai men do not attack the elephants every time they encounter one, and some Maasai men, perhaps the majority, will never find cause to try to kill an elephant. The elephants know, however, that a greater threat exists from Maasai than from Kamba.

So, how does this affect elephant behavior?
Maasai men like to wear red robes. Kamba men do not. So when the elephants see men in red robes approaching they react defensively. Usually they flee, or they will form defensive perimeters around their young. When the Kamba approach the elephants seem to be completely unconcerned and just go about their business.

The elephants don’t just notice the difference in dress. They’re also tuned into to differences in human dialect. The Maasai and Kamba have distinctive vocal and dialect differences … at least distinctive enough that these elephants can recognize them.

The researchers played a recordings of Maasai and Kamba men saying “Look, look over there. A group of elephants is coming.” When the elephants heard the recordings of the Kamba men they took notice but exhibited no untoward fear or anxiety. When they heard the voices of the Maasai men the reaction was different. The elephants fled and once again moved to protect their young.

Karen McComb, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Sussex in England explained the elephant behavior upon hearing the recordings of the Maasai and Kamba. “Cognitively, they know what they’re doing, she said, “and they adjust their reaction to exactly what they’re hearing.”

OK … what’s going on here?
We have elephants altering their behavior when encountering different African tribesmen. Sometimes the elephants go into a defensive mode based upon a visual clue, the red robes, or speech patterns. Other visual and aural clues cause them no distress whatsoever.

Has it struck you yet? Come on, folks. This really isn’t that difficult. These elephants are PROFILING!

They’re basing their reaction to encountering different groups of men based on past experience. Members of one group are more likely to be dangerous to the elephants than members of the other, and the elephants react accordingly.

I’m afraid that to get through to the irrational mind of a liberal, I have to state the obvious here.

There is no real difference in the elephant’s negative and defensive reaction to the red robes of the Maasai than a person’s reaction to someone wearing a hoodie or gang apparel on the street.

There is no real difference between an elephant’s heightened sense of alert upon hearing a particular speech pattern over our reaction to hearing dialects identifiable as coming from inner city gangster culture. Skin color? Not a factor. In case you don’t already know this; the Maasai and the Kamba are both black. (Can’t really call them African Americans for obvious reasons. Well … maybe not so obvious to liberals.)

Experience instructs. People — and elephants — learn.

When elephants exhibit this behavior in the wild it’s an occasion for marveling at their intelligence. When humans exhibit this behavior in high crime areas, it’s called racism.

Point made.

Carry on.

Anyone up for a game of cards?

The elephants are racially profiling!

Quick: Call Al NOT SO Sharpton!Ah yes. Apparently Dumbo must need a refresher course in sensitivity training eh.

Societal intimidation – Fear of attack or heaven forfend being labelled a racist ensures censorship and enforced self-censorship by media and politicains in the wider non-Muzzzlim society.

Profiling seedy people and groups with known ties and sympathies to terrorism??

UH..it’s called “survival instinct” Libtards.

But of course being a realist makes you a racist, right?

In this new P.C. ‘see no black crime or “muzlim evil” World, it seems that preserving heritage and culture is now deemed racist.
All patriots are bigots.

We have no one but ourselves to blame.

Our love affair with secularism and disdain of Judeo-Christian values has created an enormous cultural vacuum which not only allows, but encourages parasitic cultures to prey on the lonely, dying carcass.

Keep your powder dry my fellow Americans…We may very well be the only ones willing or left…to fight the Horde.

9 Responses to ““Racial” Profiling”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    I profile all the time and will continue to do so. It’s not all that hard to spot the thugs out there. The first people we need to profile are our politicians. They are the most dangerous out there. You cannot legislate how we feel about any given group. Gangsters I’ll avoid. Trash I’ll avoid. Muslims I’ll avoid. For the obvious reasons.

    Have a fabulous day Angel. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  2. -FJ says:

    Profiling makes sense. It’s only a no-no in a complete idiot’s book.

  3. Bob says:

    Wow! Great post, Angel.

    I don’t know why people think it is wrong to be suspicious of people wearing hoodies when, historically, people that wear hoods are many times crooks, bandits, murders, etc. That’s why we call bad guys “hoods”.

    Neal Boortz is one of my favorite radio talk show hosts, but he retired from WSB in Atlanta some years ago. I must not be keeping up with happenings, though. Where did you hear about Boortz?

  4. William Stout says:

    I have made many an arrest because of profiling. When I see a white cruising around in an all black neighborhood and then go into a known crack house, I can be pretty sure that he bought some rock and that he isn’t there to visit a friend. I left law enforcement long before the current obsession with “profiling” came to be, but it is the best tool in the law enforcement officer’s inventory. The very nature of patrol demands that you familiarize yourself with your beat so that you can know what is normal and what is not. Anything not normal demands scrutiny. That is profiling pure and simple. Any deviation from the norm is an automatic red flag.

    Dealers and pimps dress a certain way, they drive a certain kind of car, they use a certain kind of language that differs from most other people. All are indicators that the officer needs to use in order to detect criminal activity. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would call that wrong, but their responsibility is not the enforcement of law or the protection of the public. They are political creatures who are only seeking to line their own pockets.

    The ridiculous assertion that profiling is racist has caused numerous tactics to be tossed out to the detriment of our society. New York city will not even identify suspects by physical description over the radio anymore because of being labeled racist. The FBI behavioral sciences unit at Quantico profiles all of the time and they are very successful at it. Should we force them to abandon the search for serial killers because of it? Should we continue to subject small children and elderly nuns to invasive searches at airports when we are really looking for Arab men between the ages of 18 and 50?

    You tell me that I cannot act based on my experience. That is insane, but insanity seems to be the order of the day.

  5. Jerry (DaBlade) says:

    If I see a pink elephant on the sidewalk coming my way, I always stagger to the other side of the street! *HONK* Loved your post as always Angel.

  6. Joe says:

    Why, those racist bigotted elephants!! They should know better than that, after all, they’re half black!
    heh heh heh!

    SCREW the libturds! I profile and I am NOT ashamed to say so! If you have a towel wrapped around your noggin or a mask covering your whole damned face, I will assume that you may very well have TNT taped to your torso. If your shorts start at the crack of your ass and go all the way to your ankles, no matter what color you are, I am going to think you have an attitude that I will NOT care for. If you are part of a gang that looks like trouble looking for a place to happen, I will assume that is exactly what you are—TROUBLE!

    Don’t like that—-TOUGH SHIT!!!!

  7. Woodsterman says:

    I don’t mind being called a racist. It simply minds I’m winning and they have no argument left.

  8. Mustang says:

    This is such a timely article, Angel. Thank you! My race card is due to expire!

  9. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    time for us to stop being “nice”