Support Israel: the ONLY Democracy in the Middle East

Want Proportionality? Give Israel 22 Countries!!!

Spare us the pieties and righteous indignation of Europe. The final solution turned out to be Israel and they can’t handle it.

Europe is in an uproar. Frankfurt, Germany is rioting, along with France, the UK and in other places where where it’s Springtime for Hitler all over again.

But even over here in America the streets are filling up with hateful marches and slogans against the Jewish State.

Much of this is triggered by Mus-lims who arrive here with a grudge and stay with a grudge.
But also…television termite Jon Stewart sleeps comfortably in his own bed but can find no heart for a million Jewish children who must spend half their lives running for cover as rockets keep raining down from Gaza.

Thousands of Israeli children have been so traumatized over the years from relentless bombardment that they’re afraid to leave their bomb shelters – ever.

Television imbecile Geraldo Rivera has likewise been heard from – a self-proclaimed “passionate Zionist” so long as the Jewish State refrains from defending herself.

Thank you, Europe, for reminding us why America was discovered just in time and why Israel was redeemed many generations too late.

You dare judge Israel? In your deportations, your expulsions, your forced conversions, your inquisitions, your pogroms, finally your Holocaust you have no moral authority over Israel or even within your own borders. You gave all that up from 1492 to 1942 and beyond.

God bless the IDF! Go Israel!


Not exactly the word that leaps to mind.

Let us dissect the Lib Christian and Jew haters’ plan shall we?


Ah yes…Reform Rabbis and Episcopalian latter-day shamans and oracles of our modern world….embracing Shaaariah and Dhimmitude in all its ahem…glory.

crazysmile–Here are some talkin points from the deceivers who really can’t quite contain their hidden Agenda:

“The only other place where such a thing exists is Jerusalem,” said Dr. Sy-ed Moh-iuddin,……. Moh-iuddin’s organization, the American Institute of Is-lamic Studies and Culture, is building a mosque on the campus.

“Jerusalem is so important to these three faiths. We are sort of reproducing that model.”

Ummm……Jerusalem is so important to these three faiths.?

Since when does Jerusalem have anything whatsoever to do with Izlam?
Hard-core turbo lefties re writing the history of Israel.

gnasher–How bout this lil tidbit?

“I don’t personally take offense because I recognize that a small, tiny minority of Muslims have caused people to fear, and the press in the United States has not helped,” he said. “We think the best way to combat that is to let people get to know us and not be afraid.”


Clue #1:
Muzlims routinely destroy property, threaten death and bodily harm to those who speak out against them, and they constantly fund terrorism throughout the world.

But who’s counting eh?
Apparently not “Moderate” Muzlims.arrowthruhead9

But But But ………….it’s the American Press that is to blame.uhh

–And needless to say..

Muzlims playin the BLAME GAME:blah8

……the task could prove particularly challenging for the American Institute of Islamic Studies and Culture, a new not-for-profit devoted to countering the image of violent Is-lam in American society..

Not devoted to eliminating Izlamic terror but ………..Countering the “image of violent Is-lam” in American society?



All MuZlim societies —-Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Gaza, Iraq, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc etc etc……………… remain the most violent, brutal, impoverished and benighted cultures on earth.

But it’s an “image” problem?
Rrrright. The poison pill swallowed whole by self hating Reform Jews and Episcopalians in Omaha.

mad1–Ohhh and now the Jooooooooish issue:

But there also have been moments of tension, such as when the Jewish Federation of Omaha’s newspaper, the Jewish Press, publicized the fact that Naser Z. Alsharif, an American of Palestinian descent who serves on the Tri-Faith board, signed on to a boycott of Israeli academic and cultural institutions.

Oh an anti Israel, anti-semite in their ranks?

Scratch a so called “Moderate”..and what do you find.

“We are all Good.
The Jews (and Christians) are very bad.
The U.S. is great Satan, Israel is little Satan….UGA UGA UGA.”


And shame on America for not wanting a mosque aka terrorist cell on the site of Ground Zero…anger or the IDF for fighting against all those ahem “innocent peace activists” who are just carrying a plate of cookies and a white flag towards us infidels no doubt.

Muzzlims Blamed for the Sept 11 terrorist attacks?

Um…that’s because they perpetrated them fool.

Oooops. Wer’e supposed to say Radical Isssssssslam, right?

Oh and not for nothin but has any Muzzzzlim “leader”, radical or not…….. ever apologized for 9-11? EVER?


Any imaaaaaaaam apologize for the barbarians people who murdered, firebombed embassies and rioted because they didn’t like some um.. “cartoons”?

Any huge rally by the alleged millions of ahem..”moderate” Muzlims denouncing all the horror their co-religionists have wrought?

The root cause of terrorism you ask?

Simple: It is its success – given to it by its willing victims.



Daily life for Israeli children:


The Congregation of Zion church in Stockton, California is showing solidarity with Israel during Operation Protective Edge by staging a mock air raid drill that allows members to experience what Israelis are going through as civilians run for cover from Hamas rockets aimed indiscriminately at population centers.

The video of the air raid drill, posted on YouTube and covered by the Times of Israel, has gone viral:


The church’s website devotes an entire section to “Standing with Israel,” declaring: “We believe Israel is God’s special people, distinct from the body of Messiah, chosen by Him to be a holy nation and a kingdom of priests.”

12 Responses to “Support Israel: the ONLY Democracy in the Middle East”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. No such thing. They are here for one purpose…rule the world and that’s what they are trying to do. They can take the left with them as far as I’m concerned as we’d be far better off without them.

    Islam the religion of hate and intolerance. Always has been and always will be.

    Have a fabulous day my friend. ♥♥♥

  2. William Stout says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your take on this issue, Angel. In a culture of lies, it is revolutionary to speak the truth, and you spoke it. The death of the Prophet produced bloodshed within Islam the scale of which has never been seen again. They have swept through Europe stealing so many of Europe’s daughters, that if you are of European descent you likely have relatives in the Middle East. Worst of all, in the absence of Rome, it was the Muslim that tossed Europe into the Dark Ages through raw slaughter, not the barbarians.

    If the Muslims have an image problem, it is from their own making. Islam has always increased by the edge of a blade. If you would not convert willingly, you were killed. That is the tolerance of Islam. That is the respect that Islam has for other religions. They have been killing Europeans for more than 1200 years. If Islam offers the infidel peace, it is only the peace of the grave.

    To any other faith, Islam offers only an existential threat. It is not a tolerant religion, if you want toleration you must pay the Jizya. A bribe to live as a second class citizen, but you may not build or repair your houses of worship, and you may not recruit new members. When the Muslims grow restless, they will rape your women, and they will burn and desecrate your churches. That is how you will live until Islam finally decides to end you.

    Make no mistake, Europe fears Islam. It has lived under the Caliphate, and suffered greatly in their bondage. They are motivated partly by fear and partly by political correctness. That attitude lead to the Holocaust, and it would appear that they are headed there again. Even in Malmo, once famous for harboring the Jews from the Nazis, has turned hostile to them. I submit that it is far easier to side with the rabid evil of Islam than to stand for right. But while easier, it is also the coward’s way.

    Israel is worthy of protection and preservation. It is the lone voice of reason in the Middle East. It makes no distinctions between it’s citizens, and yet it is threatened on all borders. Watch MEMRI TV and immerse yourself in the narrow minded hatred of Islam. Learn what institutionalized hatred is all about, and maybe you will understand Israel’s predicament. But the threat to Israel is even greater than you know.

    The war between Britain and the IRA caused psychological casualties in Belfast. Injuries that are being inflicted on Israel today. How long can a child be afraid and not succumb to psychological injury? How long can an adult? The bombardment of Israel is far more costly than merely the price in blood. Yet every time that she moves to defend herself, Europe and lately the United States, comes down on her. The Palestinians brought this down on themselves.

    They are truly a vile people. They teach their children to hate, they betray their friends, and they deceive. No wonder the left loves them so, they are so alike. I guess that is why so many on the left wear a Keffiyeh.

  3. z says:

    Your use of ‘final solution’ in your first paragraph or so gave me the creeps, but you are SO DAMNED RIGHT~!!!! The final solution was ISRAEL’S SUCCESS!

    By the way…I hadn’t heard that Germans are marching in outrage? At the Israeli RETRIBUTION to the stinkin’ Hamas rockets that NOBODY HEARS ABOUT raining down on Israel on a regular basis? But let Israel retaliate and OH BROTHERl…
    My friend’s sis lives in Tel Aviv and is sleeping in the ‘safe room’ every night now. THAT is how Israelis have to live.
    Meanwhile, Palestinians are using human shields and the world’s angry at ISRAEL?
    I want to mention my husband was from Germany and was a total supporter of ISRAEL.

  4. z says:

    WOW…had to come back and mention that there is SO MUCH COVERAGE and OUTRAGE by the media on the Israeli ground troops going into Gaza you’d think they were all Republicans :-)

  5. -FJ says:

    Praying for Israel and the safety of the IDF!

  6. Bunkerville says:

    Prayers for Israel. It will be a long weekend. But enjoy as best you can.

  7. Ed Bonderenka says:

    How many evil militarists telephone the home they are about to bomb for harboring a missile site and warn them to leave?
    “Hello? This is the IDF.
    We understand you’ve been launching missiles at us and in an effort to stop you, we are going to bomb your home.
    Please don’t panic, but leave immediately.
    Shortly you will hear a thud on your roof.
    This is a warning shot to indicate our intent.
    You should leave very soon.
    Have a nice day!”

  8. slamdunk says:

    Your #2 says it all, Angel. There is no choice whose side we should be on in this. Praying now.

  9. Katie says:

    I support Israel but my government and the world wants to kill every Jew instead,

  10. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    Leave it to Micheal Ramiriz to ‘say it all’ in one ‘cartoon’ illustration!
    and – as usual- you are Right On- Angel!

  11. KarLLLMMMMM says:

    Great take Angel on a very sad story depicting the difference between Human’s and Animals…
    Taking Israel’s side is just to easy to support….it’s like being against Hitler..
    When the Arab Animals realize that the Israelis are STAYING FOREVER maybe something will change…till then i guess , like a bad dream, we the supporters of Democratic and Human diginity can only hope to wake up shortly…to an Izlamonazis Free world….

  12. Lady Lilith says:

    Very interesting. it is scary what is gong on in the world.