Proportional Response

MEMO to America and Israel:

How Should America and Israel respond to terror?


I got your “proportional response right here!
Yea. How bout a lil ‘disproportion’ once and for all?

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13 Responses to “Proportional Response”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    More than brilliant, let’s do it! Love this.

    Have a blessed day my friend. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  2. Lady Lilith says:

    That is a very interesting response. I think they have some good ideas. If only we can turn this into reality.

  3. William Stout says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Instead of a measured and proportional response, an overwhelming response works far better. When Al Qaeda struck on September 11, America’s attitude toward terrorists and terrorism changed. Bin Laden expected us to bomb a few training centers, talk tough, and then go back to business as usual. Imagine their surprise when NATO showed up on their doorstep and brought them war. They were stunned, they were astonished, and they died in droves. In short, it was effective.

    Had it been my call, I would have dropped an entire army in Afghanistan and surrounded Tora Bora with a troop line so tight that a mouse couldn’t have gotten through it. I then would have dropped leaflets stating that if you did not wish to die, you had best depart the area with maximum alacrity. Three days later, I would have dropped a neutron bomb on that base, waited 24 hours and then gone in to identify the body of Osama bin Laden. Once I had his carcass, I would round everyone up, and head back home. Problem solved with maximal force, minimal casualties, and given the next terrorist jackass something to think about.

    The left would have moaned, the world would have condemned the action and wrung it’s hands, but ultimately nobody would do anything other than grouse about it. Just like they did when Russia strolled into the Crimea and took it. Putin knew that they would do nothing. He knew that they would not admit the Ukraine into NATO, and he knew that the empty suit in the White House would blow off a lot of hot air, and then shut up and sit down. Just like he did in Syria, and when Syria used chemical weapons on it’s own populace.

    You don’t win a war with proportional strikes, you win a war by using maximal force, and deprivation to break your enemy’s will to resist. That is why we carpet bombed the Germans, firebombed Dresden, and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It isn’t pleasant, but then that is the point. If the left has proven anything, it is that weakness can never provide peace. Giving peace a chance only prolongs the agony of war and encourages your enemies, and that is exactly what our President has wrought in his tenure as ditherer in chief.

    When Reagan stood up to the Soviet Union and forced them to terms, the left spoke of innumerable body bags filled with American corpses, they spoke of how tough the Soviets were, Senator Edward Kennedy committed treason by going behind the back of the American President and offered his assistance to the KGB, the very people who tortured and deprived people of their lives at Lubyanka prison, in order to undermine President Reagan. Is anybody really shocked that Reagan was right and the left was wrong?

    Oh sure, the left talks a good ball game. But they bungle the opportunity to bleed the enemy every bloody time, and end up prolonging conflict after conflict. They make America weak. Worse, they make us weak when the world is at it’s darkest. President Obama is cutting the American military to pre-World War II levels. Think about that for a minute. Is the world really safer? Is it any safer without the United States of America being an active participant on the world’s stage? Frankly, NATO is worried that we will no longer even be able to support our European commitments, and God help the Pacific rim, because Red China is proving itself to be interested in projecting it’s power into the Pacific. Why do you suppose that they have greatly strengthened their military power? Why did thy develop modern aircraft carriers? They did so in order to check the American military in that theater of operations. What was our response? We dropped the air superiority fighter from our military purchase orders.

    The wastrels of the elitist left can really lay down the peacenik repertoire, but they are less than useless when it comes to protecting the American citizen. Take our Southern border, how hard would it be for ISIS terrorist or Iranian Revolutionary Guard to just stroll right on into the USA? What do you want to bet that it is also incredibly easy to roll in nuclear material or biological agents via the same route? Who made our borders porous? Who wants open borders? Who does absolutely nothing to secure our border? Why, that would be the left. Those people aren’t just feckless, they are downright dangerous.

    Proportional response my rear end. If you want to keep on being hit, then by all means go with a measured response to terror. If you want to disrupt terror and keep them off balance, go with an overwhelming response. Strike them wherever you find them. Use weapons that they will never expect you to use. Make it so costly to resort to terror, that it will be out of the question. If terrorist leaders are not flabbergasted by an overwhelming response, you didn’t do it right.

  4. Woodsterman says:

    I like that, however our president won’t even take the proportional response route. He’s too busy molding the world in his image.

  5. z says:

    And we have a president who won’t even call what happens to us TERROR!
    I never thought a big liberal like Sheen would even ACT this part….
    Terrific find, Angel.

  6. Mustang says:

    If the United States wants to be a great nation, it has to act like a great nation. Sitting back and playing footsies with the Moslem Brotherhood, like Obama is doing, is not the behavior of a great nation, or a great leader. First, let us get rid of this worthless POS president, and secondly, let us implement foreign policy that is worthy of a great people. Let us only employ destructive weapons against those who deserve it, and when we do it, let us make it so massive, and so overwhelming, that no one in their right might will think about targeting American citizens or property ever again.

  7. Ed Bonderenka says:

    Picture links of flags are broken, but the video is powerful.
    And fiction.
    But i’m reminded of two F-111s headed to Libya a while back.

  8. slamdunk says:

    Great clip and lots of food for thought, Angel. If we always act as expected, will the offenders’ behaviors ever change for the good?

  9. KarLLLMMMMM says:

    PROPORTIONAL….the only use of this word i can recall comes from Algebra of 9th grade…

    You attack my family ,my country and my suffer what i think is appropriate…and that my dear friends..

    only needs a leaf blower to clean up the remains!!!!

  10. american4americans says:

    It’s simple, just keep on bombing the crap out of them..

  11. Jerry (DaBlade) says:

    I thought the same thing as Z regarding the irony of this scene performed by “the liberal, Sheen”. We used to embrace a foreign policy that entailed possessing overpowering military might to ensure peace, as our enemies were rightfully afraid and never questioned our will to crush them if necessary. That was before obama bowed and apologized for America all across the globe.

  12. Always On Watch says:

    Netanyahu is not going to back down.

    The reason that Israel’s firepower results in those balls of fire is that the rockets are hitting ammo dumps, which are embedded in civilian locations. Using civilian locations to embed weapons of war is typical of Moslems.

  13. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    This video “says” what I have been saying for years–I continue to get ‘eye rolls’-

    Glad that Pres. Jefferson got tired of paying muslims 20%+ of the new Republic’s GNP – as tribute- and sent the new Marines–(Shores of Tripoli) . Pres.Madison finished the job–No more tribute -he said–