Christian Pastor Attacked by Muzzlims Warns Israel

This is painful my friends but please watch anyway….

Christian Pastor Attacked by Muslims Warns Israel

In Feburary 2012, A team from The United West was in Israel and interviewed Pastor Umar Mulinde at the Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv.

Ok, satiated Americans and other global inhabitants, it’s time for the Ji-had Challenge of the Day. I’ll give you the ANSWER and you provide the QUESTION.


Here is the answer – IS=LAM.

Now, what is the question?

Well, if you gave the following question you are correct!

What is the unifying consistent for situations where a Christian Pastor has acid thrown in his face by Mus-lims in Uganda; Mus-lim brothers are beheading their Mus-lim brothers in an internecine war in Syria; Mus-lim warriors are kidnapping young girls in Africa and selling them- as sex slaves; Mus-lims are trying to blow up more buildings in New York; Mus=lims are initiating genocide on Christians in Iraq; and Mus-lims in Gaza are targeting Jewish civilians in their effort to destroy Israel.

In as much as our lefty heroes of academia are now choking on their tofu, not believing that someone actually used the term “Is–lam” in a sentence without killing its essence by the death of a thousand qualifications, the uncomfortable fact remains, at least forensically.

Certainly, other unifying constants include the breathing of oxygen and chewing with teeth, but for the mildly curious, those factors just don’t seem to get someone all ji-haded up enough to enjoy watching the blood of life flow from hapless teenage girls. No, there has to be something else and that something else is graphically illustrated subjectively and objectively in this short interview with Pastor Umar Mulinde.

Nevertheless, please watch and listen to this amazing Christian man as he independently makes the case to the West that this current battle “the Jews are fighting over there,” is actually one small component of the fight that the West is engaged in against Is-lamic ji-had.

Therefore, it is intellectually and materially essential that all countries and people who hold to the Judeo-Christian values of Western Civilization stand with Israel in her critical defining moment fighting not just against some “wide-eyed” HAM-AS terrorists who just want to have jihad sex with seventy-two virgins, but indeed understanding the global ramifications of this war and realizing that were Israel to lose, which means anything short of complete destruction of HAM-AS, then coming to a theatre near you, regular doses of sulfuric acid to the face and other vital areas of the West.

Pastor Umar Mulinde. God bless you mightily.

Then again…..
THIS is how the mainstream media reports on the Muzlim Brothahood takeover of Libya and Tunisia:


Tunisians go to the polls in first Arab Spring election

‘This is the first time in my life I’ve truly voted. It is something extraordinary’ !!

Oh yes extraordinary

Ennahda’s fortunes could have a bearing on Egyptian elections set for next month in which the Mus-lim Brotherhood, an ideological ally, also hopes to emerge strongest.
An Ennahda victory would be the first such success in the Arab world since Hamas won a 2006 Palestinian vote.

Ah yes….Muzlims voted Ham-ASS into power.

For the baby slashing, children killing, civilian slaughterers: Ham-ASS.skull333

But Of course Buraq Hussein is pulling our troops out of Iraq, where Christian-cide is ongoing just like in ahem…newly “freed” Egypt.

Iran’s threat looms and I said from Day One…
Iraq will never be anything but another Sha-riah Hellhole.

But more Arab springing and jumpin all ovah the world.


but hey…THEY’RE VOTING!! funnyface0

THE ARAB SPRING:the term du jour for the flat out chaos and anti Christian, anti-semitic fest in the Middle East.

The Jew and Christian hating 22 Arab countries have no history of “constitutional rule” period.
And you can bet your infidel tuchus that “Consitutional rule” aint goin’ to “spring” from Muzlims anytime soon…no wait..Make that EVER.

(Note the swastika keffiyah shmata on his head.)

Christians and Jews will never even be offered a modicum of civil rights..and as as far as women and self proclaimed homo-se-xuals…..Uh uh.
Not exactly welcome in their totalitarian political ideology guys and dolls.
And not part of the “springing” and jumpin up n down apparently.

A persevering culture, which is grounded in the Judeo-Christian view of morality, emphasizing the moral worth of each individual– is the very first prerequisite of democracy.

And err…um….Not a single Muzlim country on God’s green earth is blessed with such a resplendent culture… and furthermore…no Arab country shows even the slightest sign of even moseying in that direction.


And guess what guys and dolls..

The more things change..the more they……….


In loving memory of all the thousands wounded and killed by Jeehad..

9 Responses to “Christian Pastor Attacked by Muzzlims Warns Israel”

  1. Comedy Plus says:

    Islam the cult of hate and intolerance. No religion involved it Islam whatsoever. Their leader was a pedophile. Israel need to flatten Gaza.

    Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

  2. Ed Bonderenka says:

    Time for the nuclear option.

  3. Carol-Christian Soldier says:

    I keep asking- Where are the so called Christian “leaders”?-
    Silent – while our Brothers and Sisters are being annihilated>>>
    Thank you – Angel –

  4. Bunkerville says:

    Obama remains silent. But then we do know all we need to know about him.

  5. Mustang says:

    I support Israel 100% … and now, as we hear the scum Kerry ridicule Israelis when they are made to suffer such indignity by Arab terrorists, I wonder how American Jews feel about their darling Barack Obama, who I am convinced is a Moslem.

  6. William Stout says:

    There is a reason that democracy will never truly flourish in the Middle East, and that reason is Islam. Islam is not just a religion. To view it as such is a grave mistake. The Prophet Muhammad did not merely create a religion, he also created a system of government and an economy. Islam is all three simultaneously. This is why you cannot have a government that is not submissive to the Imam. Islam is not tolerant, it will not allow other religions to build new places of worship in it’s territory, it will not allow the open worship of other religions, and it will not allow repairs to be made in other places of worship that already exist, and that is if the Jizya has been paid.

    What is the Jizya? It is a bribe paid to Muslims in order to retain your individual identity. You pay the Muslim to be a second class citizen in your own home, but even that is no guarantee of safety. From the Copts to the Jews in the Middle East, they have been murdered, raped, beaten, set on fire, and reviled by the kind and peace loving Muslims who have institutionalized their hatred of them and couched it in religion.

    Muslims do not wish to be free, they want Sharia law. If you don’t know what that is then you had better find out. Great Britain recognizes Sharia law courts and the judiciary stands by the decisions of Sharia courts. That is a fact, but what does it mean? It means that Muslim women in Britain do not have the same rights as any other citizen because of their religion. In Islam, a woman’s testimony is not equal to that of a man in a Sharia court, yet the Brits adopted Sharia. One law for me, and another for thee. Worse, the Brits don’t even know the damage that they have done to their own nation.

    People call Osama bin Laden a radical, he is no radical. He is a normal Muslim of the Sunni blend. He obeys the Qur’an. A book that some say is predicated on peace, but what you don’t know is that the Prophet gave a method for correcting contradictions within the Qur’an. One Surah preaches peace, another violence. How do you know which one to follow? The Prophet said that if one comes across such a conflict it is to be resolved by abiding by the later Surah. Where are all the peaceful passages in the Qur’an? In the front of the book. What the Muslim is to follow is in the back half of the book which is far more hellfire and brimstone, and no, I am not speaking of the Satanic verses which were excised when Muhammad was challenged by his own followers.

    The radical Muslim is actually the peace loving Muslim. The Muslim who just wants to live and let live. Confucius once said that if we are to solve our problems, we must first speak the same language. With regard to Islam, we are all over the map. Michigan has spent public money on foot washing stations for Muslims at public schools, a school principal in New York tried to teach her pupils Jihad, and another teacher had her students recite verses from the Qur’an. None of the decision makers were Muslim, but yet they published the faith of Islam. What happened to the separation of church and state?

    Islam represents an existential threat to the United States, and to the West. If they cannot convert you, they will most certainly kill you. I base that on more than 1300 years of behavior. Ask any Muslim about the first fifty years after the death of the Prophet, and if he will tell you truly, you will be shocked at the tale of carnage he relates as he describes the fracturing of Islam.

    Ask any Muslim about the marriage of the Prophet to a six year old little girl, the Prophet’s favorite wife. A wife that he thighed until she was nine, and then took before she was even ovulating. This is why in Islam, one cannot marry a female younger than nine. Marriages that continue to this very day. I have seen more than one Imam in his fifties marry a nine year old little girl. In Britain, they take the daughters of Englishmen and get them hooked on drugs and then turn them into prostitutes at age thirteen. The Brits don’t even call them Muslim, they instead refer to them as Asians.

    Islam is not a peaceful religion, it is not a compassionate religion, and it is not a unifying religion. It is a religion of murder, terror, and social decay and duplicity. Not all Muslims are like that, but that is the double tragedy of Islam. God told Abraham that of his two son’s, one would provide light to the world and the other would provide misery. Consider the actions of Islam over the past 1300 years and tell me which one God meant. If the Prophet spoke to an Archangel, it wasn’t Gabriel, it was Lucifer.

  7. slamdunk says:

    Thanks for sharing Pastor Umar’s story. It is something that we need to hear.

    There are so many examples around the world of the same behaviors. Will it continue to be swept under the rug and ignored?

  8. Ron says:

    Seriously amazing.


    You must believe, like Mommy and daddy always taught..

    that in the end

    Truth and Justice and Right will prevail…it just seems to be a “little” slow at

    this moment…Maybe GOD has a lot of things on “his plate” right this


    but i have faith that at the final buzzer…Evil loses…everytime..