Please SaY it Pope Benedict

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI urged immigrants on Sunday to respect the social values of their new countries and said laws are needed to protect their dignity.

Pope: Migrants should heed host’s values

Without naming any country or nationality, he lamented the “painful” conditions refugees, exiles, the homeless and the persecuted often endure.

Only respect for human dignity for all migrants, on one hand, and the recognition by the migrants themselves of the values of the societies which host them, will make possible the proper integration of families in the social, economic and political systems” where they are now living, Benedict said.

With the deepest respect Pope naming names?

There are one people on Earth whose overarching driving force is hatred for Western culture and an aspiration to ally themselves with any movement, politics, or revolution that is aimed at destroying the dominance of the West.

And we all know who this is.

I don’t expect the
P.C. enthralled Euroweanie bureaucrats to concede but it would be healing if the Pope publicly would.

I know if the Pope named names, seething would be imminent and his life would be in mortal danger, because that is the consequence of speaking ones mind at this time in history.

All the more reason for leaders to do it.

The ones refusing to respect their “host countries” laws. Any idea who that may be?
The threat being posed by these stone-age bullies, tyrants and terrorists won’t be taken seriously by anyone if we can’t even call them by name.

As we preach to the choir about how awful the threat is, the threat is moving ever closer to our front yards.

The Izzlamo- Nazi-facist human butchers, are murdering people the world over.

Just say it Pope Benedict, Please just say it.


Can hardly wait for the paranoias to interpret this, without even the utterances.
Look foward to a nice “CA-IR” package y’all.


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18 Responses to “Please SaY it Pope Benedict”

  1. michael says:

    Angel, you put up a great photo montage to illustrate that post. However, I doubt that the Pope will name names, simply because the names to be named will, in 50 years, dominate Europe demographically.

    I think that the Europeans are embarked on a course of pre-emptive appeasement.

  2. DL says:


    I think the pope did say what was necessary about the Islamists and their associates went bonkers. Though he offered a conciliatory
    response -he never backed down from the main issue -why is your religion so violent?

  3. Gayle says:

    Yes, as DL said, he did say what was necessary and the Islamists and their associates went bonkers. So what? They’re already bonkers anyway! The Pope needs to stand his ground. He’s got plenty of personal protection, and he needs to say exactly what he knows is right. To do less I believe is to abuse his exalted station in life as the Pope.

    Excellent as always Angel. :)

  4. KKaRLLmMM says:

    Just maybe, if GOD himself, in a burning “BUSH”, would appear and say what has to be said…something would happen…till then, i shutter to think of the consquences as we wait for the nerve to act!!

  5. kevin says:

    When in Rome…?

    The Pope (peace be onto him) didn’t have to name any names.

  6. InRussetShadows says:

    It is an awful thing just how cowed we have become, from the high to the low.

  7. Anna says:

    I’m sure there will be a huge uproar even without naming names and it’ll be from all sides because no names were named!

  8. American Crusader says:

    After the Danish cartoons and the Pope’s comments last year, it seems everyone has been cowed into being PC even if it means not telling the truth. Not standing up to Islam only encourages further demonstrations and violence on a larger scale.

  9. Brooke says:

    “P.C. enthralled Euroweanie bureaucrats…”

    That is who we have defending the world right now against the Islamic hordes.

    Frightening, isn’t it, when even the man who is supposed to be God’s right-hand man on earth won’t call a spade a spade.

  10. OMMAG says:

    I bring this to you attention…more jackassity from the left….

  11. Angel says:

    Thanks y’all for the comments and opinions on this one…someone needs to speak OUT and loudly! :)

  12. Layla says:

    OMG–this just gets worse. The Pope first said the right things then succumbed to their banter and whinning and retracted what he said. He apologized-he-now they are cursing the Pope. No one can win with radicals-or reason with them. Thanks for this great post and for speaking out against this crap–sorry I am late to get here but I pulled my left shoulder out last week and am still having a lot of pain…hehe, I even got todays post up LATE!!!!!! Well I am late but thank God today I am not a dollar short!!!! LOLzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

  13. cube says:

    This is one crafty Pope. He is working on the moslems. Don’t count him out yet.

    BTW he never apologized for his comments. He said he was sorry his comments were misconstrued.

  14. sayitlikeitis says:

    I immigrant dont no the social values of duh country, i cant read, rite or work, two hard four me.

  15. A. Truman North says:

    I wrote this story, too. But I was thinking specifically about our southern border and the inundation of Mexican language and culture. In general though, the West has crumbled under the onslaught of the Politically Cowardly (PC) and will only continue its spiral downhill until we’ve all been dragged down to the lowest common denominator.

  16. A. Truman North says:

    …and that I heard another anser to the “WHO” means that the Pope’s message was all the more powerful without naming names- we can fill in the answer that is in our hearts.

    I was surprised to hear the actual message the Pope was giving- the MSM has been reporting this is speech as generally pro-immigration. Clearly a misrepresentation.

  17. hnav says:

    what is this islam you speak of?

  18. kerwin says:

    I would applaud the Pope for what he said but those countries whose social values he defends are Secularist which means their social values are unethical and need to be challenged by anyone with morals. The Pope is therefore uneven yoked and that is known to lead to disaster.