Be HonesT ’bout Po-rn

President George W. Bush pauses before signing the Controlling the Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003, which establishes a framework of administrative, civil and criminal tools to help America’s consumers, businesses and families combat SPAM, in the Oval Office Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2003.

Pornography has become big business in the United States. You no longer have to go places to find it; it now finds you. Once confined to “dirty old men” and seedy areas of town, pornography has now penetrated the hotel room and home. The Internet and cell phone have made pornography accessible everywhere, all the time.

In a manner that the older generation of Americans finds scandalous, porn has become socially acceptable and lost its moral stigma.

The liberal defense of obscenity and pornography began many decades ago as a defense of great works of literature and of free speech.

It began as a defense of books like James Joyce’s Ulysses, Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, and D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterly’s Lover. But now some liberal advocates insist that all forms of sexual explicitness are equally deserving of legal protection and that no restriction of obscenity or pornography should be allowed.

Groups like the ACLU have taken the approach that pornography rights, like the rights of accused criminals, are best protected at their outermost extreme. This means is that the more foul the obscenity, the harder liberals must fight to allow it.

Pornography — The Real Perversion

Hustler features a good deal of gross and repellent material, such as its parody of Jerry Falwell having s-ex with his grandmother, or its picture of a woman being processed through a meat grinder.

The pornographer generally knows that he is a sleazy operator…. Typically such men do not even try and defend the social value of what they do, other than to point out that there is a demand for it. It is only the ACLU and its supporters who celebrate the pornographer as a paragon of the First Amendment and a contemporary social hero.

The liberal defense of pornography is even more perverted than the pornography itself.

The worst obscurities from which we suffer do not come from without, my sweet friends. They come from within.
So I implore upon you, let us not deceive ourselves about this.

Pornography is maliciously designed for women to be seen as objects.

Women have been seen in costume, or reference, even like an animal..the infamous.. Play-boy “bunny”, yet no one admits that this is tantamount to being reduced to an animal, because in pornography, it simply doesn’t matter.

A woman is always an object: An object of male desire.
She has no name. She is a “bunny” or a body part. And a dispensable one at that.

That is why it is so easy for men (and even duped women) to rationalize frequenting strip clubs, because, after all, the girl or woman is just a pair of legs or breasts, and supposedly, she is there of her own free will.

But no sane man or woman want their daughter “performing” like that, so why is it sanctioned to support someone else’s daughter in her own spiritual and psychological demise?

Pornography has always violated women indirectly and directly.

Women, who refuse to tolerate it or engage in it are still affected by the sexual inequality that it effectively maintains.
Consider the entertainment industry. Women in music videos are portrayed as “whores” and called “hoes.”

Men and boys are portrayed as using these women in much the same way they display their “bling”, or car.

For young girls to even embark upon a career in film or the arts, they compete with those girls who pornify themselves, and are thus perceived as having the “edge” with men.

Sexual mistreatment and rape are legitimized. Not to mention that even the “normal” s-ex they portray is so incredulously unrealistic and are not the things that women like, or for the most part that women want.

Sorry to disappoint those who justify the whole “se-x industry” as innocent “enjoyment”, but the vast majority of women in the “industry”..are victims of torture, death threats, humiliation, sodimization, and rape. Look at stats for women trafficking if you remain a naysayer.

And for all those duped into believing that women who tolerate pornography, or strip clubs are “sexually liberated women”, that is the bag of goods that pornographers sold to the public, and that the public eagerly bought.

Perhaps some guy hopes that one day the girl of his dreams could be as “liberated” as that girl on the screen too eh. Yes, she must strive to please at all costs, even personal costs of her self respect and her very humanity.

It may be through a video or more likely through a computer screen, but make no mistake, pornography is a technologically sophisticated method of trafficking women. (men and children too.)

Pornography makes female objectification and subordination er-otic, and se-xy.

If one’s masculine values find a way to justify that…I would re-think just how much of a “man” you truly are.


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10 Responses to “Be HonesT ’bout Po-rn”

  1. Perri Nelson says:

    I agree with you that pornography is an insidious evil. It’s also too freely available, and appeals to the basest in our natures. It’s degrading to the women and the men that participate in it, although some in the industry would say otherwise.

    It’s also a hard thing to turn away from once you’re hooked into it. It doesn’t matter how “hard-core” it is either. The “soft-core” pornography peddled on television and the “tittilating” “non-pornographic” erotica that passes for normal on broadcast television dig their hooks in all the time.

    I don’t think that the “vast majority of women are victims of torture, death threats, humiliation, sodimization, and rape” though. I think that the vast majority of women don’t experience these things, just the vast majority of the women in “the trade”.

    Other than that one bit, great post!

  2. radar says:

    Well done, Angel! I must link to this in my website today or tomorrow.

  3. D. Ox says:

    Sad, but our fallen natures are easily led astray. It used to be understood how important it was to have good habits, to avoid even the opportunities, the temptations, for sin. But all that stuff got thrown out with Kinsey and the rise of perverts in academia and professional medical/psychology associations. Women’s lib came to signify that women can be as low and animalistic as the worst men! Sad. I’ve had female students that brag about being able to take home whatever guy in a bar they want! That’s progress.

  4. Layla says:

    Pornography is the degrading one of the most beautiful gifts from God. Isn’t just like the devil to want to pervert sex by attacking those weaker in faith or no faith to promote evil throughout our country and the world. The fact that our judicial system has allowed for so much of it under the guises of our constitution is unsettling, wrong, and a total misinterpretation. Our society promotes this sinful lifestyle and it is sickening.

  5. KKarLLmMmM says:

    It is critical to note that in the Bible, the first two times that GOD was forced to admit his mistake in creating mankind came at the time of the Great Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gormorah. Both events brought on by the decay and decadence of man and his treatment of his follow man and his IRreverence toward women.
    Excuse me for asking the liberal idiots amongst us, what exactly has changed, that suddenly we have become enlightened (by darkness) that the complete “objectification and subordination” and commericalzation ($$$$)
    of our mothers, wives and daughters has become acceptable!!??
    Like the slow, steady DEADLY growth of a cancer cell, which one never really discovers until it is much to late, Porno-fites will make endless claims of assorted freedoms to JUSTIFY their self centered need for release, all the while the cancer is eating away at the core of all that is right!!!
    I am not sure how many more warnings GOD will afford us, until he has had enough!!!

  6. InRussetShadows says:

    Think of all the marriages that porn has helped rip apart. Think of all the hurt caused by unfaithfulness, which porn helped aid and abet. Think of the generations of children who have grown up not knowing their parents, or seeing mom or dad with a new person every few months, thinking that this is normal. Without spiritual boundaries, sex is corrosive. I’ve seen it. You can log on to nearly any chat room, turn on any television set, or watch any movie to see the horribly distorted nature of sex — it’s sold as a pleasure without consequences. What is never mentioned is the incredible emptiness of sex without a loving commitment.

    Now when people discover the emptiness, they can’t believe it because the TV, their books, their friends, never mention it. So they going for more and more, only to find even the initial pleasure elusive. If the patterns of the drug user are well-known and condemned, perhaps we should use the same lense upon our nation’s sexual habits. There is a disturbing similarity.

  7. Debbie says:

    It is really too bad for our kids. They see everything from the time they can watch television. In advertisements, in evening shows, even on the news and yes even on Fox. How can we expect them to be ‘normal’ when they grow up, when they see these images when they are young. Parents don’t always do the job they should.

  8. velvethammer says:

    Thank you Angel! It is becoming harder and harder to shield our children from inappropriate content. As it has seeped into the mainstream. There is no place for porn in a civilised society. Women have enough trouble being respected as it is. Some men are not taught that at an early age, as they should be. And young women today are becoming crass and dis-respectful of themselves in order to gain what? Attention? Heavy sigh.

  9. Brooke says:

    Porn is vile, in any form.

    This kind of evil makes me want to check off the planet.

    Great post, Angel!

  10. kerwin says:

    There art two kinds of liberals just like there are two kinds of conservatives when it comes to immorality. The social liberal who may be either “liberals” or “conservatives” believe morality should not be legislated while the social conservatives believe is should be legislated. Sadly the liberal version of the social conservatives have been pretty much shut out of the Democrat. The social conservative branch of the Republican party still seem to be going strong but the libertarians are still strong in numbers.